Kawasaki FR600V Problems

Kawasaki FR600V is a very popular lawn mower among gardeners and landscapers. However, it has some common problems that you should be aware of. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most common Kawasaki FR600V problems and how to fix them.

Common Kawasaki FR600V Problems

Kawasaki FR600V Problems

1. Starting Problem

One common Kawasaki FR600V problem is the engine not starting. This can be caused by anything from a dirty air filter to a faulty fuel pump.

Kawasaki FR600V owners should always check the air filter first when troubleshooting this problem. 

Another Kawasaki FR600V problem is the engine stalling. This can be caused by a variety of things, including a dirty carburetor or an ignition system that is not functioning properly. 

If you have some carburetor cleaner in a can, spray a small burst directly into your carburetor, to see if your engine will start up and run briefly. 

Sometimes Kawasaki engines will have an issue with their valves sticking, causing the engine not to start up.

You can try tapping on the side of the cylinder head with a rubber mallet, to see if this will free up the valves enough for the engine to start up. 

If your Kawasaki FR600V engine is still giving you trouble, you may need to take it to a Kawasaki dealer or repair shop for further diagnosis and repairs.

2. Bogs Under Load

One potential problem that can occur with the Kawasaki FR600V engine is bogging down when attempting to move the mower. 

This can be caused by a few different issues but is typically due to an issue with the spark plugs or coils. 

Checking for spark on both cylinders/coils is a good first step. If there is a spark present on both, then the next step is to switch the coils and see if the problem persists. 

If the problem does not go away, then it is likely that the spark plugs are the issue.

Swapping out the spark plugs for new ones should solve the bogging down issue.

3. Not Charging Battery

Kawasaki FR600V engine charging problems are a common issue among Kawasaki owners.

If your engine is not charging the battery, it may be due to a problem with the charging system. 

There are a few potential causes of charging problems, including a bad battery, a faulty alternator, or a loose connection. 

If you’re experiencing charging problems, the first thing you should do is check the voltage of your battery. If the battery is low, you can try charging it for a few hours and then check the voltage again. 

If the voltage remains low, it’s possible that the battery is bad and will need to be replaced. 

Finally, if there is a loose connection between the alternator and the battery, this can also cause charging problems. 

4. Electrical Hum While Turning the Key

Another common problem with these engines is they make an electrical humming noise when the key is turned, but the engine will not turn over.

In some cases, the battery may need to be charged in order to get the engine to start. 

The issue may also be caused by a failed starter. 

To test if the starter is the problem, jump the small wire on the solenoid to the battery wire on the starter. 

If the engine cranks over, then the starter is most likely the problem and will need to be replaced. If the engine does not crank over, then there may be another issue with the engine. 

However, if this doesn’t fix the problem you should take your engine to a qualified mechanic for further diagnosis and repair.

5. Engine Runs Poorly

Another common problem that people are having with their Kawasaki FR600V is that the engine runs poorly.

This can happen due to clogged carburetors. A clogged carburetor is mostly caused by leaving fuel in the engine for a long period of time. 

To fix this problem you should clean clogged carburetors with the carburetor cleaner. The damaged spark plug is another reason why your engine is running poorly. 

To check whether or not the spark plug is damaged use a plug tester. 

If you see no spark when the engine is cranking then your spark plug is defective and you need to replace it. 

Clogged fuel filters are another reason for the problem. It usually happens when fuel is left in the engine for a long period of time. To fix this issue you should replace the spark plug.


Kawasaki FR600V Problems are a common issue that is often faced by people who own this.

There are some ways to help reduce the chances of these problems happening, and knowing what they are can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

If you do experience any of these issues, be sure to take your engine to a mechanic as soon as possible for repair.




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