John Deere 3032E Problems

As John Deere is a well-renowned company that has established its marketplace since 1837 in a trusted way, most people are okay with choosing their mowers and model over other new brands.

Apart from this, John Deere is also known for their outstanding service. But their tractors have their problems. If you own a John Deere 3032E or encounter issues like transmission problems, zero turn problems, uneven cutting, or malfunctioning, this is the guide to learning what to do next.

In this article, I will give you all the possible remedies that will be beneficial for you to fix any issue you are facing right now.

Other than this, knowing other problems will keep you ahead of any setback that you may encounter in the future while operating a John Deere 3032E. Let’s look at some common John Deere 3032E problems and learn whether a John Deere 3032E is worth the money.

Is A John Deere 3032E A Good Tractor

From the loader capacity to the seating option, everything is well-fitted, justified, and assembled correctly in the John Deere 3032E. A John Deere 3032E is a good tractor if compared to the vast array of other options.

The unique features of John Deere 3032E justify its price cap & gap. It is capable of heavy-duty handling work under challenging conditions also. If you are looking for an advanced utility tractor to get the job done, a John Deere 3032E can fit all your specific needs.

As a John Deere 3032E gets old, you will likely encounter some issues. Most problems are covered in the warranty period, but the repair can be very costly once it expires.

Therefore I recommend you extend your John Deere 3032E warranty period to make up the repair cost. Now, let’s learn about John Deere 3032E problems and their possible solutions.

7 John Deere 3032E Problems

John Deere 3 Point Hitch 3032E Problems

When your John Deere 3032E doesn’t operate properly, you must check the fluid level first. In most cases, l, low fluid levels or clogged hydraulic fluid causes the problem. Therefore, clean the hydraulic fluid and replace it if it is in bad condition.

Also, restore the hydraulic fluid level with the high-end fluid recommended by the manufacturer. Below I am mentioning a few problems you will likely encounter with your John Deere 3032E.

3-point Hitch Fails To Lift

  • When the hydraulic fluid level is low, the John Deere 3032E hitch fails to lift. Therefore, restore proper amounts of fluid up to the designated mark using the dipstick.
  • Sometimes worn, hydraulic pumps can interfere with the hitch function of a tractor. If this is the case, replace it. 
  • If there is any excessive load on your John Deere 3032E hitch, it can cause it to fail to lift. Therefore, address and remove the reduced load on the trap. 
  • If the Hydraulic oil section filter is plugged, it will also cause the 3-point hitch system of your John Deere 3032E to fail to lift. Make sure to replace it if it is not repairable.

3-point Hitch Lifts Slowly 

  • Sometimes replacing the suction side filter solve the problem of high lifting gradually.
  • If the hydraulic pump is worn out or has any sign of damage, replace it.

3-point Hitch Drops Slowly Or Does Not 

If the rate of the drop valve is meager at the setting level, it might result in the hitch dropping slowly or even halting. If this is the case, you will need to reset the rate of the drop valve using the user manual.

3-point Hitch Drops Too Fast 

If there are too heavy loads or the drop rate is set too fast, your John Deere 3032E hitch will drop too quickly. If this is the case, take the help of the user manual to reset the rate of drop as well as consider reducing the load that is putting weight on the hitch.

John Deere 3032E Hydraulic Problems

Getting a hydraulic problem fix at the authorized service center can be expensive. Therefore, if there is any serious issue with your John Deere 3032E hydraulic system, address it immediately to prevent any hindrance to another component.

If the hydraulic problem is left unattended, the fuel tank will start to melt. Therefore, understanding what causes hydraulic issues will help you avoid this setback in the future.

If you look at the center of your mower reads site, you will notice a valve check on 3 points left arm. If you are not a frequent user of tractors, get ready with them. It would help to keep that lift arm activated at least once a week.

If you don’t, moisture will accumulate in that check valve and stick to it. This will further increase fluid pressure, extreme heat, and friction. The fuel tank will start to melt because the hydraulic fluid will begin to superheat.

Even though John Deere 3032E is designed to run continuously, if you keep it used for a prolonged period, an overheated engine can also cause the fuel tank to melt.

Additionally, a John Deere 3032E is also designed to run regularly. Ensure you are not keeping it in the garage for a long time to prevent dealing with this issue.

John Deere 3032E Regen Problems

Broken Sensor

There can be manufacturer factors responsible for John Deere 3032E regen problems. But in significant cases, a broken sensor is the primary culprit. If the sensor is faulty, it will not signal the engine to start regeneration. This can also cause the sensor to fail.

Short Distance Drives

If you drive your John Deere 3032E for a few meter distance without letting its engine cool down, it will result in reaeration problems. Make sure to recharge your John Deere 3032E while running its machine.

Dirty PDF

Any ash or foreign material buildup can shorten your John Deere 3032E PDF system. It is essential to keep up with the daily maintenance and deep cleaning schedule of your John Deere 3032E. If not, the PDF gets dirty due to the Ash buildup resulting in difficulty with your John Deere 3032E regen system.

Clogged Filter

The John Deere 3032E can also have regenerating problems due to a clogged filter. Soot can build up faster in your tractor, which can cause the engine not to start working. You will also notice the rpm being high if there is any clogging in the filter.

