Bad Boy Mower Problems

In the mower market, the lousy boy is the leading name. The two most popular variants of the bad boy mower are viral. But before you get one, you need to do your proper research. Are there any flaws with bad boy mowers very serious?

If yes, can we fix the problem at home or not? In this article, we will discuss Bad Boy Mower problems and solutions that can be implemented at home without visiting a mechanic if you are knowledgeable about movers and engines. 

What are the most common problems with cars? Common Bad Boy Mower problems include electrical, clutch, belt, brake, hydraulic, and transaxle problems. 

Fortunately, many easy fixes exist for most of these commonly found Bad Boy Mower problems. Let’s first discuss the causes and solutions for the most common issues you may face while using a car.

‘9’ Bad Boy Mower Problems

Lousy Boy Mower Electrical Problems

If your Bad Boy Mower is not getting enough Spark, fuel, or air, it will not even start or move. A plugged filter or lousy fuel component Usually causes any blockage in fuel and air. Some of the common causes of improper inflow of mood, energy, or Spark include:

  1. Bad Fuel 
  2. Dirty Carburetor 
  3. Plugged Fuel Components 
  4. Bad Spark Plug 
  5. Faulty Electrical Components 
  6. Deteriorated Charging System 
  7. Plugged Filter 
  8. Burnt Electrode 
  9. Broken Porcelain Insulator 
  10. Unsecured Wires 
  11. Incorrect Gap. 

All this can cause serious starting problems in Bad Boy Mowers if not looked after. Therefore, it is essential to know the root cause of starting issues along with tips to repair a gas-powered Bad Boy Mower & keep it moving. You can quickly solve and prevent it by following the steps below. 

  • Firstly you need to remove any spark plug for proper inspection. 
  • If you notice any carbon build-on or cracked porcelain insulator indication, consider getting a new spark plug from the nearby store. 
  • Before purchasing any new spark plug, ensure you get it off the right size for the correct type of mower. 
  • After replacing it, ensure it is correctly capt with no insecure spark plug wires.

Lousy Boy Mower Clutch Problems

With a manual engagement clutch, there is always the chance of blushing and linkage failure. No doubt if you are facing hearing loss and lots of vibration while running down a mower due to poor clutch. Even though most Bad Boy Mowers naturally vibrate when you operate them, it indicates a broken part if it intensifies.

If there is a bad clutch, your mower will likely vibrate intensively. If there is something loose or shattered inside your car, it can cause significant vibration. Therefore, inspect your vehicle closely and look for any lousy deal component causing your mower to shake. Other than a clutch problem, sudden vibration in your Bad Boy Mower may be caused by 

  • Worn Down Bearings In The Pulleys & Spindle Housing
  • Bent Brackets 
  • Worn Down Belt

Lousy Boy Mower Pto Switch Problems

Bad Boy manufacturers have put together some safety switches for safety measures to prevent your Bad Boy Mower from starting in any particular situation. However, it doesn’t mean these switches never fail.

Sometimes, you might encounter a switch problem, and your Bad Boy Mower may only start if you find control keeping you from doing your job or using the vehicle, test and replace it. In most cases, the ignition switch or lousy coil keeps the Bad Boy Mower from getting started.

Lousy Boy Mower Belt Problems

If the belt is not adjusted correctly, shaking or vibration while mowing may result. It can also be caused due to lock collars or missing set screws from the pulley.

It is essential to service your car’s blade from time to time and examine it properly after a few hundred mowing sessions. As the vehicle comes with a sealed deck, it will shake or tremble if this spindle key is missing or born out. Below I have mentioned a couple of solutions that can help you solve the issue. 

  • Firstly the solution can be as simple as adjusting the belt adjustment situated at the rear end of your car. 
  • If that isn’t the problem, check for missing screws on the car’s pulley, spindle, and bearings. If found, replace it. 
  • If the issue persists, get it checked by a mechanic for a proper inspection, troubleshooting, and repair. 

Lousy Boy Mower Spindle Problems

The blades can spin properly and function with a sturdy and efficient spindle. Suppose you notice uneven cuts from your Bad Boy Mower or variable blades turning.

