John Deere Lt155 Problems

Even though the John Deere Lt155 is a prevalent model manufactured by a renowned company, John Deere, they are prone to many machinery problems like any other tractor during its operation and lifespan.

Therefore, if you have owned a tractor, you might have encountered a few common problems and are already aware of the outcomes. Hence, some common problems of John Deere Lt155 that its owner has frequently reported are engine not starting, carburetor issues, blade not engaging correctly, or faulty drive belt.

Other problems that a few users have also written about include faulty ignition systems, transmission problems, and fuel system issues.

This article will discuss how you can troubleshoot this issue and keep your John Deere Lt155 running smoothly and efficiently during its lifespan. It is important to properly maintain your John Deere Lt155, as its repair and parts replacement will be costly.

John Deere Lt155 Problems & Their Possible Fixes

John Deere Lt155 Fuel Problems


  • John Deere Lt155 had a difficult start: If your John Deere Lt155 fuel system is corrupted or not functioning correctly, it can directly interfere with your John Deere Lt155 engine. It may be challenging to start the engine of your John Deere Lt155.
  • John Deere Lt155 Engine Stalling: If your John Deere Lt155 fuel system is not working correctly, it may halt a constant flow of fuel to the engine responsible for the proper functioning of the tractor. Therefore if the fuel system of your John Deere Lt155 is not delivering the appropriate amount of consistent power to the machine, it will start to stall unexpectedly.
  • John Deere Lt155 Losing Power: Another sign of a faulty fuel system is your tractor may experience a sudden loss of power anytime.
  • Fuel Leaking: If a tractor fuel system is worn out, it will develop many cracks that will result in a few leaks. Therefore if you notice any sign of you leakage you might have to check for leakage spots to repśair/replace that component.
  • Unusual Noise: Many users have reported strange noises directly coming from the John Deere Lt155 fuel system due to being worn out during its lifespan. Therefore if you notice any sound like humming, squealing, or weaning noise, your tractor fuel system might need a repair or replacement.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: if your John Deere Lt155 fuel tank or system needs to be fixed, your John Deere Lt155 will start stalling unexpectedly.
  • Black Smoke: Lastly, if you notice your tractor emitting black smoke, you might have to get your John Deere Lt155 to the nearest service center. This usually happens when the fuel system/carburetor overflows or delivers excessive fuel to the engine.

After knowing the possible signs of John Deere Lt155 fuel system problems, find the possible causes and fixes.


Lack of proper maintenance. 

If you have adhered to your John Deere Lt155’s regular maintenance schedule, your tractor will retain its efficiency and power during its lifespan. Hence, poorly maintained tractors are prone to many problems including fuel system issues.

It is important to always wipe off your John Deere Lt155 fuel line from time to time, which is responsible for fuel delivery. If the fuel line is dirty or clogged, it will not carry the proper amount of energy from the fuel tank to the engine. Therefore, you may need help with your tractor, including difficulty starting.

Faulty or worn-out fuel pump. 

If your John Deere Lt155 fuel systems pump does not deliver sufficient fuel to the engine, it needs a replacement. Various problems may arise due to a faulty fuel pump, like poor performance, reduced fuel economy & John Deere Lt155 engine needing to start correctly.

Faulty drive belt.

Since the drive belt is essential for your John Deere Lt155 blades to engage and transfer power properly, if it is damaged or worn out, it will interfere directly with your John Deere Lt155 operation.

Damaged Transmission System. 

Since your tractor transmission system is responsible for delivering the proper amount of power from the engine to the valves, you will encounter problems with your John Deere Lt155 movement if it malfunctions. If not appropriately addressed, the damage could spread to the fuel system.

Faulty Ignition System.

If you cannot find the root cause of fuel problems in the John Deere Lt155, faulty ignition systems might be responsible for the starting issue. To see if the ignition system is not functioning correctly, make sure to get it checked by a local technician or use the given user manual.


If your John Deere Lt155 needs to start correctly or has a hard time starting, it might be due to stale fuel that needs to be replaced. Stale fuel can leave residues/sediments sitting in your John Deere Lt155 tank, which may interfere directly with your John Deere Lt155 function and operation.

