Cub Cadet Steering Problems

When you have a Cub Cadet, maintaining your yard is a breeze. You need to hop in your Cub Cadet and wheeze around your yard. Unfortunately, even the best Cub Cadet can experience problems with its steering.

Cub Cadet steering problems can cause a lot of trouble and cause you to lose control of the mowers. It is essential to understand how to address any cub cadet zero-turn steering problems with the riding Cub Cadet early.

7 Cub Cadet Steering Problems

There can be several things that can lead a Cub Cadet to experience steering problems while you operate. However, the most common reason is hitting any unusual foreign object while riding the Cub Cadet and mowing the lawn.

Other problems can occur from years of wear and tear to the engine and components of the Cub Cadet steering system, like driving it carefully and carefully. However, let’s take a quick look at the most common Cub Cadet steering issues.

Hard Steering

It can be due to the wheel’s stiffness if you must put in extra effort and power while properly steering the wheel. For many reasons, a Cub Cadet can be hard to turn the steering wheel. If the tire needs to be adequately inflated, you must pressurize it properly.

Insufficient fluid in the Cub Cadet system can make turning the steering hard. Sometimes a sudden malfunction of the power steering system leads to such a problem. It is essential to keep your Cub Cadet in proper maintenance. Below are a few causes and solutions for steering problems in vehicles.

Cause Solution
Steering column bind If this steering column looks bind, replace it with another assembly
Bind in the lower ball joints or tie rod ball studs. It is recommended to replace the tie rod and the lower ball joints with the new ones
Tire not inflated properly. Make sure that all the four tyres are inflated properly with equal pressure.
Misadjustment of rack and pinion. Adjust the rack and pinion properly.
Improper front wheel alignment. Align and adjust the front wheel accordingly
Cub Cadet Steering Problems

Poor Reversing

If the front-end alignment of your Cub Cadet is disturbed, check and adjust it appropriately. If it is aligned, you may experience better return ability or problems with reversing. Other than this, a faulty steering gear case can also be the culprit.

If you are a newbie and need more knowledge on mower mechanical components, get your unit to your authorized dealer or technician. Below I am mentioning a few causes of poor Cub Cadet reversing along with its solution.

Cause Solution
Racks are not correctly adjusted Adjust pinion and racks properly.
Front End Alignment is not fitted correctly or aligned. Align and adjust appropriately. 
The tie rod end ball studs have a bind. Replacement 
The steering gas case is faulty. All faulty m steering gas cases should be replaced to prevent further damage of other components.
The steering column is bind Replacement with the new one
Bind in ball joints of the Cub Cadet.  No choice than replacing the front suspension control..
Improper tire pressure. Make sure to keep the tired equally inflated.
Cub Cadet Steering Problems

Poor Steering Stability

Poor steering stability is a common problem with almost all Cub Cadet models when overused. Apart from this, any error the operator may make may also wander steering stability. Before driving the mower, it is important to properly check the tire pressure, tie rod, ball joints, and stabilizer bar.

The front wheel alignment should be appropriately adjusted with no faulty steering gear case assembly. If any of these things go wrong, you might end up with a Cub Cadet with poor steering stability. Below are caused along with its solution to keep you from this kind of setback.

Cause Solution
Poor adjustment of the rack. It is important to adjust properly and keep the pinion at place.
Faulty Gear Case.  If you notice any problem with the steering gear case, replace it with the new one.
Broken Coil Springs. If the mower’s coil springs are sagging or broken, replace them quickly.
Faulty mountings or struts Any strut that needs a replacement should be done as a part of regular maintenance. Also, repair any faulty mountings.
Tie rod ends, and ball joints might be losing. If this is the case, replace it with a new tie rod or suspension control arm.
Uneven Tires If your tires are not correctly inflated,  equally pressurize all four.
The stabilizer bar is very loose. Sometimes the stabilizer bar loosens when you run the mower on a rough surface. Thus, you need to tighten or replace it from time to time.
Cub Cadet Steering Problems

Rattle / Chuckle Noise

If you have lots of experience riding mowers, you might be familiar with the rattle and noises that come from the rack and pinion of a Cub Cadet. There can be many things to consider when it comes to finding the root cause of this issue.

In most cases, broken or damaged wheel bearings are the problem. On the other hand, noise issues arise if the pinion and the rack are not appropriately adjusted. With time, the noise may increase.

And if left untreated, it can hinder other components of your Cub Cadet. There can also be loose steering gear case bolts that might make chuckle noises. Below are a few causes of rack and pinion noise in the Cub Cadet and some easy fixes.

Cause Solution
Broken wheel bearing If you notice damage or otherwise broken wheel bearings, replace it with the new ones
Faulty steering gear case. If the steering gear case assembly is deteriorated or faulty, replace it with the new assembly kit.
Pinion and rack not adjusted properly. Check the adjustment of rack and pinion torque.
Loose bolts. If there is any loose steering gear case bolt, tighten it first to resolve the issue
Cub Cadet Steering Problems


It is common to notice some vibration when you drive a mower or a tractor. But if it becomes extreme, there can be something wrong. Excessive vibration can be generated for multiple reasons.

Vibration in the steering is a common steering problem in most Cub Cadet. When you start a Cub Cadet engine, the steering wheel vibrates excessively.

