Ego Vs Greenworks Mower

If you are looking for a powerful mower that can keep your lawn like a breeze, then maybe you are confused between Ego Vs Greenworks: Battery. In this article, we are going to make a comparison between Ego and Green work. Here we are going to take a look at their differences as well as some similarities. First, discuss the price difference between the manufacturer’s models and the products.

Ego Vs Greenworks: Price

No doubt that China is a manufacturing hub, and many mowers are being manufactured in the facilities. Most mowers extensively employ robotics. Plus, more and more companies are shifting towards robotics manufacturing due to low production costs. In turn, it will make their retailing products cheaper and available at an affordable rate. 

Ego Pricing

Regarding Egos, they also offer several products ranges with different price tags. Although they have other mowers, they are superior with their same powerful 56-volt battery. The power plus range make their product stand out in the commercial market from the competitors.

Rather than being professional, they are trying to be costless. If you look at the product range, the power user hosts additional but unusual features. Apart from this, an Ego is the one to go for if you are looking for a high-end premium price range mower.

Greenworks Pricing

Greenworks are known to sell most of its mowers and tools at a very affordable & standardized price. Therefore, you will avoid any significant differences between their models and products. If you check their eCommerce site, you will learn about the price range they offer.

Besides this, they have different products with different features, like zero-turn mowers with 54-inch deck sizes. This is more like a premium product, and Greenworks sells quite a lot of them at a cheaper rate than the same John Deere mowers.

The good news is that a Green work product will pay comfortably if you want a premium mower with unique and unusual features. Go with the Green work.

Ego Vs Greenworks: Product Line

Ego Product Line

Regarding Egos, they are a relatively new company focused on manufacturing tools that are more inclined and used for gardening and outdoors. You will likely find a good range of vacuum blowers and mowers on the Ego website.

In the last few months, they are also selling multi-tools, but this is the brand’s only real foray into the world of general power tools. All power tools come with a 50-volt lithium-ion battery; if you are looking for a tool that can also work in very harsh conditions, go with this one.

At least with Egos, you will know that the battery is nearly impossible to drain within an hour. Besides, most Green work products and mowers are almost as powerful as alternative gas mower models. Now let’s take a quick look at the manufacturing process for both companies.

Greenworks Product Line

Green work is one of the trending global leaders in its market in making durable and high-quality Power tools, including mowers. Somehow, they dominate the mowers market with their unique features and affordability.

Under its belt, users can buy many types of products like cultivators, hedge trimmers, mowers, chains, snow blowers, & accessories. They are available at an affordable rate and come under the Green work product line.

Ego Vs Greenworks: Manufacturing

Greenworks Manufacturing

Talking about the manufacturing facility of Greenworks, they have a massive facility in Shanghai, China. The manufacturing unit setup is said to be more than 240,000+ square meters. Apart from that, this company is also employing over 4300 workers.

Also, very advanced robotic production lines are escalating a Green work manufacturing process. The robotics production line is an ultra-modern facility supporting the company’s plastic and metallic production department.

Apart from this, they also have separate assembly lines where they bring their motors and electrical components to form a complete product ready to sell at the market.

At the very end, they package those products for shipping to the US and later in Superstores. Besides their manufacturing hub, Green work business offices are in Germany, and the other is in Toronto.

They recently set up their new research center solely to stage long-lasting batteries, efficient components, durable machines, and a better production process.

Ego Manufacturing

As Ego is a new company that has recently become popular in the current market. They are also considered one of the rising brands with headquarters in the US. Regarding support care, the few Ego models are better than the GreenWorks.

The main factory and manufacturing unit are said to be located in China, where the company originated. But most of the research and development work is held at US offices.

The administrative work and the marketing department are situated in the US, helping the company to operate and distribute its product all over the US market.

Ego Vs Greenworks: History 

History of Greenworks Mowers

Even though Green work is a recent company that was started in 2019 as a marketing arm for global tools, they are now one of the most renowned and popular brands.

Almost 20 years ago, a global company acquired a factory to manufacture powerful cordless tools. Three years later, the company’s founder realized his craze about the product by producing the first lithium-ion string trimmer that was last introduced in North America in 2007.

