John Deere 1025r Problems

When you are looking to buy something new, there are many things to consider first. When purchasing a product with mechanical components, there is no perfect machine that is not bound to have problems. In this article, I have listed some John Deere 1025r problems to help our readers learn about the solutions that can keep them from having any setbacks with their John Deere 1025r.

11 John Deere 1025r Problems

John Deere 1025r Hydraulic Problems

According to most John Deere 1025r users, the most common issue tends to be hydraulic transmission problems. With most models of John Deere, the transmission usually wears out quickly and requires expensive repairs.

I recommend you always check your hydraulic oil periodically to ensure it is complete. Some models of John Deere have an adequately sealed transmission system that cannot be serviced.

If you are having difficulty with the sealed transmission system, contact your authorized dealer or serviceman. Below I am mentioning a few other causes of hydraulic problems in John Deere 1025r, along with its solution.

Drive belt: If the drive belt is worn out, your John Deere 1025r pump will not work efficiently. Therefore, replace it as soon as possible with a new one.

Low Hydraulic Oil: If insufficient oil is present in the hydraulic system for proper lubrication, it will become weak with aging. This is why keeping the hydraulic oil before operating a mower is essential.

Old Hydraulic Oil: When you keep a John Deere 1025r sitting for a while, the fuel usually degrades with lots of residues left at the bottom. It cannot only interfere with your mower’s hydraulic system but also prevent the engine from starting. Therefore, it is recommended to change your hydraulic fuel at regular intervals.

Bad Tensioner Pulley: The tensioner pulley is the second thing you need to notice. If it looks worn out, replace it with the new one. It is essential to grease the tensioner from time to time to prevent failure.

John Deere 1025r Mower Deck Problems

With a premium John Deere 1025r, you will always get a nice-looking yard each time you mow it. However, if your yard or lawn has uneven cuts, it can be due to deck problems. The first thing that you should start to check is the tire pressure.

If the trial pressure is inadequate or inflated correctly, the Deck will not lift And work as it should. If the tire pressure is adequately increased and equal on all four, you can check and adjust your John Deere 1025r mower deck.

If there is any problem with a John Deere 1025r mower deck, it will also send some vibration. It can be due to unbalanced blades also. Bad bearings or loose components on your Deck can also cause a John Deere 1025r to vibrate. Below are a few causes of tech problems and their easy pictures.

Worn Out Deck Belt: It is essential to check the Deck belt and Pulley for wear and tear. If you notice the belt or the bearing failing in the pulleys, replace it with the new one.


Debris Inside mower: Even the tiniest things can cause extreme vibration in a John Deere 1025r. Therefore, you should look for every system in your John Deere 1025r deck. Avoid ignoring or overlooking small things. Any particular small item can get stuck in your John Deere 1025r to cause excessive vibration while hampering its function. Therefore remove all kinds of foreign materials.

Deck Not Adjusted Properly: If you have not lifted the Deck to an optimal height for proper cutting, you may end up with uneven cutting and deck problems. Check the manual and adjust the Deck height accordingly.

John Deere 1025r Pedal Problem

When you mow your yard over the weekend, you might have a pedal problem. When you put down on the go pedal, you notice the pedal not returning to its resting position as it always did. Instead, it will stay down if you are still pressing it.

You might also have to press down on the reverse again to rest the forward pedal backup. Below are three significant reasons for pedal problems in the John Deere 1025r.

Bad Dampener: If the dampener is worn out or inadequate due to aging, consider replacing it with a new one.

Parking Break Issue: Sometimes, a little press down on the parking brake solves the pedal issue. According to most users, there is some linkage between the parking brake and pedals that might interfere with each other’s function.

John Deere 1025r Brake Problems

With time and overuse, it is common to notice breaks starting to break you. If this is the case, let’s first check the suction screen of your John Deere 1025r rear diff housing for debris and Dirt. If found any, clean it immediately. There can be many causes of brake problems in John Deere 1025r listed below, along with its solution.

Squealing or Squeaking Noises

If you hear any new nose coming from your John Deere 1025r that isn’t sounding normal, there might be a problem. Any squeaking or squealing noise could indicate a foreign object lodged in your mower’s brake.

Those foreign objects can be as little as a pebble or debris. Other than this, if your brake pad metal comes in contact with the rotor, high pitch noise like a squeaking or squealing emits. This is a sign of worn-out brake pads that need replacement.

Grinding Noises

You may have modified your John Deere 1025r with the disc or a drum break, but it is essential to keep it on proper maintenance. Due to any metal contact with your brake pad, it may need quick servicing. A trip to your authorized dealer or technician is advised when you hear any grinding noise.