The vibration also occurs when you press the brake of your mower. Even though there can be many reasons for steering vibration in Cub Cadets, a few common causes are mentioned below.

Cause Solution
Imbalanced Wheel Assembly.  When you drive your Cub Cadet on Rocky terrain, it results in an imbalance of wheel alignment. So please check and correct it accordingly.
Damaged Tires.  If any of the four tires is wholly damaged, replace it with the new one.
Uneven Tread Wire.  If the tread wire seems uneven or damaged, repair or replace it.
Bent Rims.  If any of the four wheels have bent rims, replace them quickly.
Cub Cadet Steering Problems

Power Problem

The power steering problem is the most common with most Cub Cadet models. Multiple factors can be responsible for such a happening, but they can be resolved quickly.

It mostly happens due to a leak in the power steering system, but don’t be worried. Here I will give you a few causes of this issue, along with easy fixes to get your Cub Cadet back to work in no time. 

If you cannot identify if your Cub Cadet has any steering problem, don’t panic. When mowing your lawn, if your steering needs too much effort while the pump is buzzing, there is a problem with the power steering.

When you start your Cub Cadet, you should hear squealing noises if it has any power steering problem. Even though lack of fluid is the main culprit, a few more reasons and solutions are listed below.

Cause Solution
Insufficient fuel.  You should never operate a Cub Cadet on low fuel. Refill it to the designated spot on the dipstick.
Clogged Filter.  If this is the problem, get a new one along with 2 gallons of Hy-trans
Leak in the power steering.  Check for sports of leakage and repair the seals properly.
Cub Cadet Steering Problems

Loose Steering

If you drive a mower with a loose Steering Wheel, it can go in any direction no matter what instruction you give or how you operate it. It would be best if you never used a faulty Cub Cadet with a loose steering wheel playing too much.

There can be many reasons your Cub Cadet has too much play in the steering wheel. Some reasons include worm out bearing and loose steering gear case Bolt. Look at the table below to find the possible cause and correction with the referred item to resolve the issue in no time.

Cause Solution
Worn Out Bearings.  If the wheel bearing is worn out, replace it with the new one.
Worn Out Lower Ball Joints. It is essential to take proper care of the front suspension control arm and if it deteriorates, replace it.
Worn out steering shaft joint.  No other option than a proper replacement
Loose bolts of the steering gear case.  Tighten all the bolts of the mower steering gear case.
Worn out tie rod or its end.  Replace them if needed.
Cub Cadet Steering Problems

15+ Cub Cadet Steering Problems According To Model

Cub Cadet Models Known/Found Steering Issues
Cub Cadet 1554 Steering Problem Worn Down Steering Gear And Pinion
Cub Cadet 1550 Steering Problems Hard To Steer
Cub Cadet Xt3 Power Steering Problems Electronic Power Steering Problem.
Blown Fuse
Cub Cadet Rzt S Steering Problems Front Wheels Are Out Of Sync While Steering 
Cub Cadet Rzt 50 Steering Problems Hard To Turn The Steering Wheel Steering Rack Or Gear Gets Damaged
Weak Steering On Left Hydro
Cub Cadet Lt1042 Steering Problems Hard To Steer.
Won’t Steer To The Right
Cub Cadet Lgtx 1054 Power Steering Problems Power Steering Jerks To The Left.
Power Steering QuitsHard To Turn.
Cub Cadet Lgtx 1050 Power Steering Problems Power Steering Units No Longer Works.
Steering Has Become Erratic
Cub Cadet I1050 Steering Problems Debris In Steering Gears.
Excessive Play When Turning Steering Wheel
Cub Cadet I1046 Steering Problems Increased Steering Effort.
Steering Jams
Cub Cadet Gtx 2100 Power Steering Problems Hard To Steer.
The power Steering Stopped Working.
Gear Issue.
Deck Lift Stopped Working
Cub Cadet Gt1554 Steering Problems Front Tires Bow Outward. 
Worn Out Wheel Bearings 
Power Steering Problems
Cub Cadet Cc30 Steering Problems When You Turn Corners, It Seems To Stick.
Cub Cadet 1050 Steering Problems. Power Steering Stopped Working
Steering Automatically Turns
Cub Cadet Zero Turn Steering Wheel Problems Worn Steering Parts
Unequal Tire Pressure
Bad Dampers
Cub Cadet Cc30H Steering Problems Worn Out Steering Linkage Could Be Damaged Or Worn Out.
Worn Out Steering Shaft
Damaged Bearings
Hydrostatic Transmission Failure.
Mower Pulls To One Side.
15+ Cub Cadet Steering Problems According To Model

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The above information should give you all the knowledge about Cub Cadet steering problems and how to address them. You should have all the steering problem ideas of most Cub Cadet models by now.

If you find this article helpful, then please share it. Only because your Cub Cadet engine is connected to the power steering, if there is any breakage, corrosion, or stretching, it will immediately fail the mower.

You should always keep your Cub Cadet on regular maintenance and the power steering belt checked. Never mind replacing it if it shows any sign of wear, aging, or damage. The top signs of a power steering failure are whining noise and stiff steering.

Your mower will also respond slowly. Your share will help many people become aware of what steering problem they will likely encounter with each Cub Cadet model. Do check our other articles on Cub Cadet till then, take care and goodbye.

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