Kobalt Electric Mower

If your Kobalt electric mower won’t start, you’re not alone. This is a common problem that can be caused by a number of things. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common causes and what you can do to fix them. 

With a little troubleshooting, you should be able to get your mower running again in no time.

How to fix Kobalt Electric Mower Won’t Start?

Kobalt Electric Mower Won't Start

1. Spark Plug

One of the most common issues is a dirty and wet spark plug. A spark plug can become fouled by oil, dirt, or debris, and this can prevent it from firing correctly. 

As a result, the Kobalt mower may not start or may run very poorly. 

Cleaning the spark plug is a relatively simple process, and it only takes a few minutes to do.

Here is how you should clean spark plugs.

  • First, remove the spark plug from the mower. 
  • Next, use a wire brush to remove any build-up from the tip of the plug. 
  • Finally, reattach the plug and try starting the mower again. 

In most cases, this will fix the problem however, if this doesn’t fix then you need to replace the spark plug of your Kobalt mower.

2. Carburetor

A clogged carburetor is a common issue with small engines. When oil or gas remains in the engine for extended periods of time, it can cause the carburetor to become clogged. 

This can lead to the Kobalt electric mower won’t start a problem. So, to fix this problem you should clean the carburetor of your mower. 

Cleaning the carburetor is a fairly simple process that can be completed in a few minutes. 

Tools you will need to clean a carburetor are a wire brush, spray cleaner, and rags. 

  • To clean the carburetor, first, remove the air filter and cover. 
  • Then use the wire brush to remove any debris from the inside of the carburetor. 
  • Next, spray a liberal amount of cleaner into the carburetor and let it soak for a few minutes. 
  • Finally, use the rags to wipe away any remaining cleaner or debris. 

If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem then it would be best if you replace the carburetor.

3. Key is Not Fully Engaged

If your mower is not starting it’s a good chance that the problem lies with the key. 

Kobalt electric lawn mowers require keys in order to turn them on, and sometimes people don’t fully insert the key into the mower due to which the mower won’t start. 

If your key isn’t fully inserted, you may find it difficult to turn the key or it may feel as if it gets stuck at some point in the process. 

If this happens, simply push the key in further or remove it and reinsert it before turning the key. 

By taking this simple step, you can ensure that your Kobalt electric lawn mower will start up without any problems.

4. Safety Handle is not Engaged

Kobalt electric mower owners may find that their mower won’t start when they first use it. 

This is because the safety handle on Kobalt electric mowers must be engaged in order for the mower to start. 

To engage the safety handle, simply push it down while starting the mower. Once the handle is engaged, the mower will start and run as normal. 

Kobalt electric mower owners should also be sure to read the owner’s manual for their mower before using it for the first time. 

This will ensure that they are familiar with all of the safety features and controls on their Kobalt electric mower.

5. Insufficient Power

Kobalt electric mowers are equipped with a Kobalt-branded 40-volt MAX battery. This battery is designed to deliver fade-free power and has a quick charge time. 

If your Kobalt electric mower won’t start, the first thing you should check is the battery. Make sure that the battery is properly charged and inserted into the mower. 

If the battery is fully charged and inserted correctly, then the next step is to check the power connection. 

The power cord must be properly plugged into the mower and into a functioning outlet. 

Once you have checked the battery and power connection, if the mower still does not start, then read the following possible solutions.

6. Filled with Excess Grass and Debris

Your Kobalt electric mower won’t start if its bag is full of grass or debris. This is because the mower cannot collect any more trimmings, so it’s important to check the status of the bag regularly and empty it as needed. 

If your mower won’t start, first detach the cutting bag and check to see if it’s full. 

If so, simply empty the bag and reconnect it to the mower. You should also be sure to clean any debris from the mower’s blades and undercarriage. 

With a little regular maintenance, you can keep your Kobalt electric lawn mower working properly for years to come.

7. Clogged Vents

If your Kobalt electric lawn mower won’t start,  you should check its vents. Because vents help keep the motor cool and maintain an optimal temperature during use. 

However, if the vent is clogged, it can increase the risk of overheating the motor. 

Most Kobalt electric lawn mowers won’t even turn on if the vent is somehow blocked or clogged, as this could damage the motor. 

Try to use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off anything that might be on the vent. Refrain from using any liquids, as they could disintegrate the motor’s lubrication. 

If you can’t clean or unclog the vent with a rag, opt for an air-related tool.

How do I Start my Kobalt Electric Mower?

To start your Kobalt electric mower, first, make sure that the battery is charged. Once the battery is charged, press the power button to turn on the mower.

Then, use the throttle lever to increase the speed of the blade.

To stop the mower, simply release the throttle lever and press the power button to turn it off the mower.

How Long Does Kobalt Lawn Mower Battery Last?

The Kobalt lawn mower battery is supposed to last for 60 minutes, but in reality, it does not even last for 20 minutes on a full charge.

This is significantly shorter than the advertised time and can be frustrating when trying to get the job done.


The Kobalt electric lawn mower is a high-quality machine that can provide many years of service.

However, there may be times when it doesn’t start for some reason.

We have listed all possible reasons why it may not be starting. Hopefully one of these solutions will fix your mower.

However, if problems persist then you should consult a lawn mower professional.




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