John Deere X380 Problems

If you are looking for a mower designed for every type of yard work job, then a John Deere X380 is one of a kind you need. Although it comes with some fundamental problems you are likely to encounter with aging and overuse, most of them can be solved quickly.

If you are looking for an affordable helper to keep your maintenance like a breeze, then John Deere X380 is the best. Despite John Deere X380’s popularity, its users have frequently complained about problems with overuse and aging occurring from time to time.

As this John Deere X380 mower is intended for something other than large-format commercial jobs, you should understand what issues you will face if you use it heavily.

So in this article, I will cover all the most common John Deere X380 problems you are likely to encounter in the future and how you can fix them at hand. Before we dive into learning the issues you will discover most with aging, be prepared to get your hands dirty and roll up your sleeves to find the root cause.

3 Common John Deere X380 Problems (Explained)

John Deere X380 Transmission Problems

Transmission Slips

John Deere X380 users have frequently complained about its Transmission slipping off occasionally. Other than this, John Deere X380 may also experience stiff shifts. Some users have complained about worn-out gear or gearings being the main culprit of Transmission slipping off. If this is not the issue, take a quick look at the drive belt that can cause the Transmission to slip.

Solution: if you cannot shift smoothly, first identify the root cause in significant cases of worn-out gears or bearing that need replacement to be the main villain. Suppose this is the case; repair or replaces it as needed. Also, ensure the drive belts are tensioned adequately according to the user manual.

Transmission Not Engaging

Another problem with Transmission that you are likely to encounter while operating a John Deere X380 is its Need to be more engaging. This usually happens when there is a problem with either a shift linkage or a clutch.

Make sure to check if the grip is Malfunctioning or not. Besides this, a malfunctioning transmission control module can also prevent the John Deere X380 transmission from engaging.

The Transmission will be in the wrong gear if there is any problem with the shift linkage. In addition, any electronic issue like worn-out wiring harnesses or disconnected wiring can prevent the Transmission from engaging correctly. To solve the problem, here is what you should do first.

Solution: if your John Deere X380 transmission is not engaging correctly, first check the clutch condition. If it is in poor condition and needs replacement, do it asap. Alternatively, replace the shift linkage or the transmission control module if it malfunctions or breaks. Sometimes, collisions or accidents cause damage to the transmission control module. It may even need complete replacement or repair from a qualified mechanic.

Leaking Transmission Oil

Another frequently reported complaint regarding the John Deere X380 transmission is leaking oil. It usually happens when the transmission filter is either clogged or damaged. The trans-transmission oil filter will become jammed if any foreign object is as small as a pebble. Other than this, damaged seal or worn-out seal filters also cause oil to leak. Depending upon the problem, you should fix the issue.

Solution: if the oil filter is damaged or has any signs of crack, replace it entirely to solve the leakage issue. Also, check and clean the transmission oil filter to keep it free from debris or any other foreign object. Lastly, also ensure the seals are correctly tight in place. If it is loose or worn out, replace it.


Overheating is one of the most common issues in all types of factors and mowers. It can become a severe issue if it needs to be addressed correctly. If your John Deere X380 transmission oil is overheating, there might be insufficient oil levels.

In addition, if the transmission oil cooler is damaged, the Transmission will overheat. Also, check the cooling system for any restrictions. If your John Deere X380 transmission continues to overheat, it can damage the transmission module. An Overheated transmission will also lose its ability to transfer power effectively to the engine.

Solution: Fortunately, fixing an overheating issue is very easy. If the oil level is insufficient, refill it up to the full mark using the dipstick. Other than this, or you are using high-grade oil. Keep the filter clean and prevent any clogging due to debris. Also, take care of your John Deere X380 cooling system as a regular part of maintenance.

Lack Of Maintenance

Lastly, an operator error or lack of maintenance from the mower’s owner can create problems with a John Deere X380 transmission system. If you are not replacing the transmission oil from time to time or as the manufacturer recommends, the John Deere X380 transmission will not function properly. It is essential to replace the transmission oil at the recommended interval to prevent it from becoming clogged or contaminated.

Solution: if the problem has occurred due to lack of maintenance, you should first get it to the nearby service center for proper cleaning & maintenance. After that, you can follow up on the appropriate care and maintenance schedule to keep your John Deere X380 operating for a prolonged period.

John Deere X380 Steering Problems

Difficult To Turn

One of the most common steering problems frequently reported by its users is difficulty turning. If you need help turning your X380, there might be something wrong with your John Deere X380 steering components.

Therefore you should take a quick look at the gears, boil joints, and even tie rod end for signs of wear or damage. All mechanical parts of steerings are prone to wear out over time. It will also get faulty or damaged if not aligned properly. If you are operating your John Deere X380 for heavy use, the steering components can wear out more quickly than they should.

Solution: if you are having difficulty turning your mower, first check for any signs of wear or damage in any John Deere X380 steering components. If the steering gears, ball joints, or tie rod ends Need repairing or replacement, do it as required.

The steering Wheel Vibrates Excessively.

It is not uncommon to notice a sudden vibration while operating an X380. If there is vibration in the steering wheel, you must first look at the tire pressure. The steering wheel of a John Deere X380 vibrates excessively when there are any bent wheel rims or worn-out tires.

Other than this, the steering wheel will vibrate overly if there is a problem with the steering mechanism itself. To solve the issue, here is what you need to check and inspect first.

Solution: To troubleshoot the issue, first check the tire pressure. If it is out of balance, inflate the tires properly. Besides that, check for signs of wear and tear on the steering mechanism. If there is any damaged component, replace it as required.

