John Deere Z915E Problems

You might be looking for troubleshooting methods if you have encountered a problem with your Z915E. In this article, we will discuss the most common John Deere Z915E problems and their easy fixes.

We will further discuss issues that its users have frequently reported. After reading this article, you will not only be able to fix any fundamental problem at hand but also prevent any major issue from occurring.

Since it is expensive to get a repair in an authorized John service center and more costly when it comes to replacing any component, this article will save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

John Deere Z915E Problems

John Deere Z915E No Power

It can be very frustrating when you experience a sudden loss of power while mowing your lawn or garden. Since sudden John Deere Z915E loss of control can make it impossible to continue your task, you will need to find the exact cause first. If the problem of John Deere Z915E no power is continuous, here are the causes and solutions for those issues.

Like any gas-powered engine, a John Deere Z915E will also stop if the fuel amount is insufficient. If there is no power in your Z915E, look for any improperly timed spark or faulty spark plug. Sometimes a John Deere Z915E engine does not get the proper amount of air, Spark, or fuel needed to prevent a loss of power.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

Since the filter of your John Deere Z915E is responsible for cleaning the air before it is drawn into its carburetor, the engine will have no power if it malfunctions due to any debris buildup. It is essential to address any clogged air filter that does not allow the proper amount of air to be drawn into the carburetor as soon as possible to reduce engine power.

Stale Fuel

If your John Deere Z915E engine needs more power, there might be wrong or dirty fuel. Make sure the energy is not contaminated or older than 30 days. Since most fuel you purchase from nearby stores is mixed with ethanol, it will attract moisture if left over time while degrading. Add some fuel stabilizer or use canned energy that has no ethanol to keep your John Deere Z915E fuel from becoming stale.

Dirty or Clogged Fuel Filter

If your John Deere Z915E fuel filter is clogged, the fuel flow will be restricted to the engine, causing no power. It is essential to clean the filter to remove dirt from time to time as a regular part of maintenance. Just like air filters, if the fuel filter is dirty or clogged, it will become less efficient and may soon die.

Tall Grass

If you continuously try to cut wet or tall grass, your John Deere Z915E may lose power while mowing through that terrain. It is essential to use the right kind of mower deck height settings to more tall grasses.

Improper Oil Level

If there is insufficient oil level, your John Deere Z915E engine will lack the power to operate correctly. If the oil level is too high, it will introduce air into the lubrication system while degrading the oil and restricting the fat to lubricate the moving parts. If the oil level is taller, the System’s ability will be limited due to inadequate lubrication and more load on its engine.

Faulty Spark Plug

You will notice inconsistent ignition if there is any problem with your Z915E spark plug. If you see any dirt, carbon, or oil buildup on your John Deere Z915E spark plug causing a loss of power, make sure to clean it. It would help if you always replaced a faulty spark plug to solve inconsistent Sparks or ignition.


  • Clean the air filter if it looks dirty and clogged. If the air filter paper is dirty or not passing light, replace it.
  • If the gas cap is worn out or its vent is blocked, replace it.
  • If the spark plug is faulty or causing inconsistent ignition, make sure to replace it.
  • If you are using more than 30 days old gas, replace it with a fresh one after disposing of the old one.
  • Make sure to properly adjust the height of your John Deere Z915E & its Deck before running it on tall grass.

John Deere Z915E Won’t Start

Replace John Deere Z915E Carburetor Filter. 

The air filter is responsible for keeping the engine and carburetor free from Debris like dirt class clipping or any foreign object. If it becomes clogged, your John Deere Z915E won’t start. Therefore, it is essential to replace your John Deere Z915E paper filter and clean it every 25 hours of John Deere Z915E engine use.

Clean the Oil-paper filter by washing it in hot water and detergent to lose and grime as a regular part of maintenance. If you don’t pay close attention to carburetor filter maintenance, the John Deere Z915E will not start or emit an unpleasant wearing sound from the engine. Proper care is essential to keep your John Deere Z915E engine in tip-top condition.

