Scag Cheetah Problems

Scag Cheetah 1 and Scag cheetah 2 are one of the most famous models from the Scag company. Its user has greatly appreciated both models throughout the year but some also faced issues with this tractor, just like any other model.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about Scag Cheetah problems. In this article, we will also discuss some easy troubleshooting that you can perform before seeking advice. Let’s first find out the most common issues with Scag Cheetah car.

What Are The Most Common Issues With Cars? The most common Scag Cheetah problems include overheating, power loss, stalling, hydraulic failures, starting issues, transmission leaks, battery draining quickly, & uneven cuts. All these problems can easily be diagnosed and prevented with essential tools and preventive measures.

Scag Cheetah Problems “With Solutions”

Lack of Rear Anti-scalp Rollers,

Unfortunately, Scag doesn’t feature natural anti-scap,r Manan,ler, which isn’t acceptable in most cases when you spend over $10k on a commercial mower. 

It is common to have some scalping issues while mowing your lawn. Most mowers have four rollers installed in each corner and triple rollers in either center or frontal setup. Fortunately, there are many ways you can prevent scalping issues with your lawn. 

Fix: if your property has inclined steeves or uneven areas, drive carefully. It would help if you always tried to float the Deck by placing your foot on its lift to see & locate any rough spots. This is one of the best ways to prevent your lawn from being scalped. 

Other than this, you can replace the blades. As a Scag Cheetah has broader and longer built-in blade spaces, you should replace it with a short one to lift it higher. With proper adjustment of the Deck at the appropriate height, you will save a significant improvement of 50% at least.

Uneven Cut Quality 

With this car, you might need some help with the cutting quality. Grass that is 8-12 inches long is tough to cut using this car. Even though this mower features velocity plus a cutter deck for tall grasses, people have frequently been reporting issues clipping long ones.

In most cases, your lawn’s tall glass lays down while your Scag Cheetah has a more challenging time cutting through it. On top of that, most available zero turnovers are extremely fast to escape tall and flat grasses. Below is the easy solution for this issue.

Fix: Firstly, you should pay close attention to your mower’s speed. Make sure you are driving slow and mowing the lawn only at least thrice. Also, consider sharpening the blade from time to time or replacing it after 5-10 hours of overall usage.

Bad Suspension 

Another complaint about the Scag Cheetah is its seat suspension which is of poor quality. If you are using a model like a car, you will likely struggle to cope with the rest. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do about this rather than getting a new mower. 

Fix: Even though there is nothing much to do with lousy quality suspension, you should be as comfortable as possible over time gradually. Alternatively, you can get a new comfortable rear seat with a budget of around 1000-1500.

Engine Stalling & Starting Issue 

Engine stalling is one of the users’ most common problems with mowers while cutting long grasses. Sometimes your luck doesn’t favor you, and your Scag Cheetah has a hard time starting. If your car’s engine is stalling continuously, you might also need to get it checked by an authorized mechanic or dealer.

For novices, this technical issue can be hard to resolve. There are many scenarios where your car’s engine turns off suddenly. If your Scag Cheetah engine is overheated, it will start again when it’s fantastic.

Also, if your engine starts but doesn’t move, it can be due to the deck malfunctioning. Sometimes a Scag Cheetah engine begins without even mowing or functioning the mower deck on its power. Oil leakage or insufficient oil can also be the cause. Let’s look at the possible fix lles for engine stalling and starting issues in a car.


  • Defective PPO switch
  • Deteriorated Fuel Filters
  • Faulty Connections And Wirings
  • Malfunctioning Wiring
  • Insufficient Oil

Fix: After knowing all these, you should inspect all the mentioned issues before trying to fix them. You can best call your authorized mechanic for a proper inspection and understanding of the problem. If your Scag Cheetah is in the warranty period, you will likely get a complete repair or full refund.

Engine oil leaks 

Oil leakage is expected when the pump or the tank deteriorates. Proper assembly or installation of the oil filter housing gasket can prevent engine oil leaks. If this is the case, you can fix it by getting it reinstalled by a mechanic or using the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

Mower Vibrates Excessively

Your mower vibrates excessively if there is any broken component or loose bolt. It can be easily fixed by tightening all the bolts on the car.

