Cub Cadet Mower Deck Problems

When you mow long, the Cub Cadet Mower Deck can get clogged with mud, grass, and other debris. It directly interferes with the cutting quality and size. Therefore you should always check the Cub Cadet Mower deck before mowing.

Cub Cadet Mower offer different models featuring various types of decks and belts for each. Hence, getting a suitable Cub Cadet Mower model and getting your hands on the right strap is essential.

In this article, we will discuss what happens when there is a problem with a Cub Cadet Mower deck. Let’s take a quick look at the nine most common Cub Cadet Mower deck problems.

10 Cub Cadet Mower Deck Problems

Loose Mower Deck Belt

Signs: if your Cub Cadet Mower has a loose mower deck belt, it will likely come off the pulleys and require you to reinstall it. Besides this, your car’s blades will probably take longer to engage and get up to speed fully.

Other indications include high pitch noises and the sides of the belt wearing down quickly. Another common symptom of a loose mower deck belt is excessive vibration, which can also be a sign of other mechanical issues or failure.

Causes: overtime, the deck belt loses its grip and efficiency with frequent use. You need to replace and maintain the strap of your Cub Cadet Mower from time to time. According to experts, you should replace the mower deck belt at least once a year to prevent uneven cuttings.

What To Do: if the Deck belt is wearing down quickly, it will start to sleep full stop; therefore, it is essential always to replace it with the new one. Other than this, if it gets loose, the blades will function less well than they usually do.

A loose deck belt makes things worse with irregular patterns and excessive vibration. This movement can also lead to a high-pitched noise when you reverse or try to move forward. Getting a new one to replace it is the best method to avoid a lot of movement with the belt that can interfere with the blade’s speed.

Excessive vibration.

As we discussed earlier, excessive vibration is always an indication of something wrong. Therefore, the most common causes of excessive over-deck vibration tend to be:


  1. Loose blade mounting bolts.
  2. Bent pulley
  3. Bent spindles
  4. Wearing down blades
  5. Cub Cadet Mower blades are imbalanced.
  6. Incorrect assembling or delivery
  7. Belt was installed in the wrong way.

Each problem has its solution. But most of them can be prevented with regular maintenance. Below are a few solutions that can be implemented to rule out this setback.


  • Tighten the Deck belts to at least 70 lbs.
  • If anything is worn out, deteriorated, or damaged, replace or repair it as per need. 
  • Raise and re-balance the blades.
  • The blades may not be set right. Reinstall the edges correctly.
  • Avoid regular maintenance of your mower.

Grass streaking. 

Another common complaint of Cub Cadet Mower users is streaking or stuttering. When a Cub Cadet Mower leaves thin strips of uncut grass behind, it becomes very frustrating to reverse and try again. Steps of uncut grass left behind by a mower are known as streaking or stuttering. Sometimes you need to run a mower at its top speed. It is essential to cut grass properly. An engine running too slow can cause streaking. 

Apart from that, any error from your end or in mower maintenance can be the culprit. It is essential to keep the blades sharpened and clean and run the Cub Cadet Mower at full throttle for efficiency. Below are a few common causes of grass streaking by vehicles.


  • Slow engine
  • Operator error
  • Dirty blades
  • Inefficient throttle
  • Lack of overlapping when turning.
  • Plugged Deck with debris. 
  • Fast ground speed. 
  • Worn down blades. 
  • The edges need to be sharper. 
  • Lack of overlap when cutting rows

After knowing so many causes of Cub Cadet Mower streaking, you should look at the possible solution for each issue. 


  • When mowing is always recommended, you are using your Cub Cadet Mower at full throttle. Mowing slower is healthy for your Cub Cadet Mower engine, but it’s wrong. Cutting at a slower speed can cause more damage than mowing at full speed.
  • Blades should be sharp and fresh, not worn too much. Also, Keep the blade tip speed correct. It is essential to maintain the momentum and uplift responsible for raising the grass and cutting just like a barber does with your hair by lifting it with a comp.
  • Make sure your Cub Cadet Mower is getting enough air movement. If anything clogged the decks and prevented proper air inflow/outflow, it would result in streaking.


When you keep the Cub Cadet Mower blade setting too low, you end up with a scalped lawn. It is always recommended never to mow your lawn with lower blades setting than one every third of an inch.

However, if the environment were right, there might be something else to blame. In other cases, a dull quality blade or out-of-adjustment machine is the actual guilty of lawn scalp. Let’s look at the five most common causes of lawn scalping.


  • Uneven lawn. 
  • Too low deck height.
  • I need help to level the Deck properly.
  • Uneven tire pressure.
  • Too fast ground speed.


It is essential always to keep the grassroots hydrated but keep it from becoming soaked. If you want to prevent scalping using a car, wait for a few days. Keeping the root hydrated will allow plants to store enough energy to grow leaves. Always pay close attention to the high spot. Either manually cut it or avoid high ends entirely for later. If your Cub Cadet Mower is faulty, get it fixed with the help of a mechanic to prevent future occurrences and setbacks.


Belt Breakage.

