John Deere 997 Problems

A John Deere 997 is the best-suited mower to maintain your yard like a breeze if you have an extensive lawn. Many experts suggest a John Deere 997 for any challenging or rough terrain. But will there be any problem?

In this article, we are going to talk about the most common John Deere 997 issues that you are likely to encounter in the future over time. Any product manufactured using mechanical components is bound to fail or deteriorate.

Therefore, if you are also experiencing transmission issues and unwanted vibration with your mower, don’t be worried. I have struggled hard on your behalf to develop these excellent articles that will help you solve any minor problem with your car. Therefore, let’s quickly look at the most common issues and their solution.

John Deere 997 Electrical Problems

A John Deere 997 will likely develop some electrical problems with frequent operation and overuse over time.

John Deere 997 Not Starting Out 

If your John Deere 997 is not starting or stalling a lot, here are a few possible causes.

  1. If the brake pedal is not depressed, do it.
  2. If the mower is engaged, it will not start.
  3. A John Deere 997 will not start due to a lack of battery.
  4. If you keep the transmission in reverse, your John Deere 997 may need to be fixed or have a problem.
  5. If you blow a fuse, replace it; otherwise, you will not be able to start your mower again.
  6. If the Fuse circuit is blown, you should see your authorized service center mechanic or dealer.
  7. If there is any corrosion in the battery terminals, replace them. Repairing a battery that is already degrading is never suggested।

Battery Not Charging

If your John Deere 997 battery is not charging or holding a charge for a more extended period, here is what you need to know.

  1. Always replace dead cells in the battery to keep your John Deere 997 performance at the top and optimal.
  2. The battery will not charge if the terminal or its cable is dirty.
  3. Excessive idling may cause the battery not to be charged at all. 
  4. Besides this, low engine speed also creates problems in drawing out power from the battery for optimal performance.

The lights Do Not Work.

  • If the lights of your John Deere 997 are not working, check the plug connection. In most cases, you will find the light plug disconnected.
  • If the bulb is worn out or loose, the light will not work. Replace it.

John Deere 997 Pto Problems

Many John Deere 997 users have frequently complained about the PTO problem they have encountered while operating the mower. There will be a time when you will find the PTO clutch engaging after a couple of minutes.

It can happen for many reasons, but in most cases, the engine overheats, and high temperature is the culprit. Check the PTO control lever and its connection if your John Deere 997 is not at a high temperature.

The PTO control level should be connected to the cable and adjusted correctly. It is also essential to look at the manual you received with your mower to find the troubleshooting method for this specific problem.

Most of the John Deere model comes with explicit instruction, with most familiar with their troubleshooting guide.

John Deere 997 Deck Problems

If there is any deck problem, you may encounter issues like uneven cuts. Below are a few signs of deck problems with John Deere 997. I’ve also talked about the significant cause and its solution. In most cases, proper adjustment of deck lift height is the real culprit. Nevertheless, take a look at some common symptoms of neck problems.

Uneven Cuts. If your mower suffers from a deck problem, the grass will be too small after cutting. At that time, you need to adjust the deck level properly. Apart from this, make sure you clean the Deck regularly. And, if it is in a bad state, replace the Deck entirely.

Blade Stuck: If your John Deere 997 has any problem with its Deck, the blades won’t move properly. Therefore, it is essential to keep your blades lubricated all the time with the recommended adhesive.

Deck Not Adjusted: If the Deck is not aligned and adjusted correctly, it will keep mowing in operation. It is essential to look at the manual for proper deck adjustment. If the adjustment is correct, the problem could be with the belt. Sometimes the belt slips off or gets broken, which needs a complete replacement.

Loud Noises. If you suffer from a deck problem, unnecessary and unpleasant noise will come from inside. It is essential to check the blades for rust and tighten your deck assembly. The loud noise could indicate another damage or problem if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

Blade Not Engaging: If the Deck belt keeps slipping off, it is essential to reinstall the blades belt and Deck properly. Keep the Deck clean. The problems should be resolved with the Deck belt replacement.

In most cases, beginners and noobs ignore when their John Deere 997 start is making the wrong noise. It would help if you kept the mower’s deck issue from continuing. If left unattended, you might also smell burnt rubber.

It can turn out to be a costly repair if you don’t address miner deck problems accordingly. Going it alone may also hinder your other John Deere 997 engine components.

