Who Makes Powersmart Lawn Mowers

In this article, we will explore the origin of Powersmart Lawn Mowers and delve into its history to know who is behind the production of these mowers. After that, we also take a quick look at the company’s mission and manufacturing process to determine if their products are reliable.

Suppose you are still eager to know who makes Powersmart Lawn Mower. Stay with this guide, where we will also talk about this brand’s latest developments and available lawn mowers models. We will further learn about the pros and cons of having a Powersmart Lawn Mower.

Who Makes Powersmart Lawn Mowers

American Incorporated is behind manufacturing Powersmart Lawn Mowers, which also specializes in wholesaling, distributing, and manufacturing other agriculture equipment and machinery. American Incorporated was founded recently in 2011 in Illinois, United States. 

American Incorporated’s actual line of business includes distributing, wholesaling, and manufacturing different types of machinery suitable for gardeners, landscapers, and farmers. They produce high-end products like portable generator tractors, lawnmowers, pressure washers, etc.

They only research, develop, manufacture, and distribute products in the United States. They have a factory located in Itasca, Illinois, with a technical support center and customer support at the exact location.

I learned that American Incorporated is run by a few skilled engineers who aim to maintain consistency in the mower market. One of their subsidiary companies, Powersmart, is rising as the market’s top snow blower and lawnmower seller.

The company also develops products according to customer reviews and testing protocols. American Incorporated is led by Bill Godwin, the only President who employed only ten engineers across all its locations. After knowing so much about who makes Powersmart lawn mowers, let’s take a quick look at the types of Powersmart lawn mowers available in the current market. 

5+ Types of Powersmart Lawn Mowers Available

Since the company is also dedicated to maintaining consistency in the market, you will currently find six types of Powersmart lawn mowers available that you can purchase.

1) PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower DB2321PR: if you are looking for a compact but easy-to-use mower, this is the one to look at. It has five adjustable height settings and a smaller cutting path suitable for a small lawn of less than 1 acre. It also features a durable pull-to-start mechanism with an easy-to-start engine.

2) PowerSmart Lawn Mower DB2321CR: Just like the previous one, it is also suitable for a small lawn but offers more comfort. It comes with the added convenience of a rear discharge chute, making it easy to use.

3) PowerSmart Lawn Mower DB8617P: if you have a large lawn or want a decisive move that can handle any heavy-duty task, this is the model to go with. It is a self-propelled lawn mower with a potent gas engine and a wider cutting path suitable for land of more than one acre.

4) PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower PSM2322SR: This is also a self-propelled mower but comes with a smaller cutting path that is best for medium size lawns or a few commercial tasks. It comes with an easy-to-push button start that makes them easy to operate. Plus, this model is easy to maneuver and handle according to its users.

5) PowerSmart Cordless Lawn Mower PS76417: if you are looking for a battery-powered lawn with a lightweight design, this is the model. It is also best for people looking for a cordless mower that is easy to handle and comes with a smaller cutting path.

6) PowerSmart Cordless Lawn Mower PS76821-A: This model is an upgraded version of the previous one, with added features like a large cutting path and mulching function. It is one of the best cordless mowers suitable for heavy-duty and long-running tasks.

Pros & Cons Of Powersmart Lawn Mowers

Pros Of Powersmart Lawn Mowers

Durable And Affordable: Powersmart Lawn Mower is known for its affordability and durability. It is also a good pick among beginners and homeowners looking for a standard mower to keep their lawn maintenance work a piece of cake and easy to maintain. 

Sound Performance: After reading hundreds of reviews, I find many satisfied Powersmart Lawn Mower users who appreciate Its easy control, lightweight design, and suitability for small to medium-sized lawns.

American Brand: Powersmart Lawn Mower is an American banned; you will encounter some of the industry’s friendliest and most informative customer service representatives. Their customer support is backed by highly skilled engineers specializing in outdoor power equipment.

Suitable For Smaller Properties: The Powersmart Lawn Mower is best for any small property. If you are looking for a simple mower to figure out and easy to work with, a Powersmart Lawn Mower is the one to have. Anyone can work with the Powersmart Lawn Mower on their small-size property.

Suitable For Uneven Terrain: If you are looking for a mower ideal for uneven terrain, the Powersmart mower also features a rear-drive mode that is easy to maneuver on rough terrain.

Cons Of Powersmart Lawn Mowers

Short Battery Life: Many users have complained about Powersmart Lawn Mower battery discharging quickly. The Powersmart Lawn Mower will likely die before you can cut your lawn. It is essential to maintain your mower by keeping up with regular maintenance.

No Riding Lawn Mowers: Powersmart doesn’t offer zero-turn mowers, riding lawn tractors, or riding mowers. This brand only focuses on producing push mowers that are available worldwide.

Not Made In The USA: After knowing who makes Powersmart Lawn Mowers, you might think all the products are made in the United States. According to some users and company employees, some of their product parts are manufactured overseas in China. This must be why Powersmart can offer outdoor equipment and lawnmowers at cheaper rates.

Are Powersmart Lawn Mowers Good? 

Since Powersmart is known for manufacturing different types of lawnmowers and varieties of products for homeowners, you can take a quick look at their product range and variety. The Powersmart mower will likely cater to your needs as their mowers are easy to maintain, use, and handle.

Plus, Powersmart also posts how-to videos on YouTube, which will help you understand how to use a particular mower. These small things make a huge difference in customer satisfaction and help them learn how to use the product they purchased.

You will likely find your mower in their eight types of product range that offer different mowing options like side discharge and mulching. Since Powersmart is also focused on high-quality customer service and their customer support is handled by highly skilled engineers who are friendly and knowledgeable, you will always be left happy, smiling, and satisfied after contacting them.

Other than this, Powersmart Lawn Mowers are good regarding prices. Most of the Powersmart Lawn Mower is available at economical rates that are suitable for the average homeowner on a budget.

Since Powersmart is also known for delivering quality items and good deals, you will be impressed & satisfied by the value you paid for if you get a Powersmart Lawn Mower. Most Powersmart Lawn Mowers are high-quality products that are reliable and durable. You can trust them if you are looking for push mowers that can last long.


American Incorporated is the manufacturer of Powersmart Lawn Mowers based in the United States, Illinois. They are known for making affordable and durable Powersmart Lawn Mowers suitable for uneven terrain and small properties.

They are also known for providing friendly customer service and value for money. Even though some customers have reported issues with short battery life, it can be prevented if you follow the proper user manual guideline and regular maintenance.

Currently, Powersmart is only offering push mowers. If you are looking for one, you will find many options at an affordable rate while benefiting from their excellent customer service. By having their product, you will never regret that for sure.

I will give you all the information on who makes Powersmart Lawn Mowers. If you find the article helpful, then consider sharing it. It will help many people learn about the actual manufacture of Powersmart Lawn Mowers while knowing the advantages and disadvantages of having one. Check our recent articles on the latest post on who makes black Max weed eaters. See you in the next post; take care. and goodbye.

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