John Deere Gt235 Problems

If you already own a John Deere Gt235, you might be familiar with issues that affect a John Deere Gt235 anytime due to many factors. If you are planning to purchase a John Deere Gt235, you are in the right place.

I will help you learn about John Deere Gt235’s problems in this article. Even the well-recognized brand John Deere is known for having issues like PTO, transmission, and starter problems.

In this article, I have discussed all three possible topics along with a solution to help you prevent any setback that keeps you from mowing your lawn. If you are planning to buy one, adhere to this guide, as this post may be a lifesaver. 

3 John Deere Gt235 Problems

John Deere Gt235 Transmission Problems

John Deere Gt235 Not Move Moving

Causes  Possible Solution
Control Valve. Check and replace the control valves, if necessary
Faulty transmission connection & wiring harness. Repair or replace the wiring harness as needed. 
Oxidation.  Clean the contacts. 
Electric cable Interruption.  Replace Cable. 
Damaged solenoids. Replace 
Faulty solenoid valves.  Replace
Faulty sensors.  Replace
Short circuits. Check & address.
Incorrect oil level Restore Oil Level
Oil leaks.  Eliminate the leaks
Suction strainer restricted. Clean the suction strainer
Damaged oil pump. Replace
Worn out pressure relief valve.  Replace
Clogged filter.  Clean
Clear Any foreign object.  Clear Any foreign object. 
Faulty Converter.  Repair/Replace 
Too low Oil temperature.  You should wait for the operating temperature to be reached acceptable temperature values
Loose rotating seals.  Tighten it or replace it.
Stuck shuttle lever.  Repair
Excessively worn-out clutch assembly.  Replace 4WD assembly 
Lack of motion transmission.  Visit an authorised service centre. 

The John Deere Gt235 Has A Low Power Transmission

  • John Deere Gt235 will give you reduced power transmission if it has an incorrect oil temperature. Therefore, correct it first.
  • If the transmission oil is overheating, wait for it to cool down before operating your mower.
  • Repair any damaged converter and replace it with the new one.
  • Incorrect operating pressure. It is essential to keep the pressure level optimal for the proper performance of your John Deere Gt235. Don’t check or replace the Hydraulic circuit, oil filters, and control valve of your mower.
  • Worn-out clutch assembly can also be the cause of John Deere Gt235 having reduced transmission. I don’t mind changing it entirely.
  • If there is any damage to the solenoid or sensors, your John Deere Gt235 transmission will fail to function. Replace the sensor or solenoid valves.

Wheel Rotation With Lifted Car

Causes  Possible Solution
Dragging off clutch disks. A John Deere Gt235 wheel will rotate with a faulty transmission system if there is any dragging of the clutch disc. Address the issue to solve it quickly.
Low Oil Temperature. If the oil is too cold for the ignition or combustion, your John Deere Gt235 transmission system will not start.
Incorrect Oil Gradient. It is always recommended to use proper oil viscosity. 
It damaged Control Valve. Replace your John Deere Gt235 control valve if it has any sign of wear and tear or hindering.

John Deere Gt235 Starter Problems

Weather Is Cold

When the weather is too cold, the engine Oil temperature drops. If this is the case, I recommend you put the engine oil into the crankcase after it is preheated. In the winter season, your John Deere Gt235 engine oil can be too cold.

It is essential to warm up your mower engine in the winter season before operating it. You should disconnect the belts to the machine and let it run under no-load conditions until the mower becomes hot. Afterward, you can connect your John Deere Gt235 belt and start the engine again to mow your lawn.

Low Compression

Low compression is usually caused when the cylindrical head bolt in the diagonal line pattern is either loose, or the head gasket is worn out. If the head gasket is in bad condition, please replace it. It would help if you tightened the cylindrical head bolt again after running the John Deere Gt235 engine.

Incomplete Combustion

If the delivery angle needs to be corrected, your John Deere Gt235 will give you incomplete combustion. Other than this, leakage in the head gasket of the cylinder can also be responsible for the preliminary convention.

It is essential to check each component that might need to be worn out or corrected. Fix all parts one by one to achieve correct compression and ejector spray. If the spray nozzle is terrible, your mower will halt due to incomplete combustion.

