Dr Brush Mower Problems

A Dr Brush Mower is a reasonably old company that has been popular for its mowers and unique features. You’re likely to encounter issues like any other mower, which can be resolved quickly if you have some expertise in fixing mowers.

With basic vehicle repair knowledge, you can easily face issues with Dr Brush Mower mowers like any other mower. For years, Dr Brush Mower mowers have been greatly appreciated by its users even though they have some main issues like starting issues, overheating problems, stalling, and power loss.

You can also encounter steering and rough transmission issues in any Dr Brush Mower or mower. Therefore this article will expound on those common Dr Brush Mower problems and some easy troubleshooting that you can perform.

Dr Brush Mower Problems

Dr Brush Mower Engine Won’t Start.

There can be many problems with your Dr Brush Mower, resulting in the engine needing to start. If you want to learn the possible cause and remedies to fix the engine not starting problem, check all the troubleshooting methods below.

Fuse. First, you should look at the wiring harness fuse; if it is faulty, replace it.

Battery And Engine Wire Connection. You should check the wire connections, especially the ground connection. Also, take a quick look at the large green wire from the battery connecting to the engine. If any wire seems faulty, loose, or disconnected, replace it. If the connections are open, keep them clean and tight. Also, reconnect the battery ground wire if disconnected.

Solenoid Connections. You should also pay close attention to the solenoid ground connection where it bolts to the frame. Make sure the bolts are clean and tight. Never mind using a wrench or socket to address any issue if needed.

Battery. If the Dr Brush Mower battery is not being charged, the engine won’t start. Other than this, if the battery is faulty or the charger is defective, you will need to replace it. In case of a damaged charger, you can also repair it.

The battery should be permanently changed. But if the battery is charged and connections are clean and tidy with no damages that could be halting the engine from starting, don’t mind getting your unit to the nearest Dr Brush Mower service center. The professional will be able to help you out and solve the issue within a few days, sometimes within a few hours.

Dr Brush Mower Engine Lacks Power

Throttle Lever Problem. Inspecting the throttle lever travel and its adjustment is essential if your Dr Brush Mower lacks the power to mow your lawn. Ensure it is in the run position while operating your Dr Brush Mower.

Faulty Spark Plug. The spark plug may be dirty and needs to be cleaned out. It is also essential to replace the spark plug with any crack. If the spark plug is oily, leave it out and hold a rack over the plug hole to crack the engine. Do it several times to blow out any oil in the cylinder. Then, you can restart the machine again to see if it is gaining its power back to normal.

Faulty Air Filter. If the air filter is dirty, make sure to clean it. Other than this, if it is damaged, you will need to replace it with the new one. Ensure to get the original part only from the manufacturer’s website or service center. If you need to learn how to do this, you can also take help from its user manual or call a technician who can help you out.

Quality fuel filter. The fuel filter may be clogged that needs cleaning or replacement. Do as necessary.

Old Fuel. If you are using old fuel stalling your Dr Brush Mower engine, you must replace it. Using any oil that is older than a month will degrade over time and leave residue in the tag, which can also interfere with your Dr Brush Mower engine power. Pay close attention to its tank management and maintenance. Always replace Dr Brush Mower oil once every season.

If all these troubleshooting methods are not resolving the issue and your Dr Brush Mower engine still needs more power to now your lawn, feel free to pay a quick visit to the nearest mechanical shop or authorized manufacturer/dealer. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website for assistance with your Dr Brush Mower problem.

Dr Brush Mower Engine Smokes.

Anyone with the Dr Brush Mower will feel haunted if they see their Dr Brush Mower engine emitting smoke. If this is the case, please check the following.

  • Check the oil level. If it is insufficient, adjust it as needed or recommended.
  • Check The Grounds. Ensure you are operating your Dr Brush Mower on a manageable incline.
  • Check The Oil Type. You may be using the wrong oil type. If the oil is too light for the temperature your Dr Brush Mower needs to run, it will emit smoke. It is essential to replace the oil with the one your manufacturer requires. 
  • Check The Air Filter. If it is clogged, make sure to clean it thoroughly. Pay close attention to your Dr Brush Mower maintenance to ensure the air filter is clean in It. Cleaning is necessary to keep your Dr Brush Mower engine healthy. Also, if the air filter is damaged, it will need replacement. In most cases, this causes smoking issues in Dr Brush Mower.
  • Check Cooling fins. Cleaning the cooling fans from time to time is essential to prevent them from getting dirty. Call the dealer or manufacturer for assistance if your Dr Brush Mower engine still smokes.

