John Deere Z525e Transmission Problems

A John Deere Z525E is very useful for regular mowing and small-duty tasks. However, a John Deere Z525E is not an exception in terms of mechanical component failure. Like all mowers, you will encounter problems with Z525E, also. In this article, we will talk about the most common John Deere Z525E problems and their solutions to help you troubleshoot the issue at hand.

3 John Deere Z525E Problems 

John Deere Z525E Transmission Problems

John Deere Z525E Does Not Move

If your John Deere Z525E is not moving correctly or stops, there can be many factors. First, look if the control valve supply is working correctly or not. Damage in your transmission or wiring connection is causing the John Deere Z525E not to move. Sometimes faulty solenoids or valves malfunction, stopping the John Deere Z525E from moving.

Also, look for any possible leakage or oil temperature drop. If the oil temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, you need to address it. It is essential to keep the temperature optimal for your John Deere Z525E to start.

If there is any possible oil spillover, locate the leaking spot. It might be hard for you to find the exact leakage spot. Roll a paper towel on your John Deere Z525E mechanism to find any possible oil leaks.

A John Deere Z525E does not move when there is a short circuit or bad contact. It will not move if there is any restriction in the section straightener or oxidation in your John Deere Z525E wiring harnesses; it will not move.

Address and look for a solution. If the clutch assembly is worn out, your John Deere Z525E will not be able to move correctly. In any case, if there is a restriction in the oil filter oil and cooling system of your Z525E, make sure to clean it.

If there is any worn-out or damaged John Deere Z525E component or assembly, you will need to replace it with the new one. Always purchase the genuine product from the manufacturer’s website or authorized Store.

Low Power Transmission

Many John Deere Z525E users have also complained about low power transmission, usually caused by incorrect all temperature or oil transmission overheating oil. Besides this, if the clutch assembly or 4wd fails to engage properly, it will also deliver low-power transmission.

The problem can sometimes arise due to a bad or faulty solenoid valve. Also, look for faulty sensors that might give you the wrong reading of low-power transmission. Also, ensure the converter is working correctly to keep your John Deere Z525E power transmission.

John Deere Z525E Transmission Overheating

Sometimes, the John Deere Z525E transmission overheats when there is any damage to its cooling system. Problems can also arise if debris accumulates or soil is deposited on the John Deere Z525E axle wheel hub.

If this is the case, look for any worn-out shaft, gears, or bearing that might be causing the transmission to go overhead. If any of those components need replacement, never mind doing it.

Sometimes the oil thermostat malfunctions and causes the transmission to overheat. Ensure you use the correct oil type and levels to keep your John Deere Z525E transmission functioning correctly. Sometimes the cause can be as simple as a worn-out oil pump needing replacement.

John Deere Z525E Steering Problems

Hard Steering

If your John Deere Z525E is hard to steer, its tire may need to be adequately inflated. Make sure to increase the tire pressure as the user manual recommends equally. Also, look for any disturbance in your John Deere Z525E front wheel alignment that might be causing stiff steering. If there is any bind in the steering column, make sure to replace it.

You should pay close attention to the front wheel alignment and address it. There may be a misadjustment with the rack and pinion that needs your attention. Sometimes your John Deere Z525E power system malfunctions that, cause stiff steering. In this case, never mind replacing the entire power steering system to solve the issue.

Rack And Pinion Noise

According to John Deere Z525E users, this mower is also prone to rack and pinion misadjustment due to overuse. If this is the case, you will hear extreme noise from the pinion and rack adjustment.

Sometimes loose bearings, gear, nuts, bolts, and deck also EMIT loud noises that may get unpleasant to hear. If this is not the case, check for any damaged wheel bearings causing rack and pinion noises. Depending upon the issue, you should replace or repair any damaged component as necessary.

Too Much Play On the Steering Wheel 

If there is too much play in your John Deere Z525E steering wheel, the bearings may be worn out and need replacement. If this is the case, do it. Sometimes the gear case assembly of your steering system gets faulty and needs replacement. Also, look for signs of wear and tear on your John Deere Z525E tie rod and its ball joint. If any need replacement, make sure to do it as necessary.

