John Deere 757 Problems

A John Deere 757 is the top contender on your buying list when looking for a mower that will hardly disappoint you. But some John Deere 757 problems may seem trivial. Most of them can be easy to fix but also become a matter of great concern if addressed.

If you use a John Deere 757 for hours, you will notice it getting slower but keep going. After taking your quick break, you might end up with a John Deere 757 not functioning. Sometimes, you have issues like black smoke emission, idler Pulley issues, and unusual fuel delivery. All these can create problems starting with the mower.

John Deere 757 Problems

John Deere 757 Clutch Problems

Feel accessible if you have clutch problems with your John Deere 757. Many John Deere 757 users have frequently reported issues with the Clutch, particularly when trying to engage it at a very high speed.

You don’t have to worry a lot because faulty pressure plates in the transmission are the primary cause of car clutch issues. John Deere has also issued a recall for all its affected models. Below, I mention the three most common car clutch issues and their fixes.

Clutch Slips

The Clutch usually slips when pedaling is out of adjustment. Besides this, if the clutch disc is heavily worn out, you will experience hardening of the disc.

Any weak or broken clutch diaphragm spring can also be the culprit. Before fixing something right, you should look at this flywheel and pressure plate for damages. Repair or replace any component of your John Deere 757 as required.

Clutch Operation Erratic Or Rough. 

If the clutch cover assembly has been installed improperly, you will experience clutch issues. Besides this, if the clutch disc is damaged, worn out, or too tight, your clutch operation will be erratic and rough.

A broken or bent clutch spring tip may also be the culprit. It is essential to lubricate a clutch disc spline and keep it clean properly. If you notice a distorted or damaged flywheel, replace it with the new one. The damage-released bearing should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent any accident while operating a mower.

Clutch Noise. 

When you use a clutch, you might hear some unpleasant noises due to improper installation of the clutch cover assembly. If the pilot bushing has been damaged or the clutch torsion spring is broken, the Clutch may produce excessive noise. The problem can also lie in the worn clutch disc spline or the disc itself.

John Deere 757 Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are familiar with most compact utility tractors, including cars. The most common electrical issues are related to John Deere 757 batteries. If your John Deere 757 battery is faulty or extremely weak to power the engine, you might encounter a few Electrical issues.

The John Deere 757 may only start partially if the issue is addressed correctly. Ignition problems may also lead to electrical turbulence in cars.

Therefore I recommend you first check the terminals for corrosion, cleaning, and replacement. Make sure you are keeping it clean to prevent decay. If the battery is new without a problem, you need to take your unit to it professionally.

John Deere 757 Engine Problems

signs, causes, solution

Cause Signs Solution
Stale fuel Unpleasant smell If you have left your John Deere 757 gas untreated, it will soon start to break down in about a month. stale fuel is never good for your John Deere 757 power equipment and components. It is important to replace the old fuel and fuel stabiliser once in a while to extend its longevity and prevent fuel degrading.
Dirty clogged air filter Engine stalling. Engine not starting. You should clean or replace the air filter as required.
Faulty spark plug. Ignition problem. Stalling.John Deere 757 steering malfunctioning. Follow the manual instruction and replace the spark plugs if needed.
Insufficient oil. Engine fails to start. Engine stalling. Use a dipstick to fill the oil level up to the designated mark. Avoid using your engine when the oil is too cold.
Engine smoking.  Blue or white smoke coming out. If the engine emits blue or white smoke, it could be a sign of burning oil. Get your unit to be an authorized technician.
Overheating.  Engine stall. The John Deere 757 is not starting. John Deere 757 functioning erratically. If the engine is dirty or there is insufficient oil, address it. Leaky gasket. Overheating engines. If you notice any leak in the gasket, it could hinder the carburetor also. Therefore, replace the gasket first and check if everything functions alright or not
Loose FlyWheel. Steering not functioning properly. Deck adjustment or alignment improper. Replace the flywheel after inspecting it.
Weak Belt Spring. VibrationNoise You might experience some vibration and noise if the bell spring is weak. Replace the valve spring or its tension. Check if the valve spring still has pressure or not.

John Deere 757 Hydraulic Pump Problems

John Deere 757 is also known for its transmission issues and has been frequently reported by its users. This is the most common issue among utility mowers from this brand. If you are having difficulty starting your mower, the transmission could have a problem.

There are easy fixes to this issue and prevent this setback. Below, I’m mentioning three easy steps to fix the transmission issue that prevents your John Deere 757 from starting.

Warm-up The Engine: if the transmission oil is too cold, your engine may fail to start. It is better to let your mower warm up a bit before you operate it on your lawn. This is especially true when the winter is on the verge. But it doesn’t mean Oil cannot get cold all year round. Letting the Oil warm up for a few minutes before using the mower is an easy fix for transmission problems.

Refill Oil: if there is insufficient Oil, the transmission problem might spir. When the oil level is below the minimum requirement, you must refill the tank to fix this issue quickly. Always check the transmission oil amount before starting a John Deere 757.

Gearshift Lever: sometimes transmission problems could spur just from the wrong positioning of the gear shift lever. It is essential to keep the lever position in the low or high range, according to your need. If you notice it getting stuck in the neutral position, you have caught the real culprit of the engine failing to start.

John Deere 757 Charging Problems

Even though the John Deere 757 has a complete, robust charging system, sometimes this mechanic needs to work better. If your John Deere 757 battery keeps dying, it might not be charging correctly in the first place.

There are a few things you should check if your mower battery is not charging correctly. But before that, you should take proper precautions when walking with a John Deere 757 electrical charging system.

Always wear gloves and safety glasses, and work in a well-ventilated area. You should also avoid any heat source or sources that could generate sparks.

While inspecting the charging system and battery, I prefer keeping the battery upright to check for debris and moisture. Below I am mentioning what to do when there is a charging problem with your John Deere 757.

Damaged, Old, Or Poor Battery

Due to any reason, if the battery of your John Deere 757 seems to be faulty or damaged, you should replace it to solve the issue. If the battery is old, it might be incapable of performing essential functions to start the engine.

Other than this, terminals might get corroded with time. It is necessary to clean it properly using a wire brush and replace all the battery posts. If this doesn’t help, look at the charging system of your John Deere 757.

Charging System

If you find the charging system faulty and not working correctly, you can fix it using basic confidence skills. You can also get it serviced by a qualified technician that lives nearby. It is vital to replace a few essential components of your cars, like alternators, voltage regulators, battery cables, and rectifiers, to prevent any setbacks with the circuit or battery system.


If you think the battery and the charging system are tightly fine, you should try disconnecting your John Deere 757’s accessories to check if that helps. If you notice any component that is worn out, damaged, or too old that needs a replacement, do it. Sometimes, a harmful component fails to draw as much power from the battery required to start the engine.


No matter the problem, if you are still looking for the issue of your John Deere 757 that keeps you from mowing your lawn, you can contact the authorized manufacturer. Fortunately, John Deer have a dedicated team to ensure maximum satisfaction of their customers.

According to their claim, they will provide you with a 100% quality check right from the initial stage to the end. In the market, you will only find a tractor company in business that also focuses on user satisfaction, as this premium brand does.

It is essential to maintain your John Deere 757 for perfect quality, withstand ability, and classic appearance. Though there are some limitations with this particular model, many features make this model so sought after also.

I tried to give you all the John Deere 757 problem knowledge. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Do check our other useful guided resources on mower problems. See you in another post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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