Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna: Choosing the right riding mower for your lawn can be very confusing because of the variety of options. Apart from different models, there are also other brands and manufacturers to look into. Most riding mower reviews say riding a Cub Cadet is smoother than Husqvarna. However, is this enough to consider a Cub Cadet over a Husqvarna?

Before making up your mind yet, you should look at the differences and learn what similarities both have. Surprisingly, I have given you seven significant differences between Cub Cadet and Husqvarna in this article.

Based on the differences between Cub Cadet and Husqvarna, essential factors like maintenance, safety, and cost can help you decide what to choose. Therefore without wasting any other minute, let’s find out the significant differences between Cub Cadet Vs. Husqvarna. 

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna

There can be many factors to consider when choosing a mower for your yard and yourself. There can be many significant differences, but the temporary table below highlights a few major ones and help you decide which is better. 

Feature Husqvarna  Cub Cadet
Engine Power 24 HP, 724 CCs 18 HP, 541 CCs
Cutting Width 48 inches 42 inches
Cutting Height 1.5 – 4.0 inches 1.0 – 4.0 inches
Deck Positions 6 12
Blades 3 2
Max Speed 7.4 mph 5.5 mph
Arm Rests Included Sold separately
Drive System Element V Automatic Tuff Torq K46

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna: Deck Size

The significant difference between both these manufacturers’ products is the deck size. The Deck size is an essential aspect and a component of a mower. As with most, a Husqvarna mower tends to be bigger than the Cub Cadet.

It is better to look at the cutting text size to decide better. Depending on your yard size, the cutting deck size should be considered. If you have a half acre of land, it is better to go with a model that has a 35-40 inch cutting back.

Besides this, you will need a bigger one to mow land over 1 acre. Cub Cadets are great for small to medium size lawns, whereas Husqvarnas are perfect for bigger yards. 

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna: Top speed

The Husqvarna has an excellent stable balance and offers the best steering and handling experience. On top of that, most of the models of the Husqvarna can speed up to 100 km per hour, which is super thrilling and exciting.

Thanks to their well-built engine that has a capacity of almost 250 CC to provide you with the best performance. I like the fuel capacity of 9.5 liters that can help mow any yard over 2-3 acres nonstop.

Besides this, most Cub Cadet models can speed up to 7.5 miles per hour at a forward movement. In reverse, a Cub Cadet can go up to 3.5 miles per hour. Cub Cadets are perfect for cutting small to medium size lawns at maximum thrust with an automatically inspired, fully adjustable 24 inches premium blade. 

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna: Battery Longevity

With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your Cub Cadet mower battery last up to 6 years. Most typical lawn mower batteries have a lifecycle of 3-5 years. In the winter, the mower battery that has been sitting for a while is likely to deteriorate.

Therefore, make sure you are maintaining the storm and its charger during the winter month. Besides, Husqvarna batteries have a life cycle of 600-1000 hours. Professional mower batteries can also be used for up to 1500 hours. 

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna: Size

One of the most significant differences you need to consider is the machine size. In terms of overall body & machine size, Husqvarnas are bigger than Cub Cadets. A Cub Cadet has a 42-inch cut width, whereas most Husqvarnas have a 48-inch cut width.

The correct width depends on your lawn size, and grass texture is essential. If your lawn is less than a car, you need a mower with a width of 30-42 inches. This is a perfect range for small to medium size yards to make your job faster and more comfortable than any other traditional method or push mowers.

In terms of balance, Cub Cadets are perfect in terms of size and power. Husqvarnas are also great but only come at the expense of ease of use and maneuverability. If you want a mower that can keep your yard looking beautiful, go with the Cub Cadet model. However, any land that is over 1 acre needs a pro model.

A Husqvarna with its full 48 inches is something you need. The extra few inches may not make much difference. But the job gets more straightforward and quicker regarding large plots.

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna: Lifespan

Talking about the overall lifespan of most Cub Cadet models, it can last up to 800 hours. However, with proper care and maintenance, riding mowers from this Cub Cadet brand can also help you mow yards for up to 1200 hours.

On the other hand, your Husqvarna mower will love strong for about 15 years with proper care and maintenance. When the mowing season approaches, it is essential to take care of your mower maintenance and look for wear and tear due to aging.