Injected Spray Is Bad

Keep up with your John Deere Gt235 maintenance routine, and keep the fuel injector spray nozzle clean before operating your mower. Also, check the speed governor handle position before starting the engine. If necessary, I’d like to look at the fuel pump or nozzle for damages and replacement.

Inconsistent Fuel Delivery. 

The fuel level in your John Deere Gt235 tank may be shallow to power the engine. Other than this, the fuel pump or fuel filter may deteriorate and need cleaning, fixing, or replacement. Make sure you are keeping the tank full up to the mark using a dipstick.

Contaminated Fuel System. If the fuel system of your John Deere Gt235 is infected With water, you will need to drain it and clean the fuel filter, fuel pipe, and pump and, after that, replace the fuel with a new one.

Thick Fuel. If the mower fuel is old, it might be dense and degraded. Using the correct specific energy mentioned by your John Deere Gt235 manufacturer manual and specs is essential.

Worn-out Piston Rings. If the piston ring deteriorates, it will soon lead to a low compression level. It is essential to change the piston ring if it is worn out. Make sure to keep each piston ring gap set by an angle of 120 degrees from each other.

Leaking Gas Valves. It is essential to check for any leakage in the gas valve if your John Deere Gt235 has any starter problem. Clean your mower5 gas valve and if the relic seems deep, get your unit or that particular component to the authorized service center or manufacturer for complete replacement.

John Deere Gt235 PTO Problems

Even though any mower can develop PTO problems while in operation, this model has been found to have few more frequently. The most common symptom of a bad PTO clutch is hard to start, unnecessary noise, and the engine cannot turn over. Let’s look at each of them one by one to fix the issue.

Hard To Start

If your mower’s PTO clutch takes time to engage, it can be a symptom of a bad PTO clutch. When a John Deere Gt235 has a bad grip, it can take several seconds for the blades to engage. At that time, you will also notice them getting hot after running for a while.


If there is any awkward or unusual noise from the PTO clutch when engaging or disengaging, don’t mind replacing it. When the PTO clutch has any problem, you frequently hear noise while pressing or depressing it.

When the engine is off, you can hear such noise if it has any PTO problem related to its clutch and mechanism. If your John Deere Gt235 has a clutch issue, it will make a chirping sound even when in a neutral position.

The noise may also sound like grinding but usually dissipate when you depress the clutch pedal. This could indicate worn-out input shaft bearing and PTO problems in a mower.

By understanding the type of noise, you can understand what kind of defect your John Deere Gt235 clutch and PTO system have. At first, I recommend you disengage the clutch and turn it on and off several times.

If you notice power take-off stopping or slowing down but not making any disengagement noise, the problem could be with a jammed slip ring.

Engine Won’t Turn Over

If your John Deere Gt235 has any PTO problem or a PTO clutch solenoid is defective, it won’t get enough power to engage the blade. Other than this, if any switch is faulty, the engine of your mower will also not get enough ability to start. To fix the issue, here is what you need to do.

To Fix This Problem

Firstly, you should check the air filter and clean it first. Ensure you’re also checking these spark plugs and carburetors for anything wrong. If everything is correct, depress the petal break.

You need to clean the battery terminal and check the wiring. I recommend replacing the battery if it is dead. Your John Deere Gt235 engine will make a clicking sound but will not start if the problem is with its battery.

I recommend taking a quick look at the starter or solenoid. The power take-off clutch is an essential component used in a mower to activate blades or tillers. If defective, your John Deere Gt235 will not rotate and give you optimum performance. 

Final Thoughts 

Even though there are a few issues with John Deere Gt235, its popularity has brought another high-quality John Deere mower car.’ The design and the build quality are outstanding, and many users would perform.

Plus, this model has fewer issues compared to other models coming from the well-reputed John Deere company. Overall a John Deere Gt235 is a great utility mower that can be used for any small to medium size lawn.

For me, a John Deere Gt235 is a good match of weight, body size, and horsepower with as few issues as possible. Do check our other articles on mower care. Till then, take care and goodbye.

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Overall, John Deere is a great utility mower. It is a good match of body size, weight, and horsepower, with minimal issues. Also read, John Deere Fuel Shut Off Solenoid Problems (EXPERT ADVICE)

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