Gravely Vs Bad Boy

If you need clarification or restrict your choice to Gravely vs Bad Boy mowers, this article is for you. Due to their adaptability, it is essential to learn every piece of information you can find about both manufacturers before deciding between them.

Since Gravely and Bad Boys have experience and are experts in manufacturing reliable and durable mowers with great features, capacity, and versatility, only a few models stand out.

We will discuss the comparison and the contrast of significant features between these two popular brands. So if you are eager to decide between Gravely vs. Bad Boy, give this article a thorough look.

“7+” Major Differences Between Gravely Vs Bad Boy

Gravely Vs Bad Boy: Engine

In this case, Bad Boy and Gravely both uses Kohler 7000 series twin engine in their mowers and many tractors. The 7000 series twin engine has a torque of up to 42.5 ft-lb peaks. In addition, most of the model comes with big horsepower.

The 7000 series offer significant displacement of up to 747 ccs. If you are looking to get a mower that can cut your long grass faster and more efficiently, you can have any mower that features Kohler 7000 series twin engine.

In 2013, the Kohler company introduced their 7000 series of engines that had all the new features required. The 7000 series line offers an engine of vertical shape ideal for consumer application machines that need high-performing engines but in a compact size.

Since Kohler introduced the 7000 series, most mower giants & manufacturers shifted towards this engine and used it as a commercial Pedigree in their lawnmowers. You’ll find enhanced all additional features and new models under the line of 7000 series Pro.

Gravely Vs Bad Boy: Power

Most Gravely mowers come with a 22 horsepower engine, whereas Bad Boy comes with an average 18.5 horsepower engine in their models. Both companies’ manufacturers offer a powerful mower that is well beyond any rotatory walk-behind lawn mower powered by gasoline and usually comes under only 2-7 horsepower.

Since Gravely and Bad Boy is known for manufacturing mowers with powerful 7000 engines and horsepower of 18-22 HP, you can mow a lawn of up to 2 acres without any problem. Depending on the lawn size, you will need to adjust the cutting width.

Most Bad Boy models come with an 18.5 HP engine with a cutting width of up to 42 inches, ideal for a 1-acre yard. On the other hand, Getting a machine in the range of 18 to 22 horsepower is advised to mow a yard of up to 2 acres is advised.

Gravely Vs Deviant Boy: Fuel Capacity

I followed adequately and went through all Gravely and Bad Boy models. During my research, I learned that Bad Boys offer smaller fuel tanks than Gravely in most models. On average, Bad Boy comes with a 2.8-gallon fuel tank ideal for mowing land less than 1 acre.

On the other hand, Gravely is known for manufacturing heavy-duty mowers with a fuel capacity of 5 gallons. Depending on your lawn size, you will need to choose between two. Most medium-sized mowers available in the market are known to hold roughly 2 gallons of fuel.

On the other hand, a large and powerful mower can hold between force to 5 gallons of fuel. You should use the tank’s oil within 30 to prevent lousy fuel or starting problems. It is important to either keep the gas tank empty or add some fuel stabilizer to properly treat the fuel to stay good for up to a year.

Gravely Vs Bad Boy: Speed

Surprisingly, most Gravely models are slower moving forward or reverse than Bad Boys. Gravely comes at an average speed of 6 miles per hour in forward motion and 3 miles per hour in reverse motion.

On the other hand, Bad Boy features 7 miles per hour speed when mowing forward and 3.5 miles per hour speed when moved in reverse. This might be a slight difference for you, but it can save time.

Usually, mowers come with a maximum forward speed of 7-8 miles per hour. Since most Gravely and Bad Boy mowers are designed to cut the grass 50% faster than any traditional walk-behind, you will likely experience improved straight-line mowing speed. Typical lawnmowers will cut your grass at about 3-4 mph, whereas Gravely or Bad Boy mowers will cruise a lawn at 6-8 mph in forward motion.

Gravely Vs Deviant Boy: Deck Size

It is also essential to consider the deck size of the mower. The deck size you should get depends upon your lawn size and its landscape. Since both manufacturers offer various size decks, you have many options to choose from.

However, Bad Boy is restricted to providing you with up to 60-inch decks, whereas Gravely also features some more models with 72 inches deck sizes. Depending on your need, you can go to any of these. For any 1-3 acre land, you need a deck size of between 42-48 inches. Suppose your lawn is over 3 acres or even more significant.

I recommend you go for the 72 inches deck mower to mow any land more than 3 acres in size. With a 72 inches mower deck size, you will have evenly grass cutting. Make sure to adjust the cutting height evenly across the width of the mower deck. A good size deck will ensure a seamless, smooth, side-by-side blend between each row of freshly cut grass.

Gravely Vs Bad Boy: Tires

Since different mowers require different sizes of tires, it is crucial to figure out what tire dimensions both manufacturers are offering on their models. Regarding Gravely, they come with an 11 x 6 x 5 front tire and an 18 x 8.5 x 8 rear tire. On the other hand, Bad Boy comes with a 20 x 10 x 8 rear tire and an 11 x 6 x 5 front tire.

