John Deere 5055E Problems

If you are looking for a versatile and practical lawn mower that covers even every inch of your lawn, a John Deere 5055E is the one that will meet all your specific needs. However, some John Deere 5055E problems can disturb many beginners if they don’t know how to keep up with the proper maintenance or operate it properly.

Issues like loose blades, low compressors, transmission failure, and overheating are some of the widely spread problems and complaints among John Deere 5055E users.

If you want to prevent this issue or fix any of these issues it no longer bothers you, go through this article thoroughly. In this article, I am giving all the possible problems and the ultimate holy grail solution of John Deere 5055E to its users they may face in the future. Let’s move forward.

9 John Deere 5055E Problems

John Deere 5055E Power Reverser Problems

Under any circumstances, if the temperature drops below 20 degrees, your John Deere 5055E power reverse will not work correctly as it should. You are also likely to get error codes from your mower. There can be many issues related to any of your John Deere 5055E components or engine that might be causing the issue.

If your mower reverse system is not working correctly, try troubleshooting it. We have shared a comprehensive guide on John Deere 5055E reversed problems to learn from. Do check it. Now let’s move forward with the following problem that is related to the starter function of your John Deere 5055E engine.

John Deere 5055E Starter Problems

If your John Deere 5055E has a starter problem, then it is something serious. You may need a new starter or solenoid that has just become damaged or worn out. If your John Deere 5055E is not starting even if you are trying the ignition switch over and over again, there can be anything stuck that may stop clicking and ultimately begin up the John Deere 5055E.

Now you may think what could be the possible reason for this problem. The starter itself has gone wrong. If you notice any resistance in the starter’s circuit, use a voltmeter to check the voltage drop.

Use the voltmeter on each component of your John Deere 5055E to check the voltage during starting. If you have identified that the starter is faulty, get a new one that may cost you around $700-$1160 if the John Deere 5055E warranty period has expired.

John Deere 5055E Hydraulic Problems

Hydraulic System Is Overheated

The John Deere 5055E hydraulic system will overheat if you use the incorrect type of oil. It is recommended to always adhere to the kind of oil that your manufacturing specs suggest or the user manual advises.

Other than this, if there is any hindrance in the relief belt or hydraulic system, your John Deere 5055E may get overhead. If the oil is dirty or contaminated due to the presence of water or air, never mind draining it and refilling the fuel.

Sometimes, the air in the hydraulic system of your John Deere 5055E keeps it from cooling off. Thereby, never leave it unattended. If you know how to, then consider bleeding it. Last but not least, if there is any problem with the relief, make sure to replace it as required.

Insufficient Hydraulic Oil Pressure  

It will overheat if insufficient fuel is present in your John Deere 5055E hydraulic system. Besides this, a clogged hydraulic fluid filter element will make the engine and the transmission work hard to operate.

Lastly, inspect the sytem for the actual leakage spot if you notice leaking hydraulic pipes and fix it immediately. Also, clean the hydraulic filter element if it is clogging. Don’t mind adding a sufficient amount of fluid as required.

Sometimes the hydraulic pumps are not installed correctly, causing overheating. If this is the case, reinstall it. If the Hydraulic oil pump seems faulty, place it with the new one. The same goes for a faulty hydraulic cylinder.

3-point Hitch Won’t Lift Or Lifts Slowly 

Your John Deere 5055E 3-point Hitch will only lift if it has a faulty hydraulic pump or main relief valve. If this is the problem, replace those components as required. Sometimes repairing it will solve the issue.

If the hydraulic fluid is insufficient, fill up the hydraulic fluid to complete using a dipstick. Clean any clogged hydraulic fluid filter element and address defective hydraulic cylinders. If these are different for your John Deere 5055E overheating, look at the Hitch’s actual load.

If there is excessive load on the trap, consider reducing it. Sometimes a misadjusted hitch shaft may also overheat the transmission of the mower. Do close pay attention to which rock shaft is for any damage or replacement.

3-point Hitch Won’t Lower Or Lowers Slowly

If the hydraulic cylinder is broken, three 3-point Hitch will not lower. Sometimes it will lower but gradually. In this case, replace or repair the hydraulic cylinder as required. If the hydraulic spool belt is incorrect, restore its original setting according to the user manual.

Hitch Jerks When Drop Or Lift 

If the hydraulic fluid is dirty, your John Deere 5055E will not be able to function correctly. The Hitch is likely to jerk when dropped or left. If this is the case, look at the hydraulic oil condition.

If the oil seems dirty, contaminated, or degraded, replace it with the new oil that is only 30 days old and not more. Also, look for air in the hydraulics system and, if found, bleed it. A faulty hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, and Hydraulic valve can also be the culprit of the John Deere 5055E hitch jerk when dropped or lifted. 

John Deere 5055E Transmission Problems

Difficult To Shift Gears

Cause  Solution  
Corroded gear shift linkage. If the gear shift linkage is corroded, replace it or lubricate it as required.
Worn gear shift linkage.  Replace any worn out gear shift linkage.
Clutch is faulty If the clutch is in very bad condition, repair it. However if it is slightly damaged, you can even repair it.
Worn gear shift forks. Replace the shift fork.
Clutch is misadjusted.  Adjust clutch as per user manual.
Worn gear shifting mechanism.  If there is any gear shifting mechanism worn out, repair, or replace it as required. 
Bent gear shift forks Replacement is suggested.

Insufficient Transmission Oil Pressure.

Cause Solution
Low Transmission oil level. Restore the oil level and ensure the transmission housing has appropriately filled the oil level. 
They stuck the relief valve. Replace the relief valve.
Clogged transmission oil filter element. Service or replacement may be required.