In that case, it might malfunction due to a spindle problem below causes of spindle problems along with some solutions that may come in handy during setbacks. 

  • Low Buzzing Sound: If you notice any soft buzzing sound, it might be due to worn-out spindle bearings. If this is the case, replace it with a more efficient and sturdy one. 
  • Squealing Noise While Mowing. If your Bad Boy Mower makes squealing noises or sounds while mowing, the fundamental component of the spindle is likely to be damaged. In some cases replacing the bearing does the work. 
  • Bent. If your car’s spindle is bent, you should replace it as soon as possible to prevent uneven blade spinning and cuts by it. 

Also, take a look: the spindle usually heats up if it’s preloaded and after being used for over 30 minutes. Be careful with the spindle to keep your Bad Boy Mower working for a prolonged period.

Bad Boy Mower Deck Problems

Bad Boy Mower Electric Deck Lift Problems: a deck system is essential to provide reliable support and a frame for high adjustment. Sometimes a deck may even need to lift or even be lowered appropriately. This is why I am mentioning a few of the Bad Boy Mower deck lifting problems, along with causes and solutions. 

  • Poor Housing Sealing. If the actuator housing is not sealed correctly, the Deck may fail to lift. 
  • Unleveled Deck. It is essential to level up the Deck in a workable environment and ensure all four corners are leveled straight. If it is not correctly balanced, the electric Deck of your Bad Boy Mower may fail to lift. 
  • Shaft Screwing Problem. It is essential to ensure that the screws in the shaft responsible for moving in and out of the actuator spinning are correctly fitted and functioning well. 
  • Moist Actuator. If there is lots of moisture in the actuator housing, your Bad Boy Mower may fail to lower or even lift. 
  • Rusty Shaft Sleeve. It is essential to grease and cleans the shaft slave screws from time to time to keep it rusty-free for a prolonged period. If it gets rusty, the lift may need to be fixed.

Lousy Boy Mower Hydraulic Problems

If your car’s hydraulic belt is very lousy, avoid using it. Using any awful hydraulic belt can make your mower feel strong. A weak transmission of a vehicle is never sound and is an indication of an underlying mechanical issue.

If there is insufficient hydraulic oil in your mower’s tank, it might be the culprit of weak transmission. Besides this, frayed drive belts make your mower hydrostatic transmission look, sound, and soft.

It is always advised to replace the tensioner pulley and apply some grease on its arm to keep it working for a prolonged period. 

Lousy Boy Mower Steering Problems

While steering a car, you might face some alignment issues in keeping the mower straight. As you mow the grass, the mowing track usually goes off; the Bad Boy Mower pulls to one side. This steering issue is common when some tires have better grip than others.

Faulty dampeners may also be the culprit of steering issues in which your Bad Boy Mower deviates from the mowing line and goes in another direction regardless of where you want to go.

Fortunately, you can quickly treat it and solve the problem with a few repairs if there is no issue with significant mechanical or transition problems. You need to check the pressure of all fourth-wheel tires to ensure it has the required PSI. This should resolve the steering problem in most cases.

Lousy Boy Mower Transaxle Problems

If there is any issue in your car’s transaxles or hydraulic systems, your ride may seem very bumpy, resulting in uneven cross-cutting quality. Some of the most common problems of transaxles include damaged charge pumps, leaking hydraulic fluid, and parts failure.

This is why it is highly recommended to get a new transaxle and install it using the best method. Only install a new filter if the oil has been emptied from the reservoir. Only fill the oil until it reaches the fitting, and no air bubble is visible.

In addition, you should also adjust your Bad Boy Mower tracks by shortening or lengthening the push roads. Just clip the push road if you need to slow down the pump.


Lousy Boy Mower is an outstanding performance and excellent mower, which many gardeners and people love. Even though there are a few issues, you shouldn’t keep your hands off a Bad Boy Mower due to a few setbacks.

Even though a few problems may arise while mowing, most rarely appear. If you are looking for a great mower that delivers performance with longevity, you will enjoy an excellent mower experience using a car.

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