With time, mower belts become prone to breakage. Therefore, if your Cub Cadet Mower belt looks worn down, it is recommended to replace it using a new one. Apart from this, your belt may also break If you use an incorrect one.

It is recommended to replace it using a new duck belt according to your Cub Cadet Mower model. If you notice any bent or rough cool edges, your belt will likely break anytime. Address tendency or rough strap as soon as possible. 

Lifting Problem

Another issue with your Cub Cadet Mower that is likely to set you back is the lifting problem. This is likely to happen when the lift linkage is not attached correctly.

In this case, you should remove and reattach it. Another cause of lifting problems can be lift linkage damage which authorized service dealers should repair.

Engine Stalls Easily With Mower Deck Engaged.

If you notice your car’s engine stalling with the mower deck engaged, here are a few causes.


  • Too fast ground speed.
  • Too low cutting height settings.
  • Too slow engine speed.
  • Something is Clogged
  • Too tall grasses


  • The very first thing you should do is to check the ground speed and maintain it properly. It should be slow.
  • When cutting grass, set your Cub Cadet Mower to full throttle
  • It is advised to always trim tall gas at maximum cutting height, especially during the first pass.

Stepped Cutting.

If your Cub Cadet Mower deck is damaged or not adjusted properly, it can result in steep cutting. There can be many reasons you notice stepped cutting in your lawn surfaces. Usually, leveling up the Deck correctly solves the issue.

But, if it is damaged, you will either need to replace it or repair it as needed. Below are a few causes of step cutting. 


  • The Deck needs to be adjusted correctly.
  • The Cub Cadet Mower deck is damaged
  • Incorrect tire pressures
  • Blades deteriorate
  • That is not leveled correctly
  • Bent spindle
  • Incorrect blade installation
  • Loose spindle

For most issues, the solution can be as simple as mentioned below.


  • If your car’s tire is not inflated correctly, correct it first.
  • If the deck blades look damaged, replace them with new ones.
  • A damaged Deck should always be repaired or replaced per your requirement or professional recommendation.
  • Sometimes reinstalling the edge in the right way solves the issue. 
  • Last but not least, make sure you have leveled the Deck properly. 

Mower Drive Belt Slips Or Fails To Drive.

If your Cub Cadet Mower drive belt fails to drive or even slips off, you won’t be able to mow your lawn. If the drive belt is broken, replace it with the new one.

As per the suggestion, you should never repair a broken drive belt. However, if the drive belt slips off, it may not have been attached properly in the first place. Reattach it correctly and check if the pulley spring is intact or not.

Uneven Cutting

In some Cub Cadet Mower, you will notice that the Deck And the blade are more connected than in others. If it gets tilted, it can cause uneven cuts. With time, the Deck of your Cub Cadet Mower can also be worn out and bent with normal wear.

Occasionally, you receive a tilted mower directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, measure the height of the Deck from the level surface on both the right and left sides using a tape measure.

If you notice different measurements, the Deck of a Cub Cadet Mower is likely to be tilted and the primary cause of uneven mowing. Other than this, below are a few other causes of rough cutting. 


  • Damage blades
  • Worn Out Blades
  • Incorrect installation of blades
  • Deck level incorrectly.
  • Bent spindle
  • Improper tires inflation
  • Loose spindle 


  • The very first thing is to level the Deck correctly. 
  • If the blade needs to be replaced or sharpened, do it. 
  • Other than this, check for any bent or damage on the spindle. If it needs repairing or replacement, do it. 
  • It’s always right to try reinstalling the blades correctly. Always keep your car’s tires equally inflated.


Why Is My Cub Cadet Cutting Uneven?

Your Cub Cadet Mower might be cutting unevenly due to loose spindles, bent spindles, improper tire inflation, Deck leveling incorrectly, improper installation of blades, or worn-out blades. In most cases, repairing/replacing the spindle deck or blade does the job.

Why Does My Cub Cadet Keep Throwing The Deck Belt?

Deteriorated bearings in the pulley may result in a mower throwing its deck belt. Besides this, if your Cub Cadet Mower pulley is not parallel to the Deck, its belt could come off. Examining your Cub Cadet Mower thoroughly before operating them is always recommended.

How Do You Adjust The Deck On A Cub Cadet Mower?

  • Firstly you need to lose the hex lock nut. 
  • Now, raise the Deck’s front while tightening the inner hex nut.
  • If you need to lower the Deck front, loosen the inner hex nut. 
  • Once the Deck is adjusted according to manufacturing specs, Tighten the hex lock nut. 


Mower’s Deck can be a very tricky part to inspect and repair. With age, your Cub Cadet Mower may encounter a few problems that can be solved with simple steps. There can be many causes of deck problems in vehicles, including the Deck being worn down.

Regular maintenance is essential. Inspect and ensure the pulleys & the belt are tightened and in good shape. Make sure the tensioner and its spring are adjusted accordingly. After adequately inspecting your car, you can start using it again.

I tried to give you all the information regarding Cub Cadet Mower deck problems and the possible solutions. With this guide, you can solve most of the primary deck issues.

But if you encounter something different and not mentioned in our article regarding Deck, let us know in the comment section. Do check our other articles on mowers guide, take care and goodbye.

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