Transmission fluid leaks

  • If there is any damaged gasket, replace it with the new one to solve fluid leakage.
  • If there are any faulty seals, replace them with new ones.
  • If the transmission fluid level is high, it will contribute to leakage. Correct the fuel level.

John Deere 5055E Fuel Problems

Problem Solution
Low Gas Mileage.  A John Deere 5055E usually give low gas mileage when the fuel is old or the fuel filter has deteriorated. Replace the old fuel and fuel filter as required.
Decreased Engine Power: It is recommended to change the car’s fuel filter every 3 to 400 of complete work.
Engine Sputtering.  It’s usually occur when the car’s filter is clogged; consider cleaning and replacing any clock filter.


In John Deere 5055E, fuel pump issues usually occur when the engine power is decreased, or the engine sputters a lot. If you are having any problem with your John Deere 5055E fuel pump, there are a few things you can do to fix it. But before knowing the possible remedy, let’s look at the major contributors to the fuel pump problem of John Deere 5055E.


Maybe your John Deere 5055E is not loading on one side on upstroke fully and thus preventing the fuel pump from supplying enough oil to power the engine and car. Other than this, if the air is mixed in John Deere 5055E fluid due to excessive agitation or circulation likely to develop fuel pump problems. Some primary causes of fuel pump problems in John Deere 5055E are low gas, decreased power, or misfiring. 


First, flush the old fluid and add the new one that is less than a month old. After that, consider increasing the speed pressure on either side if dropped. Keep your John Deere 5055E screen and strainer clean while increasing the feed hose size of your mower.

John Deere 5055E PTO Problems

When you click the PTO switches, they should connect and begin turning when activated. If this does not happen, there might be some problem with your John Deere 5055E component. It could be directly related to the clutch malfunctioning or the engaging mechanism.

Apart from this, PTO problems in John Deere 5055E can be caused due to bad electric solenoids and old clutches that weld together due to severe heating.

If there is any fault in the safety feature of your car, it could also prevent the plates from engaging. Therefore it is essential to solve any John Deere 5055E PTO problems immediately to avoid an escalation of failure to your car’s other components.

The Fix

The PTO problem can easily be fixed if you know the actual cause. In significant cases, a faulty battery or fuse is all you need to replace and get started with your mower again.

Besides that, if there is any Malfunction in the solenoid, your John Deere 5055E PTO problem will keep hindering its system.

It is essential to check all these components one after another. To find the root cause, you must do some trial and error procedures. When you find the problem origin, you should replace that component to fix your John Deere 5055E PTO problem.

John Deere 5055E Clutch Problems

If there is any clutch problem with your John Deere 5055E, take a quick look at the PTO switch for proper inspection. The Blade on the John Deere 5055E may not be engaging because of a clutch problem.

You can only mow your lawn if the Blade is engaging correctly. The clutch issues on the John Deere 5055E are similar to the previous PTO problem. However, it doesn’t mean they are both directly linked.

A broken component or faulty clutch pulleys can also cause the clutch issue. In Other cases, the clutch pulley and the cable might entangle together, which can cause the problem. Therefore, below is a step-by-step solution to solve this issue.


The solution to these problems is as follows.

  • Firstly, check whether the clutch cable is entangled with the clutch pulley. If it is, resolve it. 
  • Secondly, you should check the clutch cable for any faults or losses. If the clutch cable is flexible, tighten it by reaching the thread. 
  • If the Clutch is broken, you need to replace it with the new one and attach it to the clutch pulley.
  • If you are still looking for the root cause & fix the issue, it’s best to contact the authorized service center, as this clutch problem isn’t a specific DIY job that anyone can do. However, ask for the cost quote on this particular problem. 

John Deere 5055E Brake Problems

John Deere 5055E users have frequently reported having problems with brakes more than once. If you are applying the brakes, but your John Deere 5055E continues to move forward and does not respond, the problem could be related to the assembly of the lever.

However, to find the actual issue, more investigation will be needed. This problem is widespread if you habitually press the brakes quickly. If there is any leak in the brake system, it will lack enough pressure to stop the mower.

Sometimes a leak can be as small as a pebble. If everything checks right, locate the brake line that must start from this cylinder to the brake calipers. If it is found faulty, replace it. If you want to know about any leaking brake fluid, drag a clean paper tower along the brake line.

John Deere 5055E Ac Problems

A few users have also reported having problems with the John Deere 5055E internal cooling system. If your John Deere 5055E AC doesn’t work correctly, it’s not very powerful. Sometimes, working with a mow with a low-performing AC system can be intolerable. Below is an easy fix for this problem


The first thing you need to do is to clean the air filter if it has any debris obstructing it. If nothing is jamming the internal airflow, check the evaporator. Mower’s evaporator may be clogged with debris, grass clipping, or dust.

It never hurt to try cleaning the faulty evaporator and then again check your car’s AC system. If all these don’t resolve the issue, get the unit to the authorized service center for proper AC servicing.

Final Thoughts

After knowing the common problem of John Deere 5055E, you should be able to fix them like a breeze. Always remember that proper maintenance of a John Deere 5055E is essential to maintain its overall performance in a smooth operation.

If you have an old John Deere 5055E and face any problem that needs to be discussed in this article, make sure you make us aware. However, if you are having trouble with your John Deere 5055E right now, this article may help you figure out the root cause and the possible remedies.

I tried to give you all the information about John Deere 5055E problems and their solutions. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people understand the cause of common issues in John Deere 5055E. Do check our other resourceful and valuable guide on mowers, take care and goodbye.

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