Toro Vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers

With so many options available from different brands, it can be not easy when it comes to choosing a zero-turn mower for your garden or lawn. In this article, we will compare two of the most popular brands, Toro vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers.

John Deere zero-turn mowers. Both brands are well known for offering reliable models that vary in durability, price, comfort, performance, and cuttings. This article will discuss the differences between John Deere vs Toro Zero Turn mowers to decide which will suit your needs and budget best.

5 Differences Between Toro Vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers

Toro Vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers: Performance


Toro and John Deere are known for manufacturing reliable mowers with robust and durable engines. However, John Deere zero-turn mowers are more durable and efficient in giving you balanced performance and overall power than Toro Zero Turn Mowers.

Deck Size

Since John Deere Zero Turn Mowers offer more extensive deck size options, you can get wider cutting width that is best for maintaining medium to comprehensive size law. Other than this, if you want to cut your long grass faster, a John Deere might have an edge compared to a Toro.

Ease of Use

In terms of use, both John Deere and Toro are known for its well Friendly design and easy-to-understand controls. However, go with the John Deere Zero Turn Mowers if you want more versatility in drive speed adjustments. Toro Zero Turn Mowers are suitable for easy-going operations.

Blade Engagement

According to the users, John Deere blade’s engagement systems are way better than Toro Zero Turn Mowers in terms of longevity and sharpness.

Toro Vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers: Comfort

Suspension System

Regarding comfort level, you need an adjustable suspension system in your seat. Since Toro Zero Turn Mowers are well equipped with their patented MyRide suspension system, so you will not feel any vibration or bumps while mowing on uneven terrain.

The patented MyRide suspension system has suspended front & rear shock adjustable operator platforms that are fully floated to absorb most of the vibrations. Talking about John Deere Zero Turn Mowers, their zero turn mowers are featured with comfortable glide suspension, which will also give you a smooth and comfortable ride on wetlands. You can go to any of these turn mowers depending on your need.


Since the specification of the sear design will vary between models, you need to look at both sides properly if you are concerned about comfort level. Most Toro’s Zero turn mowers have a high-back seat with adjustable armed rest and lumbar support.

This type of Toro zero-turn mower is suitable for regular jobs. Some may also have cushioned and contoured seats that offer extra comfort. Depending upon the specific John Deere model you are looking at, their mowers have a comfortable chair with an armrest, lumbar support, cupholders, and many other unique features. 

Toro Vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers: Durability

Deck Construction

When it comes to deck construction, John Deere has the edge over Toro Zero Turn Mowers with their iron-forged deck that is durable and sturdy. A Toro deck is constructed to provide long-lasting performance throughout its lifespan.

It is not wrong to say that Toro deck constructions are also reliable and durable to last long. If you’re looking for an Ideal zero-turn mower suitable for heavy jobs, go with a John Deere for their study deck construction. Depending on the model, the deck construction will vary too. It is best first to check the specification of the specific John Deere model you are interested in.

Durability of Engine

In terms of the durability of an engine, a John Deere has an edge in terms of longevity. It doesn’t mean the Toro lacks reliable machines. Both companies’ zero-turn mowers are equipped with robust and reliable engines. 

Toro Vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers: Engine

Engine Brand

John Deere zero-turn mowers come with engines known for their durability, efficiency, and power. On the other hand, Toro is powered by a Kawasaki engine, which is also known for its reliability and strength.

Engine Size

The engine size will also vary depending on the specific zero-turn mower model; the engine size will also be vart. Toro usually comes with an engine that ranges from 19-24 horsepower, whereas a John Deere comes with a motor starting from 18 horsepower up to 24 horsepower.

Fuel Type

There is nothing to compare because both mower brands are available in gasoline and diesel options. Choose between your preference and your need.


A John Deere zero-turn mower is best for electronic fuel injection systems and throttle control. If you are looking for a quick start, better performance, and smooth acceleration, never mind going with the John Deere zero turnover. 

 Acceleration and better performance.

Toro Vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers: Manufacturing

Manufacturing location

Surprisingly, all Toro Zero Turn mowers are made in the United States and assembled in plants distributed in Minnesota, California, Florida, and Sanford. On the other hand, John Deere Zero Turn Mowers are known for manufacturing mowers and tractors in Waterloo, love, in the United States. According to some articles, John Deere Zero Turn Mowers also have production line facilities across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Company History

John Deere is an older company than Toro, operating for over 180 years. John Deere was founded in 1837 and now has an experience of over 180 years in the tractor and mower manufacturing industry. On the other hand, Toro has also been in the market for more than a hundred years. Toro was established in 1914, much later than John Deere’s origin.

Range Of Products 

John Deere Zero Turn Mowers are only known for manufacturing agriculture and construction equipment. They’re also focused on manufacturing mowers for different segments of lawn care industries.

On the other hand, Toro manufactures zero-turn mowers and snow ice management, landscape, and specialty construction equipment. Toro Also manufactures turf maintenance and landscape maintenance tools also. Both companies are more than just mower manufacturers. 

Service Network

John Deere and Toro have a strong network of professional retailers, distributors, and dealers. Toro network is restricted to less than 100 countries, whereas the John Deere network operates in more than 125 countries.

Conclusion: Who’s Better?

After knowing the difference between the two, it might not shock you if I say it is challenging to say which is better. Since both are known for manufacturing reliable machines and are already well-established companies, you can go to any of them.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly mower with patented technology, an advanced instrument display, and robust engines, go with the Toro. However, with a John Deere Zero Turn Mower, you will get electronic fuel injection and throttle control in their many zero turn mower models.

Depending on your preference and need, you should decide which zero-turn mower will suit you. Make sure to consider the size of your garden, budget, and feature you are looking for before purchasing any zero-turn mower.

You should also check the reviews, pros, and cons of this specific model you are interested in. I tried to give you all the information about the difference between a John Deere and Toro Zero Turn mower.

If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn which zero-turn mower they should choose if they are stuck between a Toro vs. John Deere zero-turn mower.

As of now, you already know the key things you need to consider when comparing both mowers. Do check our other helpful guide on other mower comparisons. See you in the next post, till then take care and goodbye.

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