Spongy or Soft Brakes

If you are not feeling any resistance while pressing the brake, it can be due to the pedal going all the way to the floorboard. If there is any moisture or air in the braking system, it will interfere with the master cylinder making the brake feel soft. If you notice any of these issues, get your unit to your professional mechanic. 

Burning Smells

Smoke or a burning smell is always a sign of overheating in John Deere 1025r. A chemical odor might emit from the overheated brakes if you notice a chemical odor. If this continues, your mower’s brakes are likely to fail.

Therefore, pull over your unit to a safe spot, allowing your engine breaks and other components to cool down. Also, check if the parking brake is off or not.

If you notice any smoke coming out of a wheel, it could indicate the brake caliper malfunctioning. Without an immediate repair or proper replacement, you should not drive a John Deere 1025r as it might be unsafe.

John Deere 1025r Pulling to One Side When Braking.

This issue is prominent in almost all kinds of mowers. This issue arises from a bad brake hose or a caliper issue. If your John Deere 1025r pulls to one side when you press the brake, it can’t be due to a caliper issue.

This usually happens when one of your brakes is working while another is not. This usually causes the unit to pull in the direction of the side. If a single dryer caliper is damaged, you might not even notice it.

This is why always keep your John Deere 1025r on proper inspection before operating and do regular maintenance. If you find it hard to locate the actual cause of your John Deere 1025r moving to one side when you press the brake, get it checked by a professional. 

John Deere 1025r Differential Lock Problems

If your John Deere 1025r has worn out or damaged components, a differential locking problem may arise. As the differential locking mechanism depends on your John Deere 1025r components, including the differential lock clutch, differential lock pin, and differential lock lever, if any of those win out or are damaged, the differential lock issue may arise.

Other than this, the differential lock system also relies on your mower’s hydraulic fluid to function correctly. Therefore, keeping the fluid level full and proper to prevent any set bags is essential. The differential lock mechanism may only function properly if the fluid levels are raised. Below is the easy fix for such an issue.

Fix: To fix the problem, you first need some experience with mechanical components. If you have enough experience, you can follow the steps below to select the differential lock problem. Otherwise, get your unit to the nearest mechanic.

  • If you notice any faulty solenoids, replace them with new ones. 
  • After that, return all kinds of damage and wear out John Deere 1025r components if needed. 
  • If both are okay, check the hydraulic fluid levels and fill them to the full.

It would help if you never attempted to repair a differential lock system of a John Deere 1025r, as it can be potentially dangerous and complex.

John Deere 1025r Pto Problems

There can be many reasons for PTO problems in John Deere 1025r. However, the two main reasons PTO needs to be more engaged correctly are owner misuse and installation issues. Any operator error will cause a halt to the PTO functions.

Other than this, if the switch shows no continuity, the PTO problem could arise. You should address this kind of issue immediately as the only thing needed. Apart from that, check for transmission oil level and air pressure.

If any of those needs to be higher, you have found the issue. After making the necessary adjustments and changes, if the PTO is not engaging, continue troubleshooting it. Check for an electrical connection with wear and tear if your PTO system is electric.

If any electrical connection or component has been damaged or defective, replace it. It is advised to clean terminals or contacts as a part of your regular maintenance. Any obstruction in the hose, screen, and kinks can cause PTO issues.

John Deere 1025r Rockshaft Problems

The Rockshaft is very important for lifting the cultivators. When it raises the cultivator, the Rockshaft job is to turn half. But if snap rings fall off or loosen, the rock shaft will also be affected.

If you notice your Rockshaft falling off, there might also be a chance of damaging lift arms. Even though replacing the Rockshaft is a bit expensive, you still need to visit a professional mechanism. Only do it with others, as it can be a dangerous job to work on if done right.

John Deere 1025r Snow Blower Problems

If your John Deere 1025r is old, it might need to be fixed. There can also be a warm-out belt that is causing snow blower problems. Other than this, if the lift alignment is not proper, address it. Due to a lack of enough lift height, your John Deere 1025r snow blower may need to be fixed.

  • Due to the lack of enough lift height, the John Deere 1025r snow blower may need to be fixed. If this is the case, adjust the yokes on the frame or lift lever.
  • If your John Deere 1025r is operating erratically, it can be due to a warm-out or a broken belt. The other reason could be as simple as a damaged scraper blade. If this is the case, be sure to replace them.
  • Adjust the belt tensioner to fix the issue if it is not aligned correctly. Check manuals for proper adjustment settings.
  • If the issue persists, install chains or weights on the rear tire to fix the traction problem. A back traction problem may also interfere with a snow blower’s function.