If you see an indicator of the regeneration blinking on and off, its filter may be faulty. Suppose the filter is clogged. Clean it. If it is in a bad state, replace it with the new one.

Low oil

Another cause of the regen problem in your John Deere 3032E can be insufficient oil. The regeneration process will start once you add more oil to the engine. It will only stall if your John Deere 3032E engine has a quarter of its maximum amount. Therefore below are some ways to fix the issue.

How to Fix?

There are a few things that you can do to solve your John Deere 3032E region problem. Below are a few things to keep in check.

  • Always use advised chemicals to clean the filter if it has any debris. 
  • It is essential to clean the PDF from time to time. Please don’t wait any longer, as it will make it harder to eliminate ash and soot buildup. Regular maintenance of the PDF will help it make it last longer.
  • Make sure you are using good oil recommended by the manufacturer, or your John Deere 3032E needs to be added to its engine. If you want your John Deere 3032E engine to last as long as possible, focus on and verify oil quality. If it’s not good, it’s time to switch it.

John Deere 3032E Pto Problems

According to John Deere 3032E users, the most frequently reported PTO problems are usually related to insulation issues and operator errors. Therefore addressing this possibility will be the only thing you need to prevent and solve the issue.

Also, remember that PTO problems can arise if the switch is faulty or lacks continuity. Check for continuity using a multimeter. If the problem is related to the installation issue, consider reinstalling the PTO system, switches, and cable.

Other than that, make sure to read the manual thoroughly to understand how to use the PTO system of your John Deere 3032E. Also, use it wisely.

John Deere 3032E Starting Problems

There can be many reasons why your John Deere 3032E is not starting. Therefore we will cover each John Deere 3032E starting problem one by one in detail. Let’s get started with the most important thing.

If the battery is not charged or any connection is loose, your John Deere 3032E engine will fail to start. Make sure all the connections are free from debris, clean, and taught. All the links should be secured, and the battery should be fully charged.

If the problem persists, you should also check for any fault in the starter system of your John Deere 3032E. As the starter solenoid job is responsible for supplying electricity from the battery to the motor, any problem can also stop your John Deere 3032E from starting.

Another possibility is insufficient oil. In addition to inadequate crude, if the oil is contaminated with water or the fuel lines are dirty, your John Deere 3032E engine will never start.

First, make sure to refill the old oil if it is old with the new one that is less than a month old. Afterward, clean the fuel lines if it has any debris, dirt, or water contamination.

If you have successfully reviewed all these things and your John Deere 3032E still needs to start, there might be a problem with the faulty cylinder. If this is what you think is the real culprit, you will need to call the mechanic or get your unit to the nearest authorized service center for proper fixing by a professional.

John Deere 3032E Electrical Problems

The Battery Will Not Charge.

Cause Solution
Corroded connections.  Change the connections.
Faulty battery.  Replacement is suggested. 
Dead battery.  Nothing more than replacement is suggested. 
Loose alternator belt.  Tighten it. 
Defective alternator. Replace it.
Loose 3-pin connector on the alternator Tighten it. 

John Deere 3032E Starter Will Not Work.

Cause Solution
Loose battery connections.  Tighten it
Blown fuse. Replace it 
Corroded battery connections. Replace & tighten it. 
Starter solenoid connector pulled off or corroded. Correct or clean it as needed.
Low battery power. Recharge the batteries.
Faulty Neutral start switch. Replace it 
Faulty Key switch.  Replace it 
Starter Faulty.  Replace it 
PTO engaged. Replace it 
Faulty switch.  Replace it

Starter Turns Slowly

Cause Solution
Low battery power.  Charge it.
Engine oil viscosity too heavy.  Replace it. Use the right type.
Light Circuit Not Working.  Replace it. 
Loose or corroded battery connections. Tighten the connections & keep it clean.
Blown fuse.  Replace it

John Deere 3032E Fuel Problems

If you use the wrong type of fuel, it can cause John Deere 3032E fuel problems. But this rarely happened. However, if you ever notice a sudden loss of power due to fuel problems, it can be due to old fuel settlements or residue.

You might need to change the fuel pump of your John Deere 3032E if cleaning is not possible. While dealing with the fuel problem, ensure all fuses and relays are working fine. If the fuel pump is broken or its timing needs to be set correctly, it can create problems.

Make sure to correct the fuel pump timing with the help of the user manual that you received with your John Deere 3032E. If the fuel pump is broken, never mind replacing it. If unsure what to do, call John Deere’s customer care helpline or pay a quick visit to the authorized John Deere 3032E dealer or service center.


If you always want your work to be done on time, keeping your John Deere 3032E running correctly for a prolonged period is essential.

To prevent any performance issues or transmission problems with your John Deere 3032E, keep up with your regular maintenance schedule of your John Deere 3032E.

Understanding what causes John Deere 3032E problems will help you develop potential solutions. I tried my best to give you a compiled list of John Deere 3032E problems and how to handle them. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it.

Do check our other valuable resources on mower care. See you in the following article take care goodbye. Also Read, John Deere 1025r Problems

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