Cub Cadet Rt65 Problems

The RT 65 model by Cub Cadet is a tremendous budget-oriented mower designed for people who need to mow a small lawn as efficiently as possible. Being a well-respected and popular tractor manufacturer, Cub Cadet is considered one of the safest brands.

The RT 65 model is undoubtedly a top contender for people’s purchasing list. However, the Cub Cadet Rt65 is not without the problem that its users consistently report online. In this article, we will focus on Cub Cadet Rt65 problems and their solutions.

7 Cub Cadet Rt65 Problems

Engine Overheats

Cause Solution
Low oil level Measure the oil using a dipstick & refill it to the designated spot
Restricted air flow Regular maintenance is essential. Clean all kinds of debris accumulated around the engine’s blower housing & cooling fans.

Overheating is one of the most common issues that Cub Cadet Rt65 users consistently report online. Even though a mower overheating can represent several issues, you first need to slow the speed and light the load down. Ensure to put less strain on the engine. 

Your Cub Cadet Rt65 overheating may progress slowly, depending on how frequently you use it. It can also wear down many mower components, costing you a hefty sum. One of the primary causes of overheating in Cub Cadet Rt65 tends to be restricted airflow. 

Sometimes, the Cub Cadet Rt65 air intake screen can become blocked & prevent fresh air from entering the machine. Thus, in turn, it blocks the hot air from passing out. Therefore it is highly recommended to constantly clean the air intake screen of your Cub Cadet Rt65 to ensure there are no blockages. 

The secondary cause of overheating tends to be lousy fuel being used. Always check the amount of energy in the tank. If there is insufficient oil, there will be too much friction; therefore, more heat will be generated

Other than this, you should also check oil viscosity. If your oil pump or tank looks deteriorated, discard the old one and replace it with the new one. The last thing you need to check is the carburetor. Because if it is set to high, overheating is likely to occur because of unnecessary working of engines.

Failed Blade Clutch

When a Cub Cadet Rt65 generates excessive heat, it also damages other mechanical components of a mower. I highly recommend finding out the root cause of overheating and addressing it properly. 

The quicker you become, the less strain will be on your mower engine and its components. The failed blade clutch is one of the results of an overheated engine. As overheating will directly influence the part of your Cub Cadet Rt65’s it also heats the crankshaft. Eventually, the Blade clutch fails. If the wire is stressed or the hoses are broken, you might have found the real culprit of a blade clutch failure. 

The last thing you need to ensure is to check the inside of the cylinder. If you notice any leakage, replace it with a new one as soon as possible. If you cannot address the issue or find the real cause, seeing a mechanic will help you a lot.

Engine Doesn’t Start

Flooded engine Replacing it will be a better option. You can also crank the engine with the throttle in a fast position
Fuel line blockage If this is the case, clean it thoroughly or replace the fuel filter entirely.
Deactivated chokes.  If the choke is not activated, pull its control outward.
Disconnected Spark plug & wires  The solution is simple as connecting the wire back to spark plugs.
Break not engaged. If your parking brake has not been engaged, engage it.
Knob engaged It is important to keep the knobs engaged or in position. 
Unable to fully lever outward in a neutral position Make sure you are moving the drive control levels fully outward and in a neutral position
Incorrect placement of throttle control lever It is important to always keep the control level in the correct starting position and as fast as possible.
Empty fuel tank or bad fuel Sometimes bad quality fuel can interfere with your Cub Cadet Rt65’s engine. Replace the oil with a fresh clean fuel that is less than 30 days old.
Faulty spark plugs While doing inspection if you find any faulty spark plug, make sure to clean and replace it

The most frustrating thing about this problem is that it can generate many potential causes. It can be challenging for a novice to narrow down the problem and get it fixed without professional help. 

Therefore, here we will look at the main things for quick troubleshooting if your engine is stalling or doesn’t start. Most of the listed problems should not give you a setback if you keep your Cub Cadet Rt65 on a regular care and maintenance routine. 

Keeping up with the regular cleaning and maintenance routine will exponentially reduce your chances of encountering any setbacks in the future.

Now coming to the point again, you first need to check the gas tank. If it is empty, your Cub Cadet Rt65 engine will not be able to start the combustion process. Hence, it must be filled with the best quality fresh oil less than 30 days old.

Ensuring high-grade fuel will help you keep your Cub Cadet Rt65’s engine intact for a prolonged period. Other than this, the fuel quality might have been degraded if your vehicle has been isolated for a while. Replace it with the new one. 

As most of the fuel degrades, it also leaves some residue & deposits that slowly accumulate and prevent a proper solid fuel flow to the engine. This can be a massive problem with Cub Cadet Rt65. Therefore, unclog the fuel system and clean all kinds of debris as needed. 

Just like that, you should also clean out the filter and check if it has also become blocked. If the air filter is clogged, it will restrict fuel flow. 

As the name suggests, the spark plug is responsible for ignition. These are cheaper to replace and one of the most common components that usually fail. Therefore if you have encountered any broken spark plug, discard it and replace it with a new one, as it will not make any noticeable dent in your pocket.

Engine Runs Erratic

Some users have also reported their Cub Cadet Rt65 running erratically. Sometimes you have got the engine running but have yet to be at its best. If your vehicle is responding unevenly, something is likely to be wrong. Stop doubting yourself and think of it as an image. 