John Deere Z525E Wander Or Poor Steering Stability

If your John Deere Z525E steering stability is different from what it used to be, there might be uneven or mismatched tires. Do inflate all the tires equally and evenly. There might be loose tie rods and ball joints that need some tightening from your end.

Sometimes faulty Bolts, mountings, or struts cause poor steering stability in Z525E. Depending upon the problem, you should address the issue. Sometimes a worn-out coil spring or misadjusted rack and pinion disturb your John Deere Z525E steering stability.

If the front wheel is not aligned according to the user manual and your lawn terrain, you will have poor steering stability while operating a Z525E. Make sure to align and adjust the front wheel, rack, and pinion adjustment.

Z525E Poor Reverse 

If your John Deere Z525E has poor reversibility, there might be a bent in your John Deere Z525E steering column, tie rod, and ball joints. In any bent component case, you should replace that particular part with the original one. Sometimes tires that are not adequately inflated cause poor return ability. If this is the case, address it.

John Deere Z525E Won’t Start

Many users have also needed help with starting their Z525E. There can be many causes and possible fixes for each issue. To understand them, I am giving you the reasons for Z525E not starting along with its solution.

 John Deere Z525E Tank Is Empty 

If there is insufficient fuel in your John Deere Z525E tank, it will not start. Sometimes operators need to remember simple things like refueling their mowers or checking for any leakage. If the fuel is leaking, make sure to check for leakage spots. Depending on the problem, here is how you should troubleshoot empty tank problems in Z525E.

Fix: Firstly, you need to check if the John Deere Z525E has fuel in it or not. If required, restore the needed amount of fresh high-end oil to the full mark using the dipstick.

Using Bad or Old Fuel

If you don’t replace or change the old fuel of your John Deere Z525E as a part of regular maintenance, it will become old and stale over time. Old fuel can degrade and leave sediments & residue that sit on your John Deere Z525E tank and escalate the wearing-down process than it should be.

It is essential to also check for any leakage. Since ethanol is being added to today’s fuel, its residue will be left behind, which might cause your John Deere Z525E fuel system to fail. If you cannot use the power within 30 days, add some additives to stabilize the fuel.

 Use Fuel Within 30 Days. 

If you cannot consume the fuel within 30 days, you need to add a fuel additive to stabilize it. 


  1. Firstly, remove all stale fuel and adequately clean the tank. If you cannot remove the old energy, never mind taking the help of a fuel siphon pump.
  2. Add some fresh high-grade fuel recommended by the manufacturer, but only after cleaning the system.
  3. Add fuel additives to keep it stabilized and reduce moisture.

Faulty John Deere Z525E Fuel Cap 

If the seal of your John Deere Z525E fuel tank is plugged or broken, a vacuum is likely to form in its tank. This vacuum prevents the fuel from transverting to the engine, and your John Deere Z525E won’t start.

Make sure to remove the cap and inspect it. If your John Deere Z525E is sluggish or shut off after running for a while, there might be some dirt in the lid that you need to clean and start your John Deere Z525E again. Sometimes the hat gets worn out due to aging or overuse.


  1. Firstly, replace any old cap that has signs of wear & tear. If it is loose, make sure to retighten it.
  2. If there is any debris or dirt stuck in it, clean it.
  3. When replacing a fuel cap, get the original one compatible with your John Deere Z525E directly from your local John Deere dealership.

John Deere Z525E Bad Spark Plug or Loose Connection 

If your John Deere Z525E is not starting correctly, there might be a loose connection or faulty spark plug. If the spark plug is very dirty, you need to clean it to prevent any fouling out of the engine from misfiring.

In significant cases, dirt, carbon buildup, or cracked porcelain insulator cause the spark plug to malfunction and the engine to fire. Ensure the spark plug is also gapped correctly to prevent any starting issues in mowers.

Fix: Firstly, ensure there is enough gap mentioned in your John Deere Z525E user manual and recommended by the manufacturing specification to prevent any engine misfire. You should also remove this spark plug and inspect for signs of any cracked porcelain insulator or carbon buildup. If there is, you need to clean it or replace it as necessary.