Check John Deere Z915E Spark Plug.

Firstly, you should check for signs of damage on your John Deere Z915E spark plugs. The spark plug may be malfunctioning or has gone faulty, causing your John Deere Z915E not to start. If the spark plug is not working correctly, it will not ignite the fuel in the engine, and the John Deere Z915E won’t start.

Other than this, the spark plug can also get disconnected or loose, needing retightening. It will definitely malfunction if covered in carbon residue or coated with water. If the spark plug works properly, look at its insulator and electrode that might be causing inconsistent ignition.

If you see any carbon buildup, use a cleaner and let it soak for several minutes. In this case, you can also use the brake cleaner on the plug. If the spark plug needs replacement, use the socket wrench to unscrew and replace it with the new one.

  1. Clear The John Deere Z915E Deck Of Debris.

If grass clipping is accumulated or sitting on your John Deere Z915E deck, its engine will fail to operate correctly. If your John Deere Z915E is not starting, there might be grass clipping clogged into the mower’s bottom or Deck. It usually happens when you try to run a John Deere Z915E on a wet lawn.

Deck clogging will also prevent the John Deere Z915E blade from turning correctly. If you find the starter rope challenging to pull or stuck, it might have been caused due to a blocked deck also. It is essential to first tip over the John Deere Z915E on its side. Now, you can examine the underbelly and clean any large clump of Debris that might have been caught between the Deck and the blades.

  1. Clear The John Deere Z915E Fuel Cap Vent. 

If your John Deere Z915E started just fine but suddenly died, something might be stuck in your John Deere Z915E fuel cap vent. If there is Debris, the fuel inside your John Deere Z915E tank will begin to build up the vacuum and soon after stop the energy flow.

It is essential to address the issue by removing the gas cap. Just removing the gas cap and reattaching it will break the vacuum. If the John Deere Z915E is not starting even after removing and reattaching the gas cap, replace it with the new one.

Clean and refill the John Deere Z915E fuel tank. 

Sometimes the fuel tank is empty or contains old gas with excess moisture that interferes with your John Deere Z915E starting mechanism & function. If you are using a more than a month old gas, drain it using a siphon pump. Also, add some fuel stabilizers after refilling the John Deere Z915E tank. It is essential to clean the fuel tank to prevent John Deere Z915E starting issues.

After cleaning the tank, you will need to use the fresh fuel recommended by the manufacturer and according to the user manual. You must use a fuel stabilizer to extend the life of your John Deere Z915E fuel and prevent any future buildup of carbon sediments and other residues.

If your John Deere Z915E already has power, check whether the fuel line or carburetor is clogged. If the oil comes out of the fuel lines, the carburetor and the fuel line are working fine. It would help if you checked the fuel shut-off valve that might have been closed by accident.

If this is the case, make sure to reopen it. If you still need help understanding what is causing the issue, take the help of your user manual for instructions on replacing the entire fuel filter.

Inspect John Deere Z915E Safety Release Mechanism Cable.

Your John Deere Z915E may start due to a problem with its safety feature and control. Your John Deere Z915E engine is excellent. You should check whether the safety release mechanism cable is in good condition. If the safety release mechanism cable needs replacement, do it. If this mechanism cuts down, the John Deere Z915E will not start.


I tried my best to explain why the John Deere Z915E won’t start or what causes the John Deere Z915E no power. If you find the article helpful, then consider sharing it. Its users have frequently complained about needing more energy or not starting issues regarding the John Deere Z915E when operating it.

Suppose any John Deere Z915E mechanism parts or components are worn out due to aging, overuse, or collision; repair or replace them following the user manual. After knowing all the possible causes and reasons why the John Deere Z915E lacks power or has not started, you should be able to fix the issue.

If you have good experience handling and repairing any vehicle, this guide will be a money saver for you. Do check our helpful guide on other John Deere model issues. See you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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