Many things can contribute to an engine failure or inability to run efficiently. To check and correct, you will need first to find the root cause of the problem. With age, the cooling fins accumulate dirt and debris, which prevent the engine from cooling off. 

Any inconsistent heat dissipation in the engine will also result in overheating while affecting its performance. Under high temperatures, any Cub Cadet Rt65 engine is likely to fall. 

In rare cases, rough operation of the mower tends to be the actual cause of engine failure. If this is the problem, check for anything that has deteriorated, is loose, or is damaged. If you find any connection or mechanical component damaged, repair it accordingly. 

Sometimes the air filter also becomes clogged, which requires maintenance. Please pay close attention to the air filter, as it is responsible for proper airflow to the engine. If it is restricted, it will also hamper engine performance.

Excessive Vibration

Cause Solution 
Loose or imbalanced blade o It is very important to keep the blade tightened and spindle balanced.
Bent or damaged blade If there is any damage in the blade, replace it entirely. Straightening a blade that is bent is never suggested.

A certain degree of vibration is likely to occur with almost every mower. However, if you’re experiencing excessive vibration to a point where it becomes uncomfortable, there might be something wrong. There can be a loose part or a damaged component inside the engine that is causing noise or vibration. 

Components that aren’t set correctly may also be responsible for excessive vibration in Cub Cadet Rt65. It is essential to address this issue as soon as possible because it can loosen other components and damage the engine entirely. And I also highly recommend you first check for debris in the shears.

Always keep the pulley and the deck on a proper cleaning schedule while removing all the debris to prevent any unnecessary force that may also cause excessive vibration. Therefore you should check the drive belt or the pulleys. If those are not aligned, set it correctly, as this can be the culprit of excessive vibration or sound. 

Last but not least common, check for the blades. If your mower blade is bent or damaged, change it entirely. An uneven or imbalanced edge creates a heavy accessible force on the Cub Cadet Rt65’s resulting in vibration.

Uneven cut

Cause Solution
Dull blade It is recommended to replace the mower blade once a year at least.
Inadequate tire pressure It is important to measure the tire pressure of all four tires and make sure each is equally balanced.
Deck levelled improperly. Make sure you are doing a regular side to side deck adjustment, prior to operating the Cub Cadet Rt65’s

It shouldn’t shock you if I tell you that a Cub Cadet Rt65’s cutter quality will degrade over time. No matter what model any user has, they will likely face this kind of setback. Any product that is made from mechanical components is likely to wear down over time with frequent usage. Therefore, if your Cub Cadet Rt65 is old and has poor uneven cutting quality, its Blade is expected to become dull. 

You can either reshape it once in a while or replace it. With continuous usage, it is recommended to resharpen your Cub Cadet Rt65’s Blade every 25 hours. However, it also varies depending on your use case and lawn structure. If you mistakenly keep the mower deck too low, it will result in a scalped lawn. 

Besides this, the Blade might be bending your lawn’s long glasses on the more rigid base instead of getting cut in on the shaft. If this is the case, you can quickly address it by lifting/raising the decks slightly. Deck adjustment can significantly degrade or improve your cut quality. 

Other than this, if you are operating your Cub Cadet Rt65 too fast, you need to slow down while mowing your lawn and allow the blades a little more time to cut. By slowing down the running speed, you will likely be astonished by the result and the difference it makes.

Last but not least, if your Cub Cadet Rt65’s Blades deteriorate, are damaged, or become defective, repairing is not suggested. 

Lean Running Condition

If your Cub Cadet Rt65 is facing lean running conditions, it can be due to overheating or becoming old. Other than this, some users have also reported their mower’s poor running condition occurring now and then, especially when it becomes more senior than a year or two. 

In most cases, improper maintenance tends to be the primary cause of leaving running conditions in mowers. It is highly recommended to keep your Cub Cadet Rt65 on regular maintenance and prevent this from happening. 

If you have left the residual fuel inside the unit for the whole winter, your Cub Cadet Rt65 suffers from the lean running condition. It is essential always to wipe off unwanted debris, gum, & varnish from your Cub Cadet Rt65’s engine and other components. Cleaning your Cub Cadet Rt65 once a month is advised.


After reading all the common problems and solutions, I hope you will avoid any other setbacks shortly with Cub Cadet Rt65. Regardless of your vehicle’s specs or how old it is, you’re likely to encounter one of these problems in the future.

I found all these common Cub Cadet Rt65 problems through hours and hours of research while taking expert advice. 

All in all, the problems of a Cub Cadet Rt65 never outweigh its performance. The main thing you need to consider is that this mower is suitable for people with a low budget.

If you are looking for something premium or robust, there are several other models. This Cub Cadet Rt65 is ideal for homeowners with small plots of land or small formal commercial work. 

If you want a more extensive job on large plots of land, consider getting a premium model like John Deere. I have given my best to provide you with all the information regarding Cub Cadet Rt65 problems. If you find this post helpful, share this.

Your share will help many people become aware of other issues associated with running a Cub Cadet Rt65 Check our other helpful articles on other mower problems and their solutions. Take care & goodbye.

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