John Deere 997 Fuel Problems

Another common problem with a John Deere 997 is related to its fuel system. If you are having issues with your mower fuel system, you are not alone. You may not believe empty fuel tanks are the primary cause of maximum fuel problems in John Deere 997.

Sometimes the problem needs nothing else than your attention. However, if you have left your John Deere 997 inactive for a prolonged period sitting in, it will dissipate any oil. It is essential to check out your mower fuel tank and its level before starting.

Starting your John Deere 997 with an empty fuel level can harm your mower’s overall condition and performance. Avoid using lousy fuel or old fuel. If your mower has old energy, consider replacing it with a new one less than 30 days old.

If you notice your John Deere 997 oil color being different or smelling, you need to drain that and replace it with the new one. The presence of air and water in your John Deere 997 fuel tank can cause stalling, starting, or hiccup problems. To solve the issue, you should eliminate that water or air from the fuel tank.

John Deere 997 Steering Problems

There can be many problems with steering, but according to John Deere’s 997 users, they have faced two different issues that are more frequent. If your John Deere 997 steering turns quickly without resistance, the problem can lie in its cylinder.

However, the problem can occur if your steering cylinder malfunctions or has a minimum oil level. If the oil level is not sufficient, top up the oil. If the pump steering is damaged, replacement is the only option.

On the other hand, check the hydraulic connection to see if your steering is doing the opposite and turning very tightly. If there is any damage to the hydraulic connection, the steering will be very stiff to operate. Power steering can also be an issue and may need replacement.

If your John Deere 997 front axle cracks, you must replace that defective part. Never mind changing gears from time to time. Loose ball bearings and axle housing should also be inspected and diagnosed correctly.

If there is any white smoke coming from your John Deere 997, it could be an alarming situation. This kind of symptom can be dangerous and requires proper attention from authorized professional dealers or service centers. The white smoke from an exhaust pipe is a sign of a failed steering system & more.

Poor Engine Performance

Your John Deere 997 is likely to give you poor engine performance if there is dirt in the fuel system. Other than this, ignore using old fuel as it can leave sediments and residue sitting and hinder your car.

Also, ensure you get the power from an authorized supplier who blends fuel according to your mower performance and need. Some suppliers agree on fuels differently, affecting your car’s overall performance.

If you use a power that is blended with alcohol or ethanol, it will cause gum and varnish deposits. This becomes more obvious when the fuel is stored for several months. This is why I highly recommend you obtain fresh energy from a genuine supplier.

The engine Will Not Start.

If your engine is not starting, you can take help from the above information. Besides this, the back brake pedal is not depressed, and the mower is engaged. A loose spark plug or disconnected wire will make your mower not start.

Obscene the amount of fuel or keeping the transmission in a reverse position needs to be corrected for your mower to start. The engine will also refuse to start if there is a plugged fuel filter or defective safety switch.

Excessive Vibration 

If your mower deck drive belt is damaged or worn out, replace it as soon as possible. If left unattended, it can cause excessive vibration, affecting other components of your John Deere 997, like bolts getting loose.

Also, clean any dirt on the drive belt and replace bent blades. If the edges are bent, it will also cause excessive vibration. In addition, if the blades are out of balance, it may also cause vibration.

Uneven Cut

Uneven cuts are common when you need to properly level the mower’s Deck. If you keep your John Deere 997 traveling too fast, your mower mower will need more time to munch the grass thoroughly.

In addition to that, you should also sharpen the blade regularly to keep it from getting dull soon. If the John Deere 997 deck is not adjusted correctly or the tire pressure is unequal, your mower will mulch grass in an uneven pattern.


Is A 997 Reliable?

Yes, a John Deere 997 is reliable, durable, and perfect. If you are looking for a mower to help you keep up with your yard maintenance, take notice of this one. This mower is ideal for use in rough terrain or inclined steppes also.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the John Deere 997 is one of the most highlighted models of John Deere manufacturer. If you are looking for a decent-sized mower that comes with mid-range, a John Deere 997 can be a good pick.

Besides this, you will never find a machine free from issues. After reading this article, you should avoid this model but don’t let these minor issues keep you from purchasing a car. John Deere 997 problems are mild and not to fix.

By far, this article is an honest review of dealing with John Deere’s 997 issues. I tried to give you all the information about John Deere’s 997 problems. Do check our other article on mower problems, till then, take care and goodbye.

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