John Deere Fuel Shut Off Solenoid Problems

While mowing a lawn, you can have unexpected issues with your John Deere. Most problems can be predicted depending on how long you use your mower and its condition. Therefore, if you want to know the reason for fuel shutting off solenoids in cars, you are in the right place. This article will discuss the John Deere fuel shutoff solenoid problem and its solution.

Most John Deere models have some common mechanical issues like electrical problems, steering problems, mower issues, starting difficulties, and many more.

But in this article, we’re only going to focus on the fuel shutoff solenoid issues. Before you jump into inspecting and fixing any right thing, you should find the root cause of the problem and understand what needs to be done.

John Deere Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Function Explained 

John Deere’s shutoff solenoid job is to remotely cut off a John Deere engine fuel supply. Being an electrically charged driving valve, it prevents your John Deere engine from backfiring. You can also refer to the fuel shutoff solenoid as an anti-backfire device for your mower.

Therefore if it encounters any issues or you have a leaking needle jet, the fuel shutoff solenoid will prevent your mower engine from firing. When this solenoid is in operation, its job is to allow the fuel to travel through the valve while pulling the spring-loaded valve poppet from its seat.

On the other hand, when you disable this solenoid, the valve will pull the petal back onto its seat while cutting off the fuel supply to the engine traveling through the valve. It can be engaged manually if you encounter a problem with a set of solenoid valves.

But if you want it as a part of the mower’s engine management System while mowing your lawn or operating your John Deere. Therefore, let’s see some fuel shutoff solenoid problems on a John Deere.

What Happens When Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Fails To Start

Two things are likely to happen if the fuel shutoff solenoid goes faulty.

  • If your John Deere solenoid fails to start, you won’t be able to create your mower’s engine due to insufficient fuel supply in the machine.
  • If your John Deere solenoid fails while you are mowing the lawn, the John Deere will continue to operate, and the fuel and solenoid will not be closed.

Signs Of John Deere Fuel Shutoff Solenoid PROBLEM 

Any fuel shutoff solenoid will give you a few warning signals and inform you about the possible issue that needs attention. Therefore, learning what those warnings will be will tell you of the potential problem at an early stage.

If your John Deere engine suddenly stops while mowing the lawn, it could be due to the fuel pump shutdown switch. Switch those trips without any apparent reason.

John Deere Fuel Shut-off Solenoid Problems

When you go running mode with your mower, you must take a stick and press it back to start the John Deere until it engages. That’s when you will likely encounter a faulty fuel shutoff solenoid that needs a complete replacement. This is something to be noticed.

A defective or deteriorated shutoff solenoid can hinder other components of your John Deere. It is important to note that a John Deere’s fuel shutoff solenoid wears out over time and tends to no extended snap open whenever you turn on the key. In a word, the shutoff solenoid valve will lose its two-way function.

With any old model of John Deere, it’s only a matter of time before you will need to replace the solenoid of your John Deere. If your John Deere shutoff solenoid function fails, you can even operate your mower manually to complete your job.

Unfortunately, some models of cars have secured solenoids that cannot be manually manipulated in any circumstances. Therefore, you will have to replace them as there is no alternative at that particular moment.

The replacement for your John Deere fuel shutoff solid should look identical to the current unit installed now. If your John Deere allows you to shut off the switch manually, do it if necessary.

What To Do With John Deere Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Problem?

If your John Deere fuel shutoff solenoid fails to start, you must get out of this issue as soon as possible by replacing it. Always ensure that the O-ring is from the original solenoid you’re working with.

It would help if you got the proper solenoid to engage the plunger to shut off the fuel flow entirely. If the plunger, spring, or solenoid is attached to an O-ring, you must screw it properly after feeding in the main point.

Also, put the wires on the stud and discard the nut used to install the previous solenoid. This is how you should get off your fuel shutoff solenoid problem. After knowing what you should do, there are a few things that you know to do to ensure the fuel shutoff solenoid is working fine. 

Testing John Deere Fuel Shutoff Solenoid

It is essential to learn how to test your John Deere fuel shutdown solenoid to detect any problems and check if everything is working fine or not.

  • Take a quick look at the fuel shutoff solenoid. Attach a positive to the prong from its end and a negative to the base.
  • Make sure to have any source of 12-volt minimum to engage your John Deere solenoid.
  • After that, take an energizer, a 12-volt plug. Plug it with a 12-volt battery.
  • Now, you want to put two prongs, connecting the negative to the one and the positive to the other.
  • Afterward, plug the battery into the solenoid. 
  • If you notice a solenoid moving from the end of the device, it might be because of electromagnetism. In addition, when you give a source of 12-volt minimum power, the magnet will pull on and allow the fuel to flow into your John Deere engine. 
  • Again, put the plug batteries on one end to the positive and another to the negative. If you notice this solenoid moving, your solenoid is functioning right.

What Does The Fuel-cut-off Solenoid Need To Function?

Your John Deere solenoid only needs the power to function. If you find difficulty, test the solenoid using the information below. Most mowers include a fuel set of solenoids but are connected with wire differently depending on the model.

Some models have solenoid connected with wire using the ignition, whereas some John Deere models have a solenoid connection with wire using a relay. Some models of John Deere have different types of wiring and connection than their counterparts only because it depends upon the manufacturer. 

Final Words

After reading this article, you should know why a John Deere fuel shutoff solenoid problem exists. I tried my best to give you everything there is to know about this particular issue and a solution to determine if your solenoid is in good condition.

After learning how to test your John Deere fuel shutdown solenoid, it is essential to keep it in check from time to time. The article has been written to benefit this engaging mower’s consumers, users, and readers.

After reading this article, I hope you will have a much easier time dealing with these setbacks. Do check our other articles on mower care, till then take care and goodbye. Also Read, John Deere D170 Problems


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