John Deere D170 Problems

If you are looking for a mower that can efficiently mow your trim to medium size lawn, a John Deere D170 is the one to consider. Undoubtedly, a John Deere D170 has all the features you need to know your land.

However, there are few Darkside it of owning days mower. Problems like transmission problems, starting problems, and many more may cause John Deere D170 not to start.

This is why I have prepared this article, where we get all the explanations of possible John Deere D170 problems and the solution to this issue. As beginners, you should learn about these issues as you are bound to experience them. Let’s continue learning John Deere D170 problems and their solutions without wasting time.

John Deere D170 Problems

John Deere D170 Transmission Problems

John Deere D170 transmission problems are generally caused due to either broken components or inadequate fuel. John Deere D170 will not operate if any connection is loose or faulty.

Due to overheating or wear out, your John Deere D170 belt may be too damaged to function or hold your John Deere D170 operation. Occasionally you should also check for any worn and obstructions in your John Deere D170 engine.

If there is any obstruction in your John Deere D170 engine, it will cause hydrostatic transmission failure. Other than this, if you have used old fuel, your John Deere D170 will likely malfunction.

The transmission function will be affected if the energy is too hot or cold. In addition, if power is contaminated with dust, water, or air, you need to change it with the high-grade fuel that the manufacturer advises.

If any component of the hydrostatic transmission, like cracks, or springs, is rusted or worn out, the John Deere D170 will function erratically at the last stage. Therefore, here is what you need to do to fix the issue.


Firstly, you should check the gearbox’s oil condition. It is likely to be degraded if very thick or black. You will need to replace the gearbox oil with the new one. Any fault in the clutch may also cause a problem with the transmission system.

Therefore, make sure to examine that as well. It is essential to do proper and regular maintenance while carrying out specific tasks monthly or weekly. It would help if you also looked for signs of any failure by inspecting filters, soil conditions, and equipment.

If you properly maintain your John Deere D170, the mower equipment lifespan will considerably increase. Make sure also to check all the connections and pump belts. If found anything damaged, the John Deere D170 transmission will not work correctly. Keep the engine free of dust all the time. 

John Deere D170 Steering Problems

Excessive Steering Wheel Free Play

If there is any defective part, your John Deere D170 steering wheel free play will be excessive. Other than this, if the column shaft or the coupling is worn out due to aging, replace it.

Also, consider installing a new hydraulic pump steering control or the whole unit if any of those are faulty or seem to be interfering with the transmission system of your John Deere D170. Depending upon the condition, some components may only require repairing but if any looks terrible, consider replacing it entirely.

Hard Steering

Another problem you will likely encounter is stiff steering or stuffed steering. If there is any air in the hydraulic steering system, do bleed it. Sometimes steering filter getting dirty also cause stiffness with the power steering to become rigid.

If you notice any damage to the power steering control unit, replace the entire system. Also, its control valve needs to be fixed. After consulting and taking advice from an authorized technician, install a new steering pump or the control valve.

If you notice the steering column worn out due to aging, replace it. Sometimes an improperly fitted steering column causes the issue. Therefore consider refilling it. If the uneven tire pressure or steering cylinder leak is the problem, address it.

Last, look for scratches or signs on the Piston rod and cylinder sales. Recording to some John Deere D170 users, adjusting the toe-in properly may also solve the stiff or rigid steering.

Front Wheels Wander To The Left Or Right

When the power steering column malfunctions, it usually drives the front wheel to wander around. . You might find it challenging to keep your mower on track. Therefore, look if your John Deere D170 powered steering column unit has been worn out.

If any other part like the steering cylinder hydraulic linkage, joints steering linkage, bearing, or leading pump control valve is worn out, loose l, or damaged, you must repair or replace it as required.

Make sure to install the new bearings correctly and adjust them according to the user manual. Sometimes the uneven tire pressure also causes the power steering control unit to malfunction. Therefore make sure the pressure on all four tires is even.

John Deere D170 Starting Problems

The engine Will Not Start.

Cause Solution
Fuel tank is empty Add gasoline.
Old gas Drain fuel and add fresh.
Wrong grade of gasoline Change gasoline.
Faulty spark plug wire Check the spark plug wires.
Water or air in the fuel system Remove air or water from the system.
Faulty spark plug Test ignition spark.
Clogged fuel filter Replace fuel filter.
Faulty safety switch Change damaged switch.
Carburetor is not working properly Inspect and adjust.
Mower blade could be loose Fasten the blades securely.
Too little transmission oil Topping up oil.
Inspect starter cranking speed RPM.  Compression problems.
Poor blade balancing Balance the blades correctly.
Parking brake locked  Unlock park brake.
Bypass valve lever is engaged Deactivate the bypass valve.

