Bobcat 873 Problems

Whether you are a farmer or a landscaper, if you are looking for a compact machine designed to be used on heavy-duty jobs, a Bobcat 873 is the one to look at. The Bobcat 873 is suitable for many tasks like landscaping, nursery work, loading, and hauling.

It can also perform other heavy-duty tasks due to its light design and construction. Even though it comes with a powerful 33-horsepower diesel engine, Bobcat 873 is prone to specific problems.

There is no compact loader that will not cause issues during its lifespan and operation due to aging, lack of maintenance, collision, and overuse. In this article, we will be delving into the most common Bobcat 873 problems that its operator has frequently reported.

Even though a Bobcat 873 is known for its longevity, durability, and sound investment for long-term use, it can encounter issues if not paid attention to its maintenance and care. After reading this article, you will not only be able to troubleshoot any problem with your Bobcat 873 but also prevent it from reoccurring.

Bobcat 873 Steering Problems

If you feel very hard or heavy while using the Bobcat 873 steering wheel, its component might have a problem. Look for signs of damage in the Bobcat 873 steering box and its tie rods. If any of those needs replacement, do it.

Besides this, the Bobcat 873 steering can also feel very sloppy or loose due to a lack of tension. Check for the pressure of the steering belt and adjust it if required. Improper stress in the steering belt or any other worn-out component will cause loose steering in Bobcat 873.

In addition, if your Bobcat 873 is very difficult to turn the Steering Wheel or feels very stiff, there might be dirt or debris build-up in its mechanism. The Bobcat 873 can also have stiff steering due to a lack of lubrication in the steering mechanism.

Firstly, lubricate all your Bobcat 873 steering moving parts and components. Afterward, check for any dirt or debris clogging your Bobcat 873 steering mechanisms that need to be cleaned.

Keep your Bobcat 873 with all steering mechanisms and components on proper cleaning and maintenance. If you get an unpredictable response when turning the Bobcat 873 steering wheel, it might be a whole malfunctioning steering system.

Sometimes you experience a lot of vibrations in the steering wheel due to a worn-out tire or faulty front wheel. Ensure the front wheels of your Bobcat 873 are correctly aligned and the tires are equally inflated. Always make necessary changes or call a mechanic if you cannot find the root cause.

Bobcat 873 loader Electrical System Issues.

If your Bobcat 873 loader won’t move forward or reverse, there might be a problem with its electrical system. Fixing an electrical system of a loader can be frustrating, but it is needed to prevent any disturbance in your job routine.

One of the primary issues is that battery that needs a replacement. If the battery seems faulty, never mind replacing it.

In most cases, the dead battery is usually caused when you accidentally leave the headlights or another electronic component ON while the engine is turned off. In other cases, a dead battery is generally caused due to overuse or reaching the end of its lifespan.

Another thing to look out for is faulty ignition switches. As an ignition switch is responsible for providing adequate power to your Bobcat 873 loader engine, if anything goes wrong with it, the Bobcat 873 loader will not even start.

If the ignition switch is malfunctioning due to moisture damage or wear & tear, make sure to replace it at soon as possible. Sometimes the manufacturing defect tends to be the culprit of a Bobcat 873 loader electrical system issue.

Whatever the point is, it is essential to diagnose and address the problem as soon as possible. If left unattended, it can damage other parts of your Bobcat 873 loader more. Suppose you are unable to detect the real culprit.

In that case, it’s always a good idea to get your unit to your nearest authorized service center or consult a qualified repair technician. The professional mechanics will be able to help you diagnose and fix electrical issues with your Bobcat 873 loader as soon as possible.

Bobcat 873 loader Fuel System Problems

Old fuel. Your Bobcat 873 loader will not start. It may not run properly.If the fuel has been left in your Bobcat 873 loader tank for an extended period, it will degrade and become stale. Therefore, replacing any worn, old, or contaminated oil is essential to prevent further damage to the pump.
Blocked Fuel Lines.A Bobcat 873 loader will not function properly. It may not even start at all. If the fuel line is clogged with any object, you must clean it. Any restricted fuel line will not be able to supply an adequate amount of fuel from the pump to the engine. Hence, fuel lines can be blocked with objects as small as pebbles. Make sure to also check for signs of damage.. if the issue persists; I recommend you check the fuel filter and pump condition. If both are okay, consult a qualified mechanic for proper diagnosis and possible fixes.
Clogged Fuel Filter. The Bobcat 873 loader will not move properly or start.Your Bobcat 873 loader will not move forward or rivers if the fuel filter is clogged. It is essential to keep the fuel filter on proper maintenance. Regularly cleaning your Bobcat 873 loader fuel filter will soon degrade with signs of wear and cracks. It is essential to keep the fuel filter neat & clean for proper fuel supply to the engine. If the issue persists, replace the entire fuel filter. Also, look at the fuel lines for any restrictions.

Bobcat 873 Will Not Start

Bad Starter Motor

Sometimes a Bobcat 873 Starter motor malfunctions, and the engine doesn’t start. If your Bobcat 873 start motor is faulty, its engine will not turn over. Other than this, also look out for bad solenoids.

Depending on the problem, you should proceed with the solution. If your Bobcat 873 Starter motor is not functioning correctly due to a bad solenoid, replace it. Other than this, have a professional check on the entire Starter motor and replace it if necessary.

Electrical Issues

Suddenly a Bobcat 873 will also not start if there is any Electrical issue within its internal component. Some electrical issues like problems with the wiring or control module will malfunction a Bobcat 873 operation.

Your Bobcat 873 will not start if there is any problem with the ignition switch. Identifying a faulty ignition switch as soon as possible is essential to replace it if necessary. Also, if any wiring is loose, repair it as necessary. Never mind reprogramming the control module of your Bobcat 873 if needed by an authorized service center.

Engine issues

According to a few users, the Bobcat 873 will not start because of a problem with the engine itself. Engine issues in Bobcat 873s usually occur due to low compression levels. Other than this, if there is a problem with the timing, you will experience engine issues. Lastly, look for seized cylinder and repair or replace it as necessary.

Dead battery

This is one of the most common causes of Bobcat 873s not starting. It will never begin if your Bobcat 873 needs more power to turn the loader’s Starter motor. In addition, the battery terminals that are corroded or loose will also prevent the Bobcat 873 from starting. To fix the problem, first, charge the battery to the full mark and clean the terminals to allow power flow of energy to the starter. You should also secure all kinds of loose connections if necessary or required.

Fuel Issues

If there is any problem with your Bobcat 873 fuel system, the loaders may not even start or adequately stall during operation. Since a Bobcat 873 is not designed for heavy uses, you should refrain from using it for a commercial job.

If you use a Bobcat 873 heavily, its fuel system and the pump will degrade and wear out more than they should. In addition, if there is any problem with the fuel pump or the injector, your Bobcat 873 may not start properly.

If there is insufficient fuel, restore the adequate amount of high-grade energy to the total fuel mark using the dipstick. You should also check for signs of a crack in the fuel pump, and if there is, replace the pump entirely.