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna: Engine

After researching and comparing both manufacturers’ brand engine power, I found that a Cub Cadet is most suitable for a small yard. Cub Cadet engine is less potent than a Husqvarna engine capable of landscape in large areas and lawns.

However, both the mower manufacturer offer almost the same fuel capacity and tank size. Other than this, there is no difference in runtime also. Most Cub Cadet models feature a 24 hp Kohler 7000 Series twin-cylinder engine.

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna: Comfort and Ease of Use

It can be tough to know the first riding experience and ease of use with just a glance. The manufacturer has offered minor features for a comfortable experience, like cruise control, a cup holder, an adjustable seat, and an hour meter.

All of them are easy to use and fun to experience. Regarding comfort level, Husqvarnas is better than a Cub Cadet. Cub Cadets lack armest, which is a significant setback for you, especially for commercial workers.

Fortunately, both manufacturers offer ease of use and smooth maneuverability. And you don’t have to change gear with either of them. The Cub Cadet comes with a hydrostatic transmission, whereas the Husqvarna comes with automatic transmission.

Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna: What To Choose?

Are Cub Cadet Mowers Good?

When finding a riding mower at a reasonable rate, you can always choose one from Cub Cadets. Most Cub Cadet models are comfortable to ride and come with several accessory kits to keep you engaged and entertained while you operate it.

Another great advantage of having a mower from a Cub Cadet is that most models are built for turbulent weather and rough terrain. It also comes with a warranty, making the replacement parts easily accessible.

Therefore, you should go with a Cub Cadet if you have a small to medium size lawn that needs mowing from time to time.

Overall a Cub Cadet is a good investment that will last for years if kept on proper maintenance. In addition, the Cub Cadet model is always ideal regardless of whether you are looking for a push mower or zero turn mower if you’re a country property or a Suburban lawn. 

Are Husqvarna Mowers Good?

Husqvarnas offer some of the market’s most durable and reliable riding mowers. Besides this, many unique features make most of its models sought after. Some particular use features of the Husqvarna model are direction control, ergonomic seating, and pedal-operated speed.

This is different than a mower that comes at a reasonable rate. You might have to spend thousands of dollars to get one. Buying any model from a Husqvarna will be an expensive purchase for you. If you need to mow land over 2 acres, a Husqvarna is what you need. 


Which is better: Husqvarna or Cub Cadet?

Sadly the Husqvarna comes with a premium price tag, whereas Cub Cadet offers reasonable rates on their model. The Husqvarna also has a bigger engine, more enormous cutting deck, and more forward speed than Cub Cadet.

Therefore a Husqvarna model is more suitable for commercial and heavy-duty tasks on a large lawn over 2 acres. If you have a tight budget and a small yard to maintain, you can always choose a Cub Cadet. Going with a Husqvarna is fine when you have a small yard to work on.

In terms of reliability and durability, both offer the same reputation and longevity. Due to their excellent reputation in the industry, you can choose any of the models from these brands according to your need.


Overall, Husqvarna is a strong competitor of Cub Cadet. Thanks to the straton and powerful engine, Husqvarna has a more expansive cutting deck suitable for mowing land over 1 acre. Only purchase a Husqvarna model if you can use it on its full potential grass from a vast swath of land.

With the more extensive coverage and faster motor, you’re likely to finish mowing sooner. While cutting your yard with Husqvarna models, you will enjoy plenty of fresh aromas of trimmed grass.

Nevertheless, I still recommend you to go with a Cub Cadet model if your budget is tight or your lawn is less than an acre. Cub Cadets offer cost-saving models. With the Cub Cadet model, you can feel confident to chew through the grass as tall as your knees evenly.

Some Cub Cadet models also offer you better mobility on rough terrain, uneven yard, or patches with roots sticking out. At a reasonable rate, Cub Cadets are one of the top contenders in most people’s buying lists for the upcoming season.

I hope I have given you all the knowledge regarding Cub Cadet Vs Husqvarna. If you like this article, then consider sharing it. Your one share will help many people understand the difference between the brand and manufacturers. See you in the next post. Till then, take care and goodbye. Also read John Deere 100 vs 200 series.

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