John Deere Z525E Air Filter is Plugged

Pay close attention to your John Deere Z525E regular maintenance to keep the air filter from plugging. If the John Deere Z525E air filter is filthy, there will be a lack of airflow in the engine to run.

After that, the engine will suffocate and die. The air filter can cause significant issues to other John Deere Z525E components if turned in. It is essential to replace an air filter once a year and clean it several times when you operate it. If you use a John Deere Z525E in a dusty environment or dry grass, you will have to clean the filter more often after each mowing session.


  1. Firstly, you need to remove the paper air filter from its housing. 
  2. Make sure that dirt doesn’t enter into the air intake. 
  3. Now, tap the filter against any solid surface to remove dirt buildup. 
  4. After cleaning the dirt, you should check whether sunlight shines and passes through the paper element correctly. Therefore, hold the air filter paper to a light source to detect dust. 
  5. If the sunlight is not shining, you will need to replace your John Deere Z525E filter with a new one. 
  6. If it looks damaged or is covered with oil, you can reuse it more often. I advise cleaning or replacing the air filter paper and re-inserting it into its housing. 
  7. After that, reattach your John Deere Z525E air filter cover and try starting your John Deere Z525E again. Get your unit to an authorized John Deere Z525E service center if it doesn’t start.

Bad John Deere Fuel Pump 

Sometimes the fuel pump of your John Deere Z525E gets faulty and causes problems in its carburetor. Since your John Deere Z525E comes with three ports on its fuel pump, you must clean it and ensure the fuel passes through the inlet and outlet ports. If the third port is blocked, there will be a lack of gas pressure to push the power to the calibrator. Here is how to troubleshoot this issue.


Firstly check for signs of a crack in your John Deere Z525E fuel pump, and if you see any damage or fuel outside, the pump has gone faulty and needs replacement. 

  1. To ensure the fuel from the fuel pump tank reaches the fuel pump appropriately, disconnect the line from the inlet port and place it in a container. 
  2. Now, Turn off the fuel valve or use pinch pliers to crimp the fuel line and stop fuel flow. Unclamp the fuel line to check if the fuel flows out of the tube into the container. 
  3. If you notice fuel not coming out, there might be a blockage in the fuel lines, or the filter fuel filter is plugged in. 
  4. If the fuel pump looks in good condition, you need to verify if the fuel pump is delivering fuel to the carburetor. 
  5. Reach the fuel line to the one you unclamped earlier by connecting it to the inlet port.
  6. Now, unclamp the fuel line of the carburetor. The carburetor is fine if the fuel pumps out of the fuel line into the container.
  7. If you notice an unsteady flow of fuel coming out of the fuel line, you might have to replace the John Deere Z525E fuel pump that might be leaking or damaged.

Clogged John Deere Z525E Fuel Filter 

A John Deere Z525E fuel filter can also get restricted when it is dirty or run on old fuel. If the fuel filter is clogged, the energy will not flow to the engine to start it. If this is the issue, look for signs of dirt and other contaminants that might be jamming the fuel system.

Fix: if your John Deere Z525E fuel filter is plugged in and needs replacement, do it. Make sure to also look at the arrow on the side of your fuel filter and keep it pointed in the direction of the fuel flow.


After reading this article, you might have enough information to address any issue related to your John Deere Z525E not starting, transmitting, or failing to engage. There can be other problems, but I tried to mention the most common issues reported frequently by John Deere Z525E users.

After knowing so many problems and their causes, you should avoid a John Deere Z525E. If this is the case, let me remind you that mowers are prone to worn-out components failure and damage due to aging and overuse.

Every machine with mechanical parts comes with a lifespan & is bound to fail during its journey. Most of the issues you likely face with a John Deere Z525E are easy to resolve. Plus, if you have any basic knowledge and some experience around fixing any vehicle or mower before, you will find most of your John Deere Z525E issues easy to resolve at hand.

Since repairing a John Deere Z525E at its authorized service center can be costly and more if you need to replace any component, knowing how to troubleshoot any issue if you encounter one with a John Deere Z525E will keep you saving money and prevent it from happening again. Do check our other article on other John Deere Z525E model problems. See you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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