John Deere F725 Problems

A John Deere F725 is a model that should always satisfy you if used on a small to medium size lawn of less than an acre size. But there can be some trivial issues and drawbacks of having a John Deere F725.

Therefore this article is intended to help you find the solution for the most common John Deere F725 problems. This article may be the ultimate life saver for those problems.

The most common problem with John Deere F725 seems to be related to gas level, carburetor, or the engine itself. Many John Deere F725 users have reported issues with circulating the carburetor.

If you are one of those who ignore the proper maintenance and condition of the carburetor, you shouldn’t. Let’s talk about some of the most common issues.

5+ John Deere F725 Problems

Engine Fails To Start

The engine may fail to start due to many reasons. Below are the nine most common reasons for a John Deere F725 engine failing, along with its quick solution.

  1. PTO/Blade Engage knob engaged: if the PTO or The Blade is not engaged properly, it will interfere with your John Deere F725’s ability to start. This might be the root cause of your John Deere F725 needing help. Always keep the Knob in the disengaged position.
  2. Parking Brake Not Engaged: If you have yet to engage the parking brake and are trying to start your mower engine, you are doing something wrong. Operator error can also be the problem of a John Deere F725 engine not starting. Engage parking brakes.
  3. Spark Wire Disconnected: Another thing to look for is damage to the Spark plug wire. Consider replacing the spark plug wire if there is any fault. 
  4. Throttle Control Lever: If the throttle control lever is not in the correct starting position, place it. The throttle lever should be in a closed position when you are starting a mower.
  5. Deactivated choke. Pulling the choke control outward when starting your John Deere F725 engine is essential.
  6. Empty Tank. If there is no oil in the tank, no mower will ever start. You first must add some clean, fresh oil less than 30 days old.
  7. Blocked Fuel Line: The fuel line can get clogged or blocked due to a lack of proper maintenance. Clean the fuel line and replace the fuel filter also if needed.
  8. It damaged Spark Plug. If the spark plug is completely damaged, replace it.
  9. Flooded Engine. If this is the case, never mind cranking the engine with the throttle in the closed position. 

Engine Runs Erratic

If your John Deere F725 engine runs erratically, here are a few possible causes and remedies.

  1. Running a mower with a choke activated will behave abnormally and run erratically. Therefore, push the choke control in.
  2. If the air cleaner is dirty, clean it. It would help if you replaced the air cleaner paper element from time to time.
  3. Any dirt, water, or foreign object in your John Deere F725 fuel system may run exactly and even suddenly stop. Remove all kinds of Dirt and water from the system and then refill it.
  4. If your gas vent cap is plugged in, clear it. If it is in bad condition, never mind replacing it.
  5. If you have been using old fuel, this could be the culprit. Replace any stale fuel with fresh energy less than 30 days old.

Engine Overheats

Low Oil Level: If the oil level is low, your John Deere F725 engine may overheat due to extra work. Never mind filling the crankcase with the proper weight and oil needed.

Restricted Air Flow Restricted: Few hours of unlimited usage may result in airflow restriction. Therefore, it is essential to clean grass clippings and debris from the blower housing and engine cooling fins as a part of regular maintenance.

Engine Idles Rough

Problem Solution
Spark Plug Fouled. Your mower engine may idle roughly if your John Deere F725 gas has a faulty spark plug. It is essential to replace all kinds of defective or damaged spark plugs and other mechanical components of a mower. 
Spark Plug Gap Too Wide. If the gap between the spark plug is too broad, set it to the correct position according to the instructions of the John Deere F725 manual or manufacturer specs.
Dirty Air Cleaner. With time, the air cleaner can also get cloudy with sediments, debris, and other foreign objects. Cleaning the air cleaner from time to time and also replacing it if needed.

Excessive vibration

  • Any small object inside your John Deere F725 engine can cause excessive vibration. Sometimes an object as little as a pebble can create excessive vibration and noise.
  • If the cutting blade of your John Deere F725 is loose, tighten it. A Loose blade while spinning may cause excessive vibration.
  • If the cutting blade seems bent, the mower will not be able to mulch grass; after that causes excessive vibration.
  • If the cutting blade is wholly damaged, consider replacing it.
  • Sometimes, improper installation of blades results in imbalance. Make sure you tighten the spindle after balancing the edge according to manufacturer specs.
  • It will vibrate if you use your John Deere F725 with a low engine speed.
  • If the grass is excessively high, this can be the reason for sudden vibration.
  • If the blade is dull or wet, your John Deere F725 will have to work very hard to munch the grass. As a result, it will vibrate. It is essential to sharpen your cutting blade from time to time.

Uneven Cut

Uneven cuts with a John Deere F725 are also widespread and have been frequently reported by its users. This usually occurs when the Deck needs to be leveled properly. Other than this, uneven tire pressure could also be the culprit of uneven cuttings and scalping.

If you have dull blades, it can be the reason for rough cuts, scalping, or uncut grass strips. If this is the case, either sharpen your knife or replace it entirely. Make sure the Deck is leveled correctly. There should be an adequate amount of equal tire pressure on all 4.


What Engine Is In A John Deere F725?

The John Deere F725 runs on a 20HP Kawasaki 585cc 2-cyl engine and comes with a size fuel tank that is efficient to work for hours on small lawns.

How Much Oil Does A John Deere F725 Have?

A John Deere F725 comes with an oil capacity of 1.9 liters, or almost 2 liters, with a coolant capacity of 3.1 l. A mower also has a 12-volt electric starter and dry air cleaner. It runs on a 20 horsepower engine that is 14.9 kW 

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you may keep your hand from having a John Deere F725, but don’t let these minor issues keep you from purchasing this excellent mower. This is one of the most beloved tools that will make a perfect addition to your landscaping tool collection or arsenal.

Most John Deere F725 issues are easy to tackle, resolve and troubleshoot. You can also avoid many John Deere F725 issues by following a proper and regular maintenance schedule. In addition to that, pay attention to your manufacturer’s usage guidelines.

If you cannot resolve any problem that has arisen, take your unit to an authorized service center or dealer. Do check our other articles on mower care, till then take care and goodbye. Also Read, John Deere 3032E Problems

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