John Deere 1025r Starting Problems

It can be very frustrating when you get your John Deere 1025r out to mow your land and find; it won’t even start. If this is the case, look at items clogging fuel or air filters. If there is any fuel or air restriction, your John Deere 1025r may fail to start.

Besides this, residue and sticky substances from old fuel can also block your John Deere 1025r fuel system and halt its components. Make sure to properly maintain your fuel lines, fuel filter, and carburetor once in a while. Below I am giving you some of the primary causes of the John Deere 1025r not starting. 

  1. Empty Fuel Tank: If the fuel tank is empty, fill it with high-grade fresh fuel.
  2. Old Fuel: Fuel usually breaks down over time, leaving some residue that may clog your John Deere 1025r fuel system and its other components. Old fuel tends to be poor quality and less efficient to run a John Deere 1025r.
  3. Wrong fuel: If you don’t change your John Deere 1025r fuel from time to time, it can create many issues, like engine stalling or not starting. A fuel additive like sea foam is recommended to stabilize the fuel quality.
  4. Faulty Or Clogged Fuel Cap: Sometimes, the fuel cap can also get blocked, which can cause a vacuum restricting fuel flow. That’s why I suggest you use a thin piece of wire and clear the clog of the cap vent. If the fuel cap is faulty, replace it. 
  5. Bad Spark Plug: If there is any broken spark plug, a bad connection, or excessive dirt acclimation, address this as soon as possible. All this can degrade your John Deere 1025r and not start over time. Secure all connections, replace the new spark plug, and ensure all the gaps are according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  6. Blocked Air Filter: If the air filter is not functioning right due to clogging of Dirt and grass, remove and clean it as soon as possible. If it needs replacement, do it.
  7. Blocked Fuel Filter: Debris and grass can plug the fuel filter, preventing it from pumping fuel and creating pressure. In This case, replace the fuel filter.
  8. Bad Fuel Pump: If the pump leaks or fails, your John Deere 1025r engine may not start or even stall while operating. If it is in bad condition, replace it entirely.
  9. Blocked Fuel Lines: Fuel lines can be blocked due to lousy fuel deposits and dirt acclimation. If the fuel lines are obstructed, your John Deere 1025r engine will not get enough fuel to start and function. It is recommended to use compressed air and John Deere 1025r cleaner to remove debris from the fuel line. If you’ve budgeted, replace it from time to time to maintain such an expensive mower for a prolonged period.

John Deere 1025r Overheating Problems

Overheating is a common issue with almost all machines if kept running for an hour. However, there can be many reasons for overheating in John Deere 1025r. Insufficient oil or restricted airflow due to debris can cause overheating. I am mentioning five significant reasons your John Deere 1025r has an overheating problem.

Engine Oil Level Low: Due to lack of oil, any John Deere 1025r engine will stop working and get overheated. It would help if you used a dipstick to check how much oil is left in the time. If there are insufficient oil levels, fill the crankcase with the proper weight and amount of fat. Also, your John Deere 1025r may also overheat due to excessive engine oil, so check that too.

Carburetor Problem: If there is any carburetor problem, take your unit to the nearest authorized dealer for quick troubleshooting and repair.

Restricted Air Flow: If there is any acclImation of debris, grass clipping, or Dirt around your engines, blower housing, or cooling fins, clean it thoroughly.

Poor Cooling System: Remove all air from your cooling system and check if that alleviates any heat.

Operating The John Deere 1025r For Too Long: Never use a John Deere 1025r at a slow speed for too long. Otherwise, it will overheat. If the RPM is not set as high as it should be, try to put it on a higher gear and turn off unnecessary accessories to let your John Deere 1025r machine cool down.

Wet Condition: You should never work with a mower after a rain or storm as its engine can overheat. If you mow your lawn using a John Deere 1025r, it may overheat due to the water evaporation and minerals left behind, causing corrosion. Any corrosion reduces the cooling capacity of the John Deere 1025r by up to 50%. Always operate your John Deere 1025r when the day is Sunny, and your lawn is dry. 


You have all kinds of knowledge regarding the most common John Deere 1025r problems. Besides this, the manufacturer offers a list of the common problem and a solution in its troubleshooting guide.

John Deere lists various issues, including belt sleeping, difficulty in starting the engine, shutting off unexpectedly, and uneven cuts or patches of grass. You will also find a solution for lighting and battery issues of the John Deere 1025r listed by the company.

I tried my best to give you all the possible problems that may halt your work. After reading this article, you should be able to troubleshoot most of your John Deere 1025r problems without visiting a mechanic. Do check our other guides on mower, till then take care and goodbye.

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