John Deere 100 Vs 200 Series: 5 Key Differences

If you are looking for something that will not only last longer but will also perform at its complete excellence, then take a look at the John Deere models that are built more to the standard mowers.

Everything about the 100 & 200 series is great. However, when choosing one from John Deere 100 Vs. 200 Series, you need clarification. This article will compare both model series from the same manufacturer, John Deere.

I don’t need to introduce John Deere as they are a renowned company and manufacturer in the tractor lineup industry. They are known for making lawn care mowers comfortable, user-friendly, and all-around.

Therefore if you are seeking an extra feature and increased capability from a particular mower, then the next step is to choose one between John Deere 100 Vs. 200 Series. Go through the article to explore a sampling of the available features found on the John Deere 100 Vs. 200 Series below.

John Deere 100 Vs. 200 Series

Engine Power Rating

It is essential first to learn the engine power rating of a particular model because it will fundamentally affect how your mower performs on the lawn. John Deere Mower with a potent engine will lack enough power to accelerate.

You will need help comparing two of the most popular, the John Deere 100 Vs. 200 Series that has a lot of energy for solid acceleration. The heavier the mower, the more power it will require to operate and mow.

When it comes to measuring how powerful a mower engine is, you take a look at the horsepower unit. People often need clarification on torque and horsepower. Horsepower measures how rapidly a mover engine can work, whereas torque is the peak measurement of rotational force within a mower’s engine.

However, even the most potent mower is prone to developing some issues if not given attention or proper maintenance. The s100 series is more powerful in terms of the engine than the s200 series. John Deere and its series model come with a horsepower engine power of 17.5-24 HP, whereas the John Deere 200 series has 20.5-22 horsepower.

Cylinder Type

Comparing this series cylinder type, both have the same V twin cylinder. However, the 200 series model also has cast iron liners, which the s100 series lack. Every Vtwin engine is an essential component of your John Deere Mower.

The V twin engine is a cylinder internal combustion engine mounted longitudinally or in a transverse position. Both this series model has two cylinders installed in their configuration arrangement with an angle greater than 0 but less than 180°.

Sometimes the cylinder of your John Deere Mower can also take an angle of 90 degrees or an L turn. There can be many advantages to having a V2 engine over. Let’s take a quick look at the seven gifts of the Vtwins cylinder of the John Deere 100 Vs. 200 Series.

Advantage of V-Twin

Good balancing:  Having the two cylinders in a V-twin position helps the mower balance weight and improve efficiency.

Lightweight: the v type engines are lightweight and more compact than other types of machines in the mower market.

Legroom Space: A V-twin engine can be mounted very low in your mower; you will have more legroom and better handling compared to other options of a similar class.

Increased Speed: Another advantage of having a twin-engine is its increased speed. As it has a big Piston moving in the equivalent opposite direction that creates more torque and horsepower compared to an inline engine with four pistons of the same size, a John Deere Mower is a lot better compared to its competitor.

Torque: Another competitive advantage of having a Vtwin engine in a vehicle is greater torque at the same RPM or even lower. Therefore, you will easily access engine power due to high torque. Any model mower with a v type engine will give you a lean power delivery comparatively.

Unique: Last but not least, Vtwin engines are very narrow, which helps John Deere keep their mower design startup unique. The v-twin machines are also straightforward to service, making them more memorable.

Excellent Air Cooling: Compared to any other engine, the v-twin machine has superb cooling if you consider the hot air coming out from the cylinder and dumping directly into the other one.

Deck Design

S100 Series: The John Deere 100 series model comes with Edge™ Mower-deck that allows a superior flow throughout the Deck and achieves an unmatched cut quality consistency & performance regardless of the conditions. Below are a few other models that have the same mower deck.

  1. X300R
  2. X304
  3. X310
  4. X500
  5. X590
  6. X710
  7. X738

S200 Series: The John Deere 200 series model has Accel Deep™ Mower Deck, which was recently introduced in lawn professionals gathering as an option to provide fast and clean cuts.

Later on, companies didn’t mind using this kind of Accel Deep™ Mower Deck as a staple feature of their models. With this Deck, you can cut and allow grass to flow cleanly through the deck and discharge area while maintaining the speed.

With this Deck, you will not have any interference of grass passing or need for recutting. This deck system also has a lift-up spindle cover, making it easy to clean.

By flipping the lever, you can get your mower of any series paired with the mulch control kit to switch between mulching and side discharge. Below are a few other John Deere models that come with the Accel Deep™ Mower Deck.