Besides this, Green work also managed to colonize the US market under a program prepared in 2009. From then, they dropped an electric washer and mower in the market for beginners.

At first, there were a few problems with their product, but with time, most of their devices improved to 60V. Green work is one of the leading eco-friendly global tool manufacturers in the United States, focusing on developing more advanced lithium-ion products for the market.

Green work companies are more focused on developing advanced lithium Ion batteries than their mowers. Who knows, they also have a dedicated team working with the aim and the sole purpose of creating a new product line in the mowers market. 

History of Ego Power Tools

Egos are also relative newcomers in the mobile market who offer potent tools and outdoor power equipment. Initially, this business was established with the sole purpose of manufacturing battery-powered outdoor equipment.

Since it launched its product line in the US market and took off, they are one of the rising companies for its battery-operated outdoor gear, including mowers. Since its 2012 launch, they have been keen on replacing its gas engine device with battery-operated machines.

They have recently focused on developing lithium-ion batteries because of their better performance than gas engines. In addition, they also launched their product line in Europe in late 2014.

The reason behind companies focusing on the development of lithium batteries is that they believe lithium batteries are capable of performing more tasks more efficiently and are less expensive. Plus another benefit of a lithium-ion battery is its portability. 

Ego Vs Greenworks: Warranty

Consider the quality if you are looking for a mower or other outdoor equipment. Remember, most products come with a warranty period, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have to spend.

That’s why it is essential to focus on what company offers what warranty on their product line. Sometimes companies trick their users with word games. So, what offers Ego Vs Greenwork? let’s compare Ego Vs Greenworks: warranty period

Greenworks Warranty

Most GreenWorks products have a four-year limited tool and battery warranty. Even though it is almost double the industry standard, to learn if the particular mower will perform at the highest level and always be reliable or not, you should also focus on their warranty terms and conditions.

In most cases, warranties are valid for units that have been maintained accordingly and following the instructions in the user manual you received with your product. Other than this, if your team has yet to be registered online or by phone call or visit, you may not even receive any warranty. Now take a look at the warranty period of the Ego.

EGO Warranty

Surprisingly, most mowers and tools are backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty. The batteries and chargers are also supported by a three-year contract that only some companies offer.

Therefore if you are looking for a company that will stay behind you and your mower, go with this one. They are warranted against any defective artistry or material from the purchase date.

It is essential to claim the warranty timely and adequately by submitting the form that determines a part is terrible under the warranty period. It is guaranteed that your product will receive free replacement or repair but only if the problem caused was not you or the operator. let’s take a look at Ego Vs Greenworks Battery capacity.

Ego Vs Greenworks: Battery

Greenworks Battery

Now coming to the battery, if you want to learn about Green work batteries, fortunately, all of the product lines have the same interchangeable and compatible voltage.

However, you cannot mix and match voltages. If you get a mower, you can expect it to run for at least 60-90 minutes. If your Green work battery is draining quickly, never mind contacting Green work at 1-888-909-6757.

Ego Battery

Surprisingly, you can even store an Ego battery UNattended for ten years without getting its capacity or cycle performance hampered.

Other than these, due to Ego’s high capacity, leaving any battery on the charger for a couple of days will deplete its power over the course of the battery life. It is important to only store your battery on a plugged-in charger at any time. If the battery is fully charged, be sure to unplug the chargers.


Greenworks and Ego are very good and have a well-known reputation for their product lines. However, they are not targeting any single crowd or group. Egos are focused on developing mowers and tools related to gardening, whereas Greenworks are also offering tools that are related to outdoor work.

If you want a less expensive device, you can go with the Ego. However, different models have separate price tags. Depending on what you want to get, the price will differ. If you are looking for decent quality and get the job done relatively quickly, both companies offer powerful but less expensive tools than John Deere.

If you are looking for a more high-quality product, then a Green work with a 56v model is the one to get. I tried my best to give you all the information and differences between them. If you find the article helpful, then continue sharing it.

Your share will help many people learn about company differences and competition. Do check our other comparison guide on different mowers companies. See you in the following article till then take care and goodbye. Also Read, Exmark Vs Toro.

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