John Deere 2025R Problems

No matter the brand, you will likely face everyday issues with your John Deere 2025R. All products with mechanical components are bound to have some problems with overuse and aging.

With John Deere 2025R, you’re likely to encounter issues like step steering, PTO problems, transmission problems, hydraulic problems, and John Deere 2025R not starting.

Irrespective of the case, you will want to fix the issue immediately because calling a mechanic can be very costly, especially if it’s a John Deere.

Therefore, if you are looking for easy troubleshooting to fix any John Deere 2025R problem, then you are in the right place. I have compiled a list of common issues of this particular model. In brief, I also explained what you need to do. Some known issues like Diesel won’t crank, the steering wheel turns without resistance, and so on. 

Is The John Deere 2025R Underpowered?

John Deere 2025R is underpowered if you compare it to the previous versions or models. However, the more advanced or recent model has more torque and can work at a lower rated RPM than a John Deere 2025R.

If you need a tractor that can perform daily, a John Deere 2025R is what you need. It has all the specific features you need to work on your land. Most ground-engaging work can be done with a John Deere 2025R, but it can also develop a few issues with time. If you want to be ahead of setbacks, here are a few causes of John Deere 2025R problems.

John Deere 2025R Problems

Nothing can be more frustrating than finding your John Deere 2025R unable to start when you want it to work on your property. The good news is that most common issues with John Deere 2025R can be easily fixed.

John Deere 2025R Pto Problems.

If you are having problems with your John Deere 2025R PTO function, there might be PTO disengaging. No matter the reason, if your John Deere 2025R runs at a very high temperature, get it on a flat surface and turn it off.

You first need to look at the cable connecting the PTO control level to solve this issue. If it seems fine, go ahead with the instruction mentioned in the user manual you received when the John Deere 2025R was delivered.

If you cannot solve the issue, call your authorized service center and consult about the possible causes. They will be able to help you out in this matter if your John Deere 2025R has any PTO problems.

John Deere 2025R Electrical Problems.

The battery Cannot Be Charged.

Cause  Solution  
Corroded or loose cable connections.  Service or tighten connections. it.
Defective battery terminal clamps.  Replace them with new clamps. 
Bad cell in the battery.  Replace Battery Worn.
Loose belt.  Adjust belt tension or replace the belt if needed.

Starter Turns Slowly

  • Battery problems may turn or start slow. Therefore, If your battery gives you a low output voltage, it might need to be more accurate. Replace it.
  • If the battery is draining or running out quickly, change the battery.
  • If the wiring is disconnected, connect it first to resolve the issue.
  • If the battery terminals have the problem of the starter turning slow, replace it.

The starter Will Not Crank

  • If the battery is discharged or worn out, a starter will not crank. Therefore, recharge or replace the battery as required.
  • If the wiring is misconnected or disconnected, it will interfere with your starter Crank. Inspect the wiring, and address the issue.
  • Suppose you notice Faulty Battery Voltage. Replace it. 

John Deere 2025R Transmission Problems.

Transmission Is Excessively Noisy

If the transmission system of your John Deere 2025R is making extreme noises, there might be defective gear or backlash set incorrectly. Other than this, a bent gear shift or worn-out shaft splines may also cause the transmission to emit noise.

Therefore, you need to find the fault and repair or replace it as required. Do it if the John Deere 2025R shift forks need to be changed. Other than this, insufficient transmission fluid or fuel contamination result in transmission emitting noises.

If this is the case, replace the oil or restore the proper transmission fluid level as needed. Sometimes, bearings that need replacement may also emit noises. 

Difficult To Shift Gears

  • Corroded or worn-out gear shift linkage: If this is the case, first lubricate the shift linkage. And if it doesn’t solve the issue, replace it entirely.
  • Faulty Clutch: If the clutch is malfunctioning, replace it.
  • Worn Out Gear Shifting Mechanism: If you find any gear shifting mechanism with signs of wear and tear, repair or replace it as required.
  • Misadjusted Clutch: If it is not adjusted correctly, follow your John Deere 2025R user manual.

Insufficient Transmission Oil Pressure

The primary cause of insufficient transmission oil pressure tends to be low oil levels. Besides this, if the transmission oil filter element clogs, it might also interfere with the transmission oil pressure level.

Also, look out for a stuck relief valve for replacement. Make sure to restore your transmission oil level properly and service the transmission oil filter from time to time.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Cause  Solution  
Damaged gaskets.  Replacement required. 
Fault seals.   Replacement required. 
High fluid level.  Correct the Transmission fluid level

John Deere 2025R Hydraulic Problems.

The hydraulic system is overheated: 

If the hydraulic system is overheated due to incorrect oil type, ensure the correct type of oil from a reliable source. Also, use the hydraulic oil your manufacturer recommends or the John Deere 2025R user manual advises.

The hydraulic system may also get overheated if it is dirty. Therefore, regular maintenance is required. If this is the case, please clean it and let your John Deere 2025R cool down before operating t to solve the issue.

You must perform air bleeding from time to time to prevent air building in the hydraulic system. According to the manufacturer, you should change your hydraulics system fluid twice, once in two seasons. Lastly, altering the relief valve fixes the issue if it is the culprit.

3-point Hitch Won’t Lift Or Lifts Slowly

Faulty Hydraulic Pump: if the hydraulic pump is defective, it won’t lift the 3-point hitch. Make sure to repair and replace the hydraulic pump as required.

Main Relief Valve Malfunction: Unfortunately, you might need to change the main relief valve if it is malfunctioning. A faulty main relief valve will always interfere with 3 point hitch function.

Damaged Hydraulic Control Valve: If the hydraulic control valve is damaged, repair or replace it. Replacing is suggested, but only if it is in terrible condition.

Hydraulic Fluid Is Insufficient: You need to restore the hydraulic fuel level to the designated mark using a dipstick.

Excessive Load On Hitch: Any object, pressure, or unreasonable load on the hitch will not function properly. Therefore consider reducing The hitch load.

3-point Hitch Won’t Lower Or Lowers Slowly

Problem Solution
The hydraulic cylinder is broken. Replace it.
Incorrect setting of the hydraulic spool valve. Please correct it.
Worn-out Hitch rock shaft. Replace.
Misadjusted hitch. Adjust it. 

John Deere 2025R Will Not Start.

Cause  Solution  
Plugged fuel filter. Replace it.
Wrong engine oil viscosity.  Change engine oil and fill with correct viscosity oil for conditions that are advised and according to the user manual.
Clogged air intake filter.  Clean or replace it as needed. 
Stale fuel/Improper fuel level.  Drain fuel and refill with new fuel to capacity.
OFF Fuel shutoff valve.  Open fuel shutoff valve at the water separator.
Loose or corroded Battery connection.  Clean the connections using a wire brush. Also, retighten.
Engine throttle lever is not pushed.  Move throttle to half throttle.
Transmission gear shift lever not positioned. Push the range shift lever to neutral.
Blown fuse. Check and replace faulty fuses.


After knowing all these John Deere 2025R problems, you might think there are better choices than this. But somehow, you’re mistaken. When it comes to working under challenging conditions, a John Deere 2025R is a great option.

Plus, there is no particular tractor or brand that will not have any problem. Most of the Other tractors come with the same issues. Sometimes even worse. If you are looking for an excellent versatile tractor, I still recommend a John Deere 2025R as an option too.

However, ensure you keep your John Deere 2025R in its regular maintenance mentioned by the manufacturer and according to the user manual. I hope you like the article. Check our other resourceful guide on mower care; till then, take care and goodbye. Also read, John Deere 1025r Problems.

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