  • Z535M
  • X350
  • X570
  • X580
  • X738
  • X758
  • Z335E

Cutting Deck Width

It is essential to consider the size of the mowers depending on the lawn size you are trying to cover. The John 100 series comes with a cutting deck of 42, 48, and 54 inches.

On the other hand, the 200 series only has a cutting deck of 42-48 inches. The 100 series is a clear winner in this area. Below is the proper measurement for the best deck size for your lawn area.

Land Size Suggested Deck Lever
½ Acre Deck size of 40 inches or fewer.
½ – 2 Acres Deck size of 42-48 inches.
3+ Acres Deck size of 50 inches wide.  


The John Deere 100 series model comes with a two-year / 120-hour warranty, whereas the John 200 series comes with a four-year / 300-hour warranty. When you purchase a model of John Deere, it costs a lot. Apart from this l, repairing or replacing any s100 or s200 component will prove costly.

I recommend you purchase an extended warranty. If you use it more daily or weekly, buy an extended warranty. If frequently used, a mower is prone to developing many mechanical issues with its components and parts.

At least having an extended warranty will help you ensure your mower is protected from any manufacturing defect and will last longer. According to the research, a three-year contract for a premium mower like John Deere may cost you around $40 to $60.

Either get an extended warranty from your manufacturer directly or another company that offers you a guarantee and sends a repair technician to your house.

Therefore, purchasing a stake from these companies will keep you from worrying about taking your unit to a store or mechanical shop. Below I am giving you another manufacturer’s name and a list of their warranty periods.

Brand/Company Warranty Offering
Craftsman Lawn Mower 2-Year Limited
Troy Bilt Lawn Mower 2-Year Limited
Honda Lawn Mower 2 to 5-Year Limited
Toro Lawn Mower 2 or 3-Year Full
Husqvarna Lawn Mower 2 or 3-Year Limited
Murray Lawn Mower 2-Year Limited


Choosing the mower according to the transmission type or how you intend to use it is essential. The John s100 and s200 series come with a heavy-duty hydrostatic transaxle-type transmission, which automatically uses hydraulic fluid to shift gears. These are one of the most common types of information found in the market.

Plus, they are also straightforward to clean and maintain. More and more are choosing hydrostatic transmission over others because it has a good mix of responsiveness and ease of use. The system plays a vital role in handling your mower speed.

Therefore, taking care of your John Deere Mower transmission system and maintaining the right amount of oil to handle the most challenging terrain or condition is essential.

Even though running a mower with hydrostatic transmission on wet grass or muddy ground is not recommended, John Deere can be used in difficult times.

On the other hand, different mower transmission comes with different gear reduction ratios and also functions.

Always use the mower with a hydrostatic transmission for more significant variability in your machine speed, especially when moving forward. You don’t need to jump between gears as you have to on manual transition. 


Among the mower companies, John Deere is the most popular manufacturer. 100 & 200 series are the most sought models most people want. A typical lawn mower cost can be between $1500-$4000. However, the average is $2000.

There are many types of mowers available depending on the intention of use. If you have a massive lawn with hills, you might need a very powerful mower with hydrostatic transmission to run smoother on it.

With John Deere’s operation is very comfortable because of the most accessible caring wheel control and comfortable seat. Below I am mentioning the price of each model coming from the John Deere 100 vs. 200 series. It gives you a rough idea of the available model’s price point to decide better.

Model Engine Power “HP” Price
S100 17.5 hp $2299
S120 22 hp $2599
S130 22 hp $2399
S140 22 hp $2499
S160 24 hp $2699
S170 24 hp $2799
S180 24 hp $3199
S220 22 hp $2999
S240 21.5 hp $3299
S240+ 21.5 hp $3599


Considering the differences and similarities between the John Deere 100 vs. 200 series is essential. Since John Deere is a well-recognized manufacturer known for their reliable mower models, excellent features, and ability, you will also gravitate toward it.

Remember that the s200 series has better and more updated features than the s100 series. However, 100 series are better to begin with, and learn the operations. I tried to explain the differences between the John Deere 100 vs 200 series.

If you find this article helpful, then continue sharing it. Your share will help many people understand the difference between the John Deere 100 vs. 200 series and its model. Do check our other articles on mower care. See you in the next post, take care and goodbye. Also Read, 5 Differences Between Ego Vs Greenworks Mower

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