Gravely Zero Turn Mowers Hydraulic Problems

You might struggle with a hydraulic power outage or failure if you have a Gravely Zero Turn Mower. The hydraulic power system consists of a motor, pump, activators, valves, and Hydraulic fluid, if anything goes wrong, your Mower may run into problems or even stop functioning.

To prevent this, you must pay attention to your Mower’s regular maintenance. This article is for you if you struggle with Gravely Zero Turn Mower hydraulic problems.

Here we will discuss this mechanical part’s complexity and cause of issues. We will then also discuss the solution that can help you out with any issue related to the hydraulic power system of your Mower. Let’s take a quick look at the signs of hydraulic problems in Gravely Zero Turn Mowers without wasting time.

Signs of Hydraulic Problems

Mostly, the signs of hydraulic Gravely Zero Turn Mowers tend to be telltale. If you hear any unusual noise or increase in temperature, there might be an issue with your hydraulic power system.

Another thing to note in your Gravely Zero Turn Mower operation is if your Gravely Zero Turn Mower is operating erratically or slowly. If so, there might be another issue with your hydraulic power system.

If the hydraulic fluid is contaminated with heat or water, it will produce poor hydraulic performance output. It is also one of the most common components to replace. Therefore, if your pump is beginning to show signs of wear & tear, make sure to repair it.

With time and overuse, it can also introduce debris into its system, which will cause downstream issues with your Mower. To solve that, let’s take a quick look at Gravely Zero Turn Mower hydraulic problems and their solutions in depth.

Gravely Zero Turn Mowers Hydraulic Problems

Gravely Zero Turn Mower Hydraulic Pump Noisy

If the hydraulic pump is very noisy, there might be air bubbles in the oil. Besides this, if the reservoir is too low, it will also cause hydraulic pump Noises. To solve it, replenish the oil and clean the filter. If the filter looks in a poor state, never mind replacing it.

Any dirty filter will also hinder Gravely Zero Turn Mower’s operation and other components. Now let’s take a quick look at other hydraulic problems of Mowers.

Gravely Zero Turn Mower Pump Cavitation. 

Pump cavitation is one of the most annoying issues you can ever encounter with your mower. This usually happens when you keep your mower in low maintenance and care. It is essential to get your mower on time.

Other than this, if the oil in the reservoir is low, it will cause the pump to cavitate. If the air vent is restricted, it will not allow proper airflow.

To solve the issue, clean the reservoir air cent and restore the appropriate amount of oil in it. Other than this, make sure you are using the correct oil viscosity. If it is too high, it will affect the hydraulic system of your Gravely Zero Turn Mower. If replenishing the oil will be better, do it.

Gravely Zero Turn Mower System Overheating

If your system is prone to overheating, you might be using it on rugged terrain. Besides this, if your Gravely Zero Turn Mower is not designed to run on inclined surfaces, it will overheat.

The leading cause of the system overhearing tends to be low fuel in the hydraulic system. Do check if the hydraulic system has an appropriate amount of energy in it or not.

If it looks soft, never mind restoring the adequate amount of high and fluid recommended by the manufacturer up to the full mark using the dipstick.

Besides this, if the main relief valve set is too high, it will also interfere with the hydraulic system. Adjust the proper pressure to solve the issue.

System Pressure Too Low

If your Gravely Zero Turn Mower pressure is shallow, there may be something wrong with your hydraulic pump. If it is not functioning correctly, repair or replace the entire component. It will cost you, but it’s for your mower’s longevity.

Besides that, if the main relief valve is set to low, reset it as required. Sometimes users also reported hydraulic problems caused by leakage in Gravely Zero Turn Mower components, lines, or fitting.

If this is so, never hesitate to repair and replace the element as needed. Any scored cylinder or valve spoon will also cause issues with your Gravely Zero Turn Mower. Repair or replace the scored component entirely to solve the problem.

Gravely Zero Turn Mower System Operate Erratically

If your Gravely Zero Turn Mower is operating erratically, there is something wrong with your Mower’s hydraulic power system. Your Hydraulic oil may not be working at the right temperature.

If this is the problem, allow the oil sufficient time to warm up before using the mower. In addition, if there is any sticking or binding valve Gravely Zero Turn Mowertridge, replace it. Its bent Piston or rod may also be the issue that needs replacement or repair as necessary.

Your Gravely Zero Turn Mower will also operate erratically if something in the oil contaminates it. Suppose you notice water in your Mower hydraulic system. Here is how to remove it.

Removing Water From Hydraulics Gravely Zero Turn Mower System

The common cause of the hydraulic problem in Gravely Zero Turn Mowers tends to be water contamination. If your Gravely Zero Turn Mower hydraulic fluid looks milky in appearance, it is a clear sign of water contamination.

If this is the case, the water will reduce the hydraulic fluid lubricity causing fitting against the metal surface, accelerating oil aging while degrading the additives. Here is how you should help your Gravely Zero Turn Mower to mitigate the presence of water in the hydraulic system.

  • Firstly, ensure you follow the required hydraulic system maintenance that is needed and recommended by the owner manual. Keeping your Gravely Zero Turn Mower hydraulic system maintenance interval ignored will cause issues in the future. You are changing the filters and the fluid once a season or two is essential.
  • Now to remove the water, inspect the fluid in the hydraulic reservoir. 
  • Clean the hydraulic reservoir if there is contamination and refill it with clean, high-end fluid with the correct viscosity.
  • After that, use the system regularly, as it will help increase the fluid temperature and remove water from the oil.
  • Finally, to prevent water from invading your Gravely Zero Turn Mower system, ensure you are not keeping the system exposed or open to any water entry. Make sure the bent cap is installed properly, clean and tight.

Removing Particulate Contamination From Gravely Zero Turn Mower Hydraulics System

In Gravely Zero Turn Mowers, particulate contamination can also be a problem halting its hydraulic power system. The hydraulics can circulate and remove contamination through its filter when you regularly operate your Gravely Zero Turn Mower.

If there is any problem with the filtration system, it is essential to change it every 100 hours of full usage. Also, use the filter with the correct rating for the application, mentioned by your Gravely Zero Turn Mower user manual.

Firstly, clean the system and then add some high-end fluid. Ensure all the components are correctly installed to prevent contamination from entering the assembly. Keeping your Gravely Zero Turn Mower on proper maintenance and service procedure on time is essential.

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As of now, you have all the knowledge regarding hydraulic power system issues that you might face with your mower. Like any other, a Gravely Zero Turn Mower is not without problems. Therefore all Gravely Zero Turn Mower problems discussed in this article are fixable.

If you have experience fixing mowers, you will have no problem solving any hydraulic issue. With the help of this guide and your owner’s manual, you will be able to address the cause and fix the issue on time.

If you have problems, get your unit to your nearest authorized service center for proper maintenance and servicing. They will be able to inspect and diagnose the system properly to find a cause and solution for you. Do check our other article on mowers. See you in the next post. Till then, take care and goodbye.

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