Your John Deere D170 may not start due to many reasons. Firstly you need to check the fuel tank to see if the gasoline grade has gone bad or wrong. If you notice it emitting odor or black and color, replace it with the new one.

Other than this, air accumulated in your John Deere D170 fuel system can even result in engine failure. This might be causing your John Deere D170 not to start; consider your bleeding your John Deere D170.

If your John Deere D170 engine compression seems low, correct it. Sometimes, you replace a carburetor, but it is not adjusted correctly. Make sure to change it properly. It might be a potential issue if there is any sign of breakage or damage in the throttle cable. There can be many causes of your John Deere D170 engine not starting. Below is the fix for this problem.

The Fix:

Firstly, you must add fresh and clean fuel that your manufacturer recommends. And make sure the air filter has no blockage. If there is a blockage in the air filter, the engine will not get enough oxygen to breathe and will stop operating.

Other than this, look for signs of wear & tear on the brake pedal safety. Also, check the fuel lines for any obstructions. Ensure the throttle cable is properly functioning and the Fuel lines are clean. The carburetor should be appropriately adjusted, and John Deere D170 engine compression should be optimal.

John Deere D170 Hard To Start Problems

Gas Engine Is Difficult To Start

Cause Solution
Dirt in fuel pipes Clean fuel system components.
Throttle cable worn  Install new throttle cable.
Wrong grade of gasoline Change gasoline.
Stale or incorrect gasoline Pour quality gasoline.
Starter problems Check the starter and replace defective components
Loose or corroded electrical connections Checking and replace.

7 Other John Deere D170 Common Problems

Engine Starts Hard

Cause Solution
Clogged fuel filter.  Make sure to keep up to its maintenance. 
Damage fuel injection nozzles.  Replace it if required. 
Air In John Deere D170 fuel system.  Bleed the air. 
Fuel injection pump is not working properly. Consider repairing it. If it doesn’t work, replace the pump.
Faulty fuel injection nozzle Replacement is suggested.

Engine Stops Running Suddenly

Cause Solution
Clogged fuel filter element. You might have to change this filter element. 
Wrong fuel injection pump timing.  Make sure to keep the setting according to the user manual. 
Coolant temperature is low. Warm up mower’s engine as needed before starting it.

Engine Starts, But Stalls Suddenly

Cause Solution
Clogged fuel filter element.  Keep up to its maintenance. If it is in a bad condition, replace it.
Clogged air filter. Filter maintenance required. 
Faulty fuel injection pump. Repair or replace it as needed.

Engine overheats

Cause Solution
Lose or damage fan belt.  Tightening the fan belt if it is loose.
coolant fluied is not sufficient. Consider adding a restoring required amount of cooling fluid to it and also check for leaks. 
Insufficient engine oil. Fuel and restore sufficient amount of engine oil.

Engine Loses Power 

Cause Solution
Dirty nozzle.  Clean it. 
Faulty injection nozzle. Replace the faulty component.
Fuel lines or hoses are filled with dirt.  Make sure to keep the lines and the fuel hoses clean. 
Faulty cylinder head gasket.  You may need to install a new one.
Dirty air cleaner. Clean the air cleaner. If any element is broken, replace it.

Engine Knocks Or Noises

Cause Solution
Engine is too cold.  Warm up the engine as needed.
Low oil level.  Check the engine oil level and restore it to an adequate amount.
Worn out distance.  Replacement maybe required. 
Fuel injection pump timing is not set correctly. Set timing according to the user manual recommendation. 
Connecting rod is damaged or misaligned.  Align the connective rod properly if it is not in a bad condition. If it is worn out, consider replacing it.

Engine Stops While Idling

Cause Solution
Faulty fuel injection pump.  Replacement is needed. 
Adjustment setting. Ensure to adjust the low idle speed setting as required. 
Valve Clearance.  Depending upon the specification, adjust the well clearance. Also take help of the user manual if needed.

Oil Pressure Too Low

Cause Solution
Engine oil is low.  Restore crank case oil to the proper level.
Damaged oil pump.  If it has any crack or in a bad state, replace the oil pump. Get your unit to a nearest mechanic shop to service the engine oil filter of your John Deere D170.

Final Thoughts

No lawn mower of any brand is free from developing issues over time. Even though the John Deere D170 has some common issues, they are excellent premier premium mowers. You will be delighted to take a ride with John Deere.

However, John Deere is also known for their costly repairs. Therefore if there are any hydrostatic transmission issues, you might have to spend a lot from your savings to fix the problem. Therefore, please only get a John Deere D170 if you can keep up with its maintenance or costly repairs.

Other than this, if you are getting this mower for its superior features only, then re-consider. I tried to give you all the information about John Deere’s D170 problems. Check out our other mower’s guide if you find this article helpful. See you in the next post, take care & goodbye.

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