Kawasaki FX600V Problems

Kawasaki is known for its top-of-the-line products, and FX600V is one example. 

This machine is ready to take up the most difficult jobs, and there’s no doubt about that. 

However, just like any other engine, there are also some rumours about Kawasaki FX600V’s performance.

It is okay—you don’t have to research them because we have it all here for you. After going through plenty of customer reviews, here are the top six problems that Kawasaki FX600V’s customers are facing right now.

Read it below to be aware of them beforehand! 

Common Problems with Kawasaki FX600V

Kawasaki FX600V Problems

1. Sputtering Problem

Sputtering occurs when there’s a maintenance issue with your mowing machine.

Many Kawasaki FX600V owners said that their machines start sputtering as soon as the temperature rises or the equipment gets hot. 

Sputtering is not a big issue and definitely not a sign that you need a new engine; however, it does need fixing. 

It can happen due to malfunctioning spark plugs, excess moisture, or clogged filters. It’s quite common with Kawasaki engines, so don’t need to worry about it because there’s a fix for it.

Many customers found that stopping the blades and letting them stay idle for some time helped in cooling off the engine. 

The issue might also be hidden in the coils, so better get it checked by an expert and get the coils changed if that’s the culprit.  

Pro Tip: There’s an engine service manual that you can read to troubleshoot the problem yourself. 

2. Lots of Oil Consumption

Customers also reported that their engine is consuming a lot of oil, some from the time they were brand new. 

Despite keeping the filters clean and changing the oil as per the manual, the problem didn’t seem to be solved.

Their dealers suggested switching to the 20-50w blend rather than 10-30w as mentioned in the manual. Although it solved the problem for a bit; however, it was still consuming a lot of oil. 

There’s no perfect cure, but some users tried keeping the dirt out of the engine through proper maintenance and cleaning the fins from time to time. 

It helped, but as per the Kawasaki rep, the machine is expected to consume at least 0.5 oz. /hour of oil since they run on top rpm. 

So, be prepared for it! 

3. Running Rough

Many customers are also facing an issue with the engine running rough at full throttle. 

This may be because of water in the fuel tank, unplugged air filter, bad gas cap, old gas in the fuel filter, incorrectly set choke, fast ground speed, or unplugged engine deck. 

Customers also said the engine died under load when they tried to engage the blades. So, how can you solve the issue? 

You can try filling the carb cleaner in the fuel filter or getting the pulse pump replaced. 

You can also do carb spray through a vacuum orifice and jets to get the carb cleaner. It’s one method that has helped many customers get rid of the issue! 

4. Hard to Start

Many times the Kawasaki FX600V failed to start. It’s one of the most common issues with the machine, but we have covered you with multiple solutions.

If your engine is acting up, then check the spark plug for any damage. There might be a burned electrode or heavy carbon buildup at the electrode.

Simply get a spark plug tester and get started with it. 

Next, the problem might be due to a blocked carburetor. This can happen by leaving the fuel in the engine for a long time. 

Pro Tip: Don’t leave the fuel in the engine too long. It becomes sticky and greasy and may often require you to completely change the carburetor. 

Lastly, check the ignition coil for any issues. Sometimes defects in it can cause the engine to not start. Make sure to replace it if the engine is not starting! 

All these tips have helped customers get their engines started in no time, so don’t waste time and start with this project right away! 

5. Sudden Power Loss

Sudden power loss is another top issue that occurred in Kawasaki FX600V. Imagine mowing your lawn and suddenly the machine stopped working. 

It’s frustrating, especially when you don’t know the fix.

It can be happening due to a faulty safety switch, a short circuit that burned the wiring, or a lack of enough fuel in the cylinder. 

Make sure to check all of these things before taking the engine to the shop for repair. Who knows you might be able to save a few bucks here. 

6. Not Charging the Battery

Lastly, another frequent complaint about the Kawasaki FX600V was the ‘battery not charging properly.

It’s a bummer that many customers who bought the engine faced this issue.

It can be due to a faulty battery or maybe an issue with DC voltage.

Once you’ve checked it out, drain the battery overnight by keeping the engine on and charging it from scratch the next day. 

If this tip doesn’t work, then take it to a shop or the manufacturer if the issue is from the day you bought it. 


Kawasaki FX600V is the real monster when it comes to mowing your lawns. Whether you’re using it for the first time or regularly, you will fall in love with this.

But don’t let this love for the engine blind you. It’s common for top rpm machines to show a few problems in the long run, but there’s nothing that can’t be resolved. 

Try the tips if you’re experiencing the same issues and get a grip on your engine again! 



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