Loose Steering 

Loose steering is nothing new when using a mower for a long time. However, if your John Deere X380 steering has a lot of play, there might be an issue with its component. If there is any worn out or damaged steering component like its tie rod, ball joints, or steering gears, it will have excessive play.

Loose steering can also be caused if the steering linkage is broken. Here is what you need to do first to troubleshoot the steering wheel’s excessive play and control your mowers efficiently.

Solution: First, check whether the steering linkage is in good condition. If it needs replacement, do it. In addition, if the tie rod ends or the boil joints are broken, replace them as required. The same should be done with the steering gears if they have signs of wear and wear.

Leaking Steering Oil

Another steering problem that John Deere X380 users have frequently reported is the leaking steering oil. It is also tough to locate the exact leakage spot without experience. The primary cause of leaking steering oil tends to be worn-out steering gearboxes.

Other than this, if your John Deere X380 has had any collision or accident, the box might have been damaged and needed repairing. Sometimes you have to replace the entire steering gearbox if it feels loose or faulty. 

Solution: Depending upon the problem, you should take action on the steering gearbox. If it needs repairing, get it fixed. To replace the steering gearbox, I recommend you call an experienced technician to help you. You can also take the help of the user manual if needed.

Power Steering System Failure

Sadly, you will likely encounter power steering system failure at one point in a John Deere X380 lifespan. If the power steering pump is Malfunctioning, you might have to replace it. The power steering system usually fails when its steering pump malfunctions. Therefore first inspect for any signs of wear to replace or repair.

Solution: Inspect the steering mechanism for any worn or damaged components, and replace them as necessary.

Steering Wheel Pulling To One Side 

A few John Deere X380 users have also reported their mowers Steering Wheel pulling to one side while trying to drive straight. If this is the case, you should first inspect the steering components and check for signs of damage.

If any of the ingredients is worn out, you might have to replace it. The wheel usually lulls to one side when there is an issue with the suspension. Other than this, also check the alignment of your mower. 

Solution: First, check the steering components for signs of damage. If there is any issue with the suspension, you will need to repair or replace it as necessary. In addition to that, adjust the alignment of your mowers as necessary.

John Deere X380 Will Not Start

Bad Starter Motor

Sometimes a John Deere X380 Starter motor malfunctions, and the engine doesn’t start. If your John Deere X380 start motor is faulty, its engine will not turn over. Other than this, also look out for bad solenoids.

Depending on the problem, you should proceed with the solution. If your John Deere X380 Starter motor is not functioning correctly due to a bad solenoid, replace it. Other than this, have a professional check on the entire Starter motor and replace it if necessary.

Electrical Issues

Suddenly a John Deere X380 will also not start if there is any Electrical issue within its internal component. Some electrical issues like problems with the wiring or control module will malfunction a John Deere X380 operation.

Your John Deere X380 will not start if there is any problem with the ignition switch. Identifying a faulty ignition switch as soon as possible is essential to replace it if necessary. Also, if any wiring is loose, repair it as necessary. Never mind reprogramming the control module of your John Deere X380 if needed by an authorized service center.

Engine issues

According to a few users, the John Deere X380 will not start because of a problem with the engine itself. Engine issues in X380s usually occur due to low compression levels. Other than this, if there is a problem with the timing, you will experience engine issues. Lastly, look for seized cylinder and repair or replace it as necessary.

Dead battery

This is one of the most common causes of X380s not starting. It will never begin if your John Deere X380 needs more power to turn the mower’s Starter motor. In addition, the battery terminals that are corroded or loose will also prevent the John Deere X380 from starting.

To fix the problem, first, charge the battery to the full mark and clean the terminals to allow power flow of energy to the starter. You should also secure all kinds of loose connections if necessary or required.

Fuel Issues

If there is any problem with your John Deere X380 fuel system, the mowers may not start even or adequately stall during operation. Since a John Deere X380 is not designed for heavy uses, you should refrain from using it for a commercial job.

If you use a John Deere X380 heavily, its fuel system and the pump will degrade and wear out more than they should. In addition, if there is any problem with the fuel pump or the injector, your John Deere X380 may not start properly.

If there is insufficient fuel, restore the adequate amount of high-grade energy to the total fuel mark using the dipstick. You should also check for signs of a crack in the fuel pump, and if there is, replace the pump entirely.

If you cannot detect the real culprit that keeps your John Deere X380 from starting, check it with an authorized mechanic or contact your unit at a nearby John Deere service center for proper inspection, diagnosis, and repair.


Since a John Deere X380 is not designed for commercial use, you should only get one if you intend to use it on a large lawn. Even though this mower comes with some common problems, most can be easily fixed if you have enough knowledge and experience in fixing any vehicle. In addition, the John Deere X380 is specially designed for homeowners looking for a machine that can keep their lawn maintenance like a breeze.

After looking at all the issues of the John Deere X380 that you are likely to face, you can now quickly fix it without calling a mechanic or getting your unit to an expensive service center. We all know how expensive it is to repair a John Deere mower.

Since a John Deere X380 is easy to maintain and requires no specialized skill or tool, you can go with this one. The John Deere X380 can also be used for a small format commercial application but not for heavy duty.

In terms of pricing point, it is excellent and comes with a complete set of user-friendly features. If you like this article, do share. Your share will help many people become aware of the pros and cons of having a John Deere X380 and understand if they should have one like this.

Since all the mowers come with mechanical components, all are bound to fail with overuse and aging; you should not keep your hand away from a mower like this. Do check our other articles on other John Deere problems, till then take care and goodbye.

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