Most mowers have a ply rating that indicates how much load the tire can carry and operate efficiently. Generally, most Gravely and Bad Boy models come with a one or three-ply rating: 2,4, or six.

The higher the ply rating is, the higher your mower will be able to carry the load. Apart from that, avoid getting a mower of lower ply rating as it will be prone to puncture. However, lower-ply ratings also offer a softer ride than high-ply rating mowers.

Gravely Vs Deviant Boy: Cutting Heights

Depending on your lawn grass length, you must adjust the cutting height. Most mowers come with a deck-cutting height of 2-4 inches. However, Gravely and Bad Boy manufacturers offer a cutting height with a selection of 1.5-4.5 inches.

Most experts recommend a mower with a cutting width of 3-3.5 inches. If you get a 4-in mower, You’re likely to notice layover after blade. Whatever model of mower you get from any manufacturer, it is essential to raise the deck to a cutting height of up to 3.5 inches.

It is also necessary to position and turn the blade side to side manually and carefully. It will be suitable to wear thick and sturdy gloves to prevent any accidents. If you ride a mower blade manually, you may accidentally grab the dull edge of it and get cut. 

Gravely Vs Bad Boy: Warranty

It is essential to consider the warranty period both the manufacturer are offering. Gravely offer a 2-year warranty period, whereas Bad Boys provide a warranty for up to 3 years. It is always recommended to purchase a mower with an extended warranty period.

Suppose you frequently use a mower or get one every week; ensure an extended warranty that will protect you from manufacturing defects. An extended warranty will also help your mowers last longer than they otherwise might.

If your mower doesn’t meet any feature specification or component, you can ask the manufacturer to correct it without paying anything. Although some exceptions will be applied, so be careful about what defects are covered in the warranty period.

How To Choose Between Gravely Vs. Bad Boy

Width Of The Mower Deck

It is essential to consider the cutting weight of your mower deck, which can range from 10 inches to 17 inches in push lawnmowers and 32-66 inches in deck width in riding mowers. Your deck with zero turn mower usually comes with a 34-66 inches deck width.

You will have to do more passes to complete your lawn if you get a smaller deck. However smaller deck width will also help you keep minor yard maintenance a breeze. Since a smaller property or yard usually comes with s lots of obstacles, it will be challenging to navigate and turn the mowers if it has an ample deck width.

Cutting height

Depending on your preferences and the time of year, you may want your grass cut longer or shorter. Therefore, you should get a mower that adjusts its cutting deck height easily.


When it comes to having a push mower, you will notice an adjustable handle helping you out operate the machine if you are currently. But riding in movies is a must to have a comfortable seat. Most of the Gravely and Bad Boy riding mower comes with a cup holder that will help you keep a bottle aside to stay hydrated during the operation.


Before making any initial purchase, consider the cost of maintaining a Gravely or Bad Boy mower before you make any initial purchase. Maintaining a riding mower and repairing its faulty component may be costly if you must prepare. If not maintained properly, you will likely encounter some transmission issues or steering problems with time.

Yard Size

Yes, before you make any initial purchase from any manufacturers, it is a good idea to take a quick look at your yard size. If your yard is less than an acre, you need a small riding mower to do the job. However, a yard more than a Gravely needs a motor that is more capable of handling and cutting grass at a faster speed.

It would help if you got a riding mower with an easy-to-adjust deck size between 30 and 60 inches. A riding mower efficiently cuts broad areas with a faster rolling speed. A riding mower can cover more ground than any traditional mower in less time.

Handling Grass Clippings

It is essential to ensure the mower can dispose of the cut grass efficiently. You get three choices when it comes to having a mower to help dispose of the cut grass. Mowers with pre-installed bags help you collect and dispose of the grass clipping separately.

Other than this, some mowers come with side discharge that throws grass clippings back into the yard. Lastly, you will find mulching mowers that will cut grass clipping into smaller pieces and return them to your yard as mulch.

Some mowers also come with a combination of these different capabilities. Depending on the type of mower you are looking for, I recommend you consider the cost. Mowers with a mulching or bagging system usually cost more than any traditional side discharge mower. Another factor you need to consider is time.

If you go with a mower that comes with the bag, you will have to stop every time to empty the grass from the bag collection bag. Afterward, you may also need to contact the local sanitation department to pick up this Grass clipping or yard waste. Therefore I recommend you go with a mulching grass mower if you have a reasonable budget.


I have to give the winning vote to Gravely primary because it is a more extensive selection. However, Bad Boys are still catching up and usually manufacture different models of series with other features. You will likely find many models at a reasonable price from any manufacturer.

A few of Gravely’s best features are only available on its higher-priced models. Overall, a Gravely is a good choice if you have a large yard over 1 acre. If you are looking for a robust and reliable machine that can keep your small yard or lawn maintenance like a breeze, never mind going with the Bad Boy models.

I tried my best to give you a depth comparison between Gravely vs. Bad Boy. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people become aware of the upside and downsides of each manufacturer’s mowers. Do check our other helpful resources and guide on different manufacturer mowers comparison. See you in the next post, take care and goodbye.

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