Dr Brush Mower Engine Runs But Does Not Move.

Cause Solution
Faulty Drive Belt. Replace it.
Drive Belt is out of adjustment. Adjust it
Faulty Transmission. Replace it. 

Care Reversing Hard.

If you are having difficulty shifting into reverse, you may need to clean the reverse gear or clutch system. Besides this, lightly pull the wheel’s clutch lever and quickly release it. Pull the clutch lever as you pull the shift lever into reverse.

If the difficulty persists, the reverse clutch or system may be faulty and need replacement. Get your unit to your nearest mechanic to find the cause. For genuine service, go to the Dr Brush Mower service center.

Dr Brush Mower Excessive Vibration 

If your Dr Brush Mower is vibrating excessively, the blade is faulty. If the knife is dull or has nicks & bears, replace it. Also, make sure to sharpen the Dr Brush Mower blade from time to time.

If the blade is dull and imbalanced, it will cause excessive vibration. To prevent them from happening, ensure they are professionally sharpened if needed. Other than this, if it looks bent, try to straighten it. If it’s not possible or looks deplorable, never mind replacing it.

Besides that, ensure you return the blade in the proper orientation according to the Dr Brush Mower user manual. Besides this, you should also look for any loose blade nut that needs tightening or resetting if all these do not resolve the issue.

Poor quality spindle bearings will also affect your Dr Brush Mower operation by causing excessive vibration. The paths may be very loose or worn out that need replacement.

I recommend replacing them too. While troubleshooting, turn the engine off and remove the spark plug to prevent accidents. After performing all these operations, I recommend you contact the authorized mechanic if the vibration persists.

Dr Brush Mower Blade Is Not Cutting 

If this is the issue, first tighten all the blade nuts if this doesn’t resolve the issue. A dull or neck blade may be the cause that needs sharpening or replacement in the proper orientation. Do as required.

Dr Brush Mower Blade Not Engaging or Disengaging

If your Dr Brush Mower blade is not engaging or disengaging, hold down your Dr Brush Mower operator’s presence liver. Check the blade control switch for any faults or damages.

If it needs replacement, remove it from the control panel and change it. Suppose any blade control wiring harness is shorted or open, transparent, and change it entirely. If the issue persists, call the technician. 

Differential Lock stays in the Lock-in/lock-out position.

Firstly, check the sleeves of the differential lock system. If any grass or debris has accumulated, clean and lubricate the Sleeve. Other than this, the differential lock-in/out cable may be out of adjustment. Readjust it if it looks in a poor state entirely. Consu troubleshooting to resolve that issue.

Tips For Dr Brush Mower Maintenance

Before Using Dr Brush Mower, Always Check the following:

  • Operator Presence Switch
  • Engine Oil Level
  • General Equipment Condition
  • Blade for Sharpness

After Every 25 Hours, Lubricate Grease Fittings, Clutch, and Brake Cables Chain, and Lock In/Out Sleeve

After Every 25 Hours, Always Check the following:

  • Tire Pressures
  • The Battery charge
  • Parking Brake Adjustment
  • Belt Tensions and Condition
  • Engine Exterior and Cooling Fins For Any Dirt
  • Cable connections

After Every 25 Hours, Always Replace the following:

  • Air Filter  
  • Precleaner
  • Engine Oil 
  • Oil Filter

After every 100 hours Of Dr Brush Mower Usage: Replace Spark Plug & Fuel Filter.


After knowing about common Dr Brush Mower problems, you might think there are better options than this. This is not true. A Dr Brush Mower is an excellent option to start with. You will find solutions to most of your Dr Brush Mower problems in this article.

Other than this, you will likely encounter a few issues that can be resolved using the user manual. If you need to see a mechanic, don’t mind. Fortunately, repairing a Dr Brush Mower is relatively inexpensive.

Aside from this, you should also pay close attention to the regular maintenance of your Dr Brush Mower. If your Dr Brush Mower has no faulty components and looks OK but is not starting, get your unit to an authorized service center or check the Dr Brush Mower website for assistance. Do you check our other article till then, take care, & goodbye.

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