Mower Leaves Clumps Of Grass On The Lawn

This problem is generally caused when the grass is wet or too tall to cut. You can either wait for the grass to dry or get & use shorter-spaced blades.

Mower Stalls When Going Up Hills

The Scag Cheetah is not designed to go uphill or very inclined steps. Besides this, this mower can bear a little weight on it. It can easily be fixed by removing unnecessary weight or avoiding inclined steeps.

Scag Cheetah Blade Belt Slips Off The Pulleys

If your Scag Cheetah is entirely worn out, replace it as soon as possible to prevent the blade belt from slipping off.

Engine Overheating And Shuts Down

If engine coolant is lacking in the car, get it modified by adding more. Lack of engine coolant or a small engine tends to be the real culprit of engine overheats and shutdown.

The battery Won’t Hold A Charge.

This usually happens when the battery is worn out. Clean it thoroughly using water and baking soda if you notice any sulfate buildup on the Scag Cheetah battery terminals. Other than this, check The alternator to find the root cause. If the alternator is malfunctioning or not providing enough power to the battery, replace it.

Mower Won’t Start Or Run Properly

Sometimes poor quality fuel keeps the mower from starting and running correctly. I recommend constantly replacing your Scag Cheetah oil at least once or twice a year.

Also, you should check the fuel tank and pump to keep them clean. If your Scag Cheetah is not starting or running properly, drain the gas tank and refill it with high-quality fresh fuel.

Transmission Leaks Fluid

This problem arises when maintenance is not up to date. If your car’s seals or gaskets are worn out, replace them as soon as possible to prevent transmission fluid leakage.

Transmission Problem

If your Scag Cheetah was working and running smoothly but suddenly stopped mowing, it might be due to a transmission problem. Therefore, getting ready with gloves is essential to solving Scag Cheetah transmission problems. Wear a glove and lower Deck to inspect the transmission drive belt. 

Also, consider cleaning the pump cooling fins using a proper brush. If you see any debris, dirt, or accumulation of grass, clear it out and reinstall the belt. If it is damaged or deteriorated, replace the belt using the new one.

Consider replacing the transmission oil and filter. If you cannot overcome the issue, get it checked by an authorized mechanic. 

Noise On Motor

Another problem with Scag Cheetah is the noise. The motor noise is very frustrating for many people and neighbors. To solve this issue, inspect the familiar sound of your vehicle’s motor.

If there is unpleasant noise from the engine, it might be a problem. In significant cases, replacing it with a new motor does solve the issue. If your Scag Cheetah motor is in the warranty period, you can get it replaced by the manufacturer for free.

Surprisingly, for some Scag cheetah models, I have built-in trouble code blinking technology to give you an idea of upcoming trouble. To get the code, press the critical three times quickly within a couple of seconds.

Meanwhile, the key should start to blink the light at least ten times. Now start counting it. If it flashes ten times, one after another, everything is fine.

Hydraulic Problem

Sometimes, owners need clarification when they notice their Scag Cheetah starting but not mowing a bit. In rare cases, a car’s right side wheels may cut, whereas left side waves may not, and vice versa. If this is the case, the problem lies in the hydraulic system.

To check if it’s a hydraulic failure, first drain the hydraulic oil and clea to check if it’s a hydraulic failure on the filter. If the issue persists, contact your authorized dealer if the Scag Cheetah is in the warranty period.

If you are a newbie, avoid changing any filters yourself. Get your vehicle to your nearest mechanic to check whether your r is responding to its hydraulic system. If nothing helps, your mechanic may recommend you replace the system.

Final Words

After reading this article, you will likely find the solution to most of your car’s problems. If any other issue is encountered with your vehicle, it is advised to see the mechanic. Aside from this, ensure you pay attention to regular maintenance to avoid such setbacks.

I tried to give you all the information about the Scag Cheetah problem. Do check our other article on mowers guide, see you on next post, till then take care and goodbye.

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