John Deere L110 Problems

If you need a machine that can handle a wide range of chores outdoors, a John Deere L110 is the first contender that comes to your mind. However, depending upon its intended application and condition, a John Deere L110 is prone to face a few challenges and problems in the future.

Any product that has a mechanical component is bound to have some issues. Therefore, in this article, we will learn about common John Deere L110 problems and their solutions. With John Deere L110, hydrostatic transmission is the most common problem.

If you are not aware of your John Deere L110 issues ahead of time, you will likely hinder your time and savings due to encountering setbacks in the future. Therefore, let’s go on to the core of the discussion about John Deere L110’s problems and possible remedies.

5 John Deere L110 Problems

John Deere L110 Transmission Problems

The transmission problem with the John Deere L110 is the most frequent and seriously concerning. If there is any presence of air in the fuel system or a faulty mechanical component, it will interfere with the hydrostatic system of your John Deere L110.

Other than this, the cause can be as simple as a broken host or a block filter causing John Deere L110 hydrostatic transmission problems. Before you fix any issue, you need to find the exact source of this problem. Below, I have given five common transmission problem signs with John Deere L110.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

Cause: A hydrostatic transmission problem can occur due to excessive fuel consumption. If any fuel injector or fuel injection pump malfunctions, your John Deere L110 will consume excessive fuel. Other than this, leaking air intake or faulty exhaust are other causes of John Deere L110 consuming a lot of energy.

Solution: As for an answer, I recommend you check the actual problem and rectify it. If you are unable to, never mind contacting your authorized dealer.

Jerky Gear Shifting

If the gear shifting seems to be jerking, it can be due to a lack of calibration. As transmission clutches also need calibration. And, if it halts, transmission problems may occur. Therefore, you must perform a transmission clutch calibration procedure or contact your authorized dealer.

High Transmission Operating Temperature

If your transmission operating temperature is very high, there might be incorrect oil type or viscosity. If the oil levels are low or the transmission oil cooler is blocked, it will cause hydrostatic transmission problems in any mower. It is recommended to add some oil as required if the oil grade or viscosity is not correct as per specification and refill it with the correct one.

Low Transmission Oil Pressure

Transmission problems can also occur due to low oil pressure. If you notice low transmission oil pressure, correct it. Low transmission oil pressure can also occur from incorrect oil grade and low oil level. Thus, correct oil viscosity or blocked oil filter.

Noisy Transmission

The oil level might be low if your transmission system is boisterous. Could you fill it out as required? If you use an incorrect oil type, refill it with the correct oil specification. Failed parts or worn-out bearings can also be the culprit of noisy transmission systems. Don’t contact your authorized dealer.

John Deere L110 fuel pump Problems


Fuel pump problems due to decreased engine power or sputtering are some of the most typical with John Deere L110. If you are having problems with your John Deere L110 fuel pump, here are things you need to do.


If your John Deere L110 is not fully loading one side on the upstroke, the fuel pump will not be able to supply enough oil to power the mower. Besides, if the air is mixed in fluid from excessive circulation or agitation, you will have fuel pump problems. Engine misfiring, low gas, or decreased power are typical causes of fuel pump problems in John Deere L110.


It is essential to flush the old fluid and add new ones. Apart from that, increase the speed pressure that has dropped on either side. Consider expanding the feed hose size and cleaning the screen & strainer.

Problem Solution
Low Gas Mileage.  A mower usually gives low gas mileage when the fuel is old, or the fuel filter has deteriorated. Replace the old energy and fuel filter as required.
Decreased Engine Power: Changing the fuel filter every 3 to 400 of complete work is recommended.
Engine Sputtering.  It usually occurs when the filter is clogged; consider cleaning and replacing any clock filter.

John Deere L110 Starting Problems

If your John Deere L110 is not starting, many factors can be responsible for this issue, including a faulty battery system, dirty carburetor, loose Spark, clogged air filter, and many more. However, these problems are easy to resolve. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Faulty Battery System 

You can only start your car with a fully charged battery to have enough power for combustion and ignition. Sometimes, you find the battery being charged but losing its ability to hold an adequate charge for an extended time.

In addition, take a look at the cables of the battery terminal. If it is loose, tighten it first. If you cannot repair the battery system, at least replace it to keep your John Deere L110 from spoiling its full functional capability.


If the battery is faulty, replace it. If the charges are worn out, get a new one. They are sometimes, repairing the charging system does the work.

Loose Spark Plug

Another reason that can prevent your John Deere L110 from starting is a loose or bad spark plug connection. If you are new to landscaping, pay attention to this issue, as this can initiate many inconveniences.

Sometimes unwanted carbon buildup around the spark plug causes your John Deere L110 engine to backfire. Oil around the spark plug can also be the culprit.

The Fix

Before you jump into solving the problem, it is essential to disconnect the spark plug first. Make sure you use a gentle cloth to clean the plug and remove excess carbon buildup.

Another thing that you should look for is the porcelain buildup. Ensure you maintain the suggested gap according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Dirty Cub Cadet Carburetor

The carburetor is essential for any vehicle, including a John Deere L110. It is responsible for formulating the right amount of air and gas in the engine and creating a proper combustion process.