You need to replace the oil from time to time. In addition to that, never mind checking the fuel system for any restrictions or clogging. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as cleaning the fuel tank or filter. 

Other than that, if you find fuel leaking from anywhere on your tractor, your John Deere Lt155 might need to be fixed. Therefore, you should find out the actual spot of fuel leakage in your tractor and repair it.

Sometimes the issue can be caused by a damaged fuel tank or a loose fuel line. Make sure to clean the fuel line as a part of your tractor’s regular maintenance and tighten it according to the user manual. If the fuel tank is damaged, nevermind replacing it entirely.

John Deere Lt155 Hydrostatic Transmission Problems


If you experience sluggish or slow response when you try to change your tractor’s speed or its acceleration speed, there might be a problem with your John Deere Lt155 hydrostatic transmission problem. 

Other than this, tractor hydrostatic transmission problems can also interfere with its steering. Therefore you might experience difficulty in steering your tractor. Sometimes the tractor may also stop unexpectedly while you are operating it.

If your tractor stops mowing suddenly even though its engine is running, look for any issue with your John Deere Lt155 hydrostatic system. Lastly, also look out for noises like grinding and whining sounds. Sometimes, the faulty hydrostatic transmission also promotes fluid leakage.


Contaminated transmission fluid. 

If your John Deere Lt155 transmission fluid is contaminated or stale, it will directly cause the transmission to fail or malfunction.

Worn out the Transmission component. 

Sometimes, the problem can arise directly from a sealing gasket or bearing with signs of wear and tear. Therefore if any internal component of your John Deere Lt155 hydrostatic transmission is worn out, replace that.

Faulty transmission. 

If you accidentally collide your tractor with anything, it could damage its transmission system. Therefore always check it.

Electrical problems. 

Lastly, it would help if you also looked for Electrical issues with your John Deere Lt155 transmission control system. Sometimes the problem can arise from a damaged wiring harness, faulty safety switches, or a bad sensor.


In significant cases, the transmission fluid that needs replacement tends to be the root cause of the problem. Therefore if the issue is caused by contaminated transmission fluid, never mind replacing it.

Also, repair or replace any worn-out internal component of your John Deere Lt155 hydrostatic transmission system.

Sometimes you need to tighten the loose bearings to solve the issue. If the transmission motor or the pump is faulty, never mind replacing or repairing it. Lastly, look at sensors or wiring harnesses for any sign of damage. If there is any, replace it. 

John Deere Lt155 Starting Problems

Problem  Causes  What To Do? 
John Deere Lt155 needs help starting.  Dead battery, weak battery, damaged charger, or faulty Starter motor.  If your John Deere Lt155 is having a hard time starting, you should consider the battery condition. If it is adequately charged, there might be an issue with a faulty Starter motor.

If the Starter motor needs replacement, do it. In significant cases, a weak battery that needs replacement tends to be the primary cause.
John Deere Lt155 will not start.  The damaged ignition switch, faulty Starter motor, and dead battery.  A John Deere Lt155 will never start if it has a damaged Starter motor or ignition switch. If any of those are found faulty, never mind replacing them. You need to purchase a new one if the cause is a dead battery.
John Deere Lt155 engine cranks only.  Faulty starter solenoid, faulty Starter motor.  If your John Deere Lt155 engine cranks but does not start, there might be an issue with the starter solenoid or its motor. Repair or replace as required.
Strange Starter motor sounds.  Faulty fuel pump, old fuel stall fuel.  If the drive belt is loose or faulty, replace it. Make sure to tighten and adjust it according to the user manual. Other than this, you need to replace stale or old fuel from time to time. If the strange noises continue, there might be a problem with your tractor fuel pump that needs replacement.
The Starter motor runs, but the engine doesn’t. I have a worn-out Starter motor, faulty drive belt, clogged filter, and restricted fuel line.  Firstly you should pay proper attention to your tractor’s regular maintenance and cleaning. Make sure the fuel filter is straightforward along with the fuel line. If there is any restriction in the fuel line, your John Deere Lt155 Starter motor will run, but the engine will not start.

