John Deere 1023E Problems

If you are unable to find out why do John Deere Tractor die when the PTO is engaged, don’t be worried. Almost 25% of John Dear tractor owners have reported experiencing issues with their tractors.

Even though this can be a time-consuming and frustrating Issue to resolve, I will help you learn the most common cause of this Issue to troubleshoot and repair it at hand. You will not only understand the reasons for John Deere Tractor dying when PTO is engaged but also tips & tricks to keep it running smoothly for many years to come & prevent this problem from recurring in the future.

After reading this article, you will spend more time working on your lawn and less time dealing with John Deere Tractor issues or breakage. Nobody will like to encounter this problem when they confidently engage the PTO, knowing that their tractor will work smoothly.

Don’t let this problem hold you back and leave you devastated. Here is what you need to know about the causes of John Deere Tractor: why John Deere Tractor dies when PTO is engaged.

11 Reasons Why John Deere Tractor Died When Pto Engaged

Lack Of Proper Lubrication

Maybe you are not providing optimal lubrication to your John Deere Tractor engines and all their moving parts to function smoothly for years to come. If you don’t keep your tractor lubricated, you will notice increased friction between moving parts.

It will further cause damage and may lead components to wear out more quickly. If this is the case, I recommend you perform all replacements and ensure oil levels are up to the full mark. Apart from this, ensure to use the correct type of lubricant recommended by the manufacturer or according to the user manual you received with the John Deere Tractor.

Clogged Air Filter

A John Deere Tractor is also prone to die when PTO is engaged if there is any restriction in the air filter itself. It is essential to keep the air filter free from dirt, dust, or other contaminants.

Since the air filter is responsible for removing dust, dirt, and other pollutants from the air before it enters the Engine, the airflow will be restricted if it becomes clogged. It is essential to clean the air filter to allow the Engine to decrease in power and potentially make the engine stall when the PTO is engaged. 

Faulty PTO Clutch

The PTO clutch is an essential mechanical device responsible for running the Engine smoothly. If it gets worn out or damaged, you will find it difficult to engage or not engage, causing the John Deere Tractor engine to stall or stop.

If this is the case, I recommend you replace the malfunctioning pto clutch and look for another mechanical failure that might prevent the John Deere Tractor from working correctly when the PTO switch is engaged.

Malfunctioning PTO Switch

Maybe the PTO itself has gone faulty, which is responsible for turning the PTO. If it is not working correctly as it should be, you will not be able to engage the PTO properly, which may lead the John Deere Tractor to stall or even die.

If this is the case, you should replace the malfunctioning switch as soon as possible. Sometimes a PTO controls also malfunctions due to an electrical failure. I recommend you check its wiring & connections for signs of corrosion or wear. If any of those needs replacement, do it as required.

Worn Belts

Ensure the belt responsible for transferring power from the Engine to the PTO is in good condition. If any straps are worn out or slip a lot, causing the Engine to stall, you will need to repair or replace them. This usually happens due to over-using or aging. If you don’t pay close attention to the proper maintenance of your John Deere Tractor, the belt will wear out more quickly than it should. If that’s not correctly tensioned, do it. Replace the belt as required also.

Low Oil Pressure

If your John Deere Tractor dies when PTO is engaged, there might be something wrong with the oil pump causing low oil pressure. If the oil pump is malfunctioning and unable to keep up with the oil demand when the PTO is engaged, the John Deere Tractor will likely die or stall.

Ensure the o level is to the full mark and the oil pump is in good condition. If oil levels are low, never mind restoring the adequate oil. Check for signs of damage on the oil pump to replace it as required.

Fuel Delivery Issues

Due to the lack of proper fuel flow to its Engine, the John Deere Tractor is likely to die when the PTO is engaged. This is one of the most common issues, which is generally caused due to a clogged fuel filter or malfunctioning fuel injector.

Also, make sure to check the fuel lines for any restrictions. Keeping the fuel filter, fuel injector, and fuel lines clean & clear from any debris or foreign objects is essential. When the fuel filter becomes clogged, it restricts fuel flow, causing the Engine to stop.

If the filter looks in a poor state, you should replace it. Since fuel filters clean debris and impurities from the fuel before it enters the Engine, you should keep it in the best condition or replace it as required to keep your John Deere Tractor running smoothly for years to come.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Maybe there is something restricted in the fuel filter causing the Engine to stall when pto is engaged. In this case, I recommend you check for debris, dirt, contaminants, or any other foreign object, as little as a pebble, that might be causing the Issue. Clean the fuel filter or replace it as required.

Bad battery

Believe it or not, checking the battery condition is the first thing you should do when you find your John Deere Tractor dying when PTO is engaged. Make sure the battery is not failing or looks weak.

If your John Deere Tractor battery is weak, it will lack the power to turn the Starter Motor, causing the Engine to stall. It is essential to replace the storm responsible for powering the Starter Motor and turning the Engine Over When the key is turned. Ensure you get genuine parts, components, and hail from the manufacturer’s website or its authorized store.

Electrical Issues

If your John Deere Tractor’s electrical system is malfunctioning, many things can be at play. If your vehicle dies when PTO is engaged, look at its wiring and connection for signs of corrosion or damage. Also, ensure to keep the terminals clean.

Sometimes problems can be as simple as a dead battery. If this is not solving the Issue, check the alternator for any signs of damage. If the alternator seems faulty, you will also need to replace it. Since an Electrical Issue can be time-consuming, call the mechanic to help you out if money is not the Issue.

Bad Starter Motor

The John Deere Tractor also dies when PTO engages due to a bad starter motor. Since the starter motor is responsible for turning the Engine over the flywheel, if it gets damaged, you will not notice the flywheel spinning fast enough to turn the Engine.

It may eventually cause the tractor to stall entirely even though the PTO is engaged. Engaging the PTO when the starter motor is faulty will put an additional load on the Engine requiring more power from the starter motors to start the Engine. Since Starter Motor cannot provide this extra power, the tractor dies when PTO is engaged.


After learning why a John Deere Tractor dies when PTO is engaged, you might feel overwhelmed. Even though some issues can be frustrating and inconvenient to resolve, most of these can be minor once fixed.

The good news is that you can troubleshoot most of your John Deere Tractor issues with the help of its owner manual or learn information from articles like this. I tried to give you all the details on why John Deere Tractor died when PTO was engaged.

Also, keep the vehicle’s moving parts lubricated with the right type of lubricant that your manufacturer recommends. If you don’t oil your John Deere Tractor’s moving parts, you will notice increased friction and parts rubbing against each other, causing unnecessary strain on the Engine.

Apart from this, replace any faulty or damaged component that holds you back from achieving the beautiful lush lawn you desire. If you find the article helpful, then I recommend you share it.

Your share will help many people learn the reason for John Deere Tractor dying when PTO is engaged. Check our other helpful guide on John Deere Tractor model issues and their fixes. See you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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