Because gas has ethanol that creates gummy deposits and unwanted buildup, it is essential to clean your carburetor from time to time. Dirty carburetors will always hinder your John Deere L110 engine and its overall performance. This issue may make your John Deere L110 hard to start and run rough. Below is the easy fix for it.


If a dirty carburetor is an issue, keep it clean by yourself. If you are a beginner, pay a visit to a mechanic shop and get your John Deere L110 carburetor cleaned.

You want to avoid accidentally hindering another component of your John Deere L110 that works fine while replacing or cleaning the carburetor. Nevertheless, replacing the old carburetor with a new one is always the best choice. Below are a few other reasons for John Deere L110 not starting.

Problem Solution
Clogged Air Filter. Wipe-off debris & excess dirt
Lack of Adequate Gas in the Tank. Refill it every 30 days. 
Using a bad-grade fuel. Replacing the bad-grade energy with a high-end one recommended by the manufacturer or company.

John Deere L110 Solenoid Problems

The engine Does Not Stop Immediately.

Sign: Back Feed From Motor

What To Do:

  1. Check for any blocking and relay diode.
  2. If the solenoid linkage is deteriorating, repair or replace it as required.
  3. Improve and install the check valve properly. 

Fuel Run/stop Solenoid Does Not Engage.

  • No Power To Solenoid: Find the actual reason for the lack of power in the solenoid. Sometimes circuit overload, faulty wiring, or failed suppressor diodes result in a lack of ability to solenoids. Check and correct it first.
  • Faulty Solenoid: If the fault solenoid deteriorates, don’t mind replacing it with the new one.
  • Failed Suppression Diode: If the suppression diode has failed, please replace it too.
  • Faulty Wiring Or Check pool Control Circuit. If this is the case, address and repair the issue to get started with your mower again.
  • E-stop Engaged: If the E-stop is engaged, disengage it first to run the fuel to the solenoid and engage.

Engine Not Getting Fuel

Empty fuel tank. Fill with the adequate amount of high fuel that your manufacturer recommended.

Problem Solution
Clogged filter. Clean The Filter. 
Air in fuel lines. Bleed Fuel Lines
Low fuel pressure. Check & Address
Faulty fuel pump. Replace It. 

John Deere L110 Steering Problems

While mowing your lawn, your John Deere L110’s power steering does not operate as it should. It is more frequent with older John Deere L110. There can be various causes for this problem, but there is a way to resolve them.

If the power steering has any problem, your mower will navigate in the wrong direction. Apart from that, electrical issues may be attached to this issue as well. Power steering problems can also occur if the battery is dead to supply enough energy.

The mower will only move right if there is sufficient energy due to faulty battery systems. Apart from this, switch turn and on-off cannot be functional because of the wrong buttons. Therefore, you need to get the correct readings or directions correctly.

Traditional hydraulic power steering drains power from the energizer. However, the electrified power steering system of a John Deere L110 only uses an electrical pump to pressurize hydraulic fluid. Here is what you need to do to solve any issue with the steering.


Before you try to fix anything, you need to find the root cause of the steering problem. Power steering problems are common in the case of engine efficacy. You will also need to look at the engine condition to understand the power system problem.

You should pay close attention to the connection between all the wires and that bolt carried by the John Deere L110 ENGINE. If you find them in the right place and in workable condition, move forward with the second step.

Next, bump into the crankshaft and check if the belt needs to be corrected or dismissed. If found faulty, replace it immediately to start your John Deere L110. Alternatively, it would help if you tried reshuffling the shaft and putting it in the exact rest place.

Sometimes problems in the RPM cause problems with the power steering. If the RPM produces insufficient energy to drive out the power steer, you won’t be able to navigate your John Deere L110 straight and maintain track.

You should replace your pump shaft malfunctioning shaft and other components that are worn out with the assistance of a professional mechanic. If you have enough experience fixing mowers, you can do it independently.

3 Other John Deere L110 Common Problems

Problem Solution
Engine Issues Replace and clean the filter time to time to prevent blocking. Also look out for obstructed or worn fuel injection nozzles.
Hydraulic System Issues Consider replacing the Hydraulic fluid with the high grade fuel that the manufacturer advises. It should be sufficient to prevent hydraulic system failure.
Electrical Problems if the electrical wire connection is loose or broken, address it first.

Final Thoughts

I have given you a list of all the prevalent problems with John Deere L110. However, this article does not indicate issues occur very frequently with more mowers or John Deere L110. I tried to give you all kinds of possible setbacks that you may encounter in the future.

Other than this, John Deere is known for their reputation of surviving a long time when properly maintained. There are many methods to resolve minor and major issues of the John Deere L110 yourself.

Besides this, John Deere supplies troubleshooting knowledge and manual lists to its customers. They also have a dedicated team to help you at any time with your mobile. Don’t contact your dealer or authorized manufacturer to fix any issue with your mower.

I tried to give you all the information about John Deere’s L110 problems. If you like this article, consider sharing it. Check our other articles on mower care; till then, take care and goodbye.

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