John Deere Lt155 Steering Problems


The operator usually encounters difficulty during operation when there is a problem with a tractor steering. There might be a problem if you have difficulty steering the John Deere Lt155, especially when turning at a low speed, there might be a problem.

Sometimes, steering problems also give you a feel of a sloppy or loose Steering wheel. Other than this, you are likely to hear grinding or squealing noises from your tractor steering system if there is any problem.

Lastly, fluid leakage or your John Deere Lt155 pulling to one side when moving straight are a few common signs of steering problems. 


In John Deere Lt155, common causes of steering problems are worn-out steering gear, faulty steering gear linkage, or loose steering joints.

In one sentence, you first need to look at the steering component for signs of wear and tear. Secondly, also take a look at the steering fluid.

If it is contaminated, you have the real cause of the steering system malfunctioning or failing. Lastly, faulty steering pumps can also interfere with the mower function that needs repairing or replacement.


Firstly, you should repair or replace any worn-out steering internal component with signs of damage. In significant cases, the issue is solved by improving or replacing the steering gear linkages and joints.

Never mind replacing the steering fluid once every season to keep the steering system functioning smoothly and efficiently. Also, repair any damaged steering component caused by a collision or accident. Sometimes replacing the malfunctioning steering pump solves the entire problem. 

John Deere Lt155 Transmission Problems


  • A John Deere Lt155 that has transmission problems will not shift gears properly. Thus, you will likely need help shifting gears if there is a transmission problem.
  • Transmission problems also result in strange noises like grinding or weaning sounds. This might be associated with other signs if the transmission system of your John Deere Lt155 is faulty.
  • If there is a transmission issue, your John Deere Lt155 will jerk or lurch when you shift its gear.
  • If there is any problem with the transmission system, the John Deere Lt155 will stop unexpectedly even though the engine keeps running.
  • Lastly, you might notice fluid leakage from the transmission if it is worn out due to overuse. 


Again, you should take a quick look at the internal component of your John Deere Lt155 transmission system and if found any, you got the culprit.

Like hydrostatic problems, transmission problems could also arise due to contaminated fluid, faulty pub, and electrical issues.

Therefore, look for bad sensors or damaged wiring harnesses that need replacement. If the transmission pump is Malfunctioning due to an accident or collision, you might have to replace it entirely.


Firstly, you should replace all worn-out/damaged internal components. Never mind replacing the transmission fluid after cleaning it. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, replace the electrical components, interior components, and parts that are faulty or damaged.

If you can still find the root cause of the John Deere Lt155 problem, you may need to get your unit to the nearest authorized John Deere service center. You are lucky if your John Deere Lt155 is in a warranty period.


After knowing so many John Deere Lt155 problems, you should keep your hands out. Let me tell you, a John Deere Lt155 is a very popular tractor known for its durability and reliability. If you are looking for a piece of equipment that can give you an excellent result, go for this one.

All types of tractors are prone to common issues that will arise during their operation and lifespan. Those issues also include hydrostatic transmission problems, transmission problems, fuel system issues, starting problems, and difficulty in steering.

Since John Deere Lt155 also has mechanical components like all tractors, they will experience issues from time to time. Most of these can be solved quickly. Therefore always be prepared & watch out for the symptoms of these problems, including difficulty in steering, strange noise, slow responses, fluid leakage, or John Deere Lt155 stalling.

After finding out the root cause, you should only try to fix it. If you have no experience selecting any tractor, don’t touch your John Deere Lt155. You will likely end up with more damage while trying to fix the problem if you have yet to gain experience.

However, if you have some expertise, you can quickly solve most of these issues; or also take the help of a guide like this or a user manual. If you are sure about the real cause of John Deere Lt155’s problems, I recommend you to get your unit to the nearest qualified technician.

The professional will be able to help you find the actual cause while recommending the appropriate solution needed. Do check our other articles on John Deere Lt155 problems. If you like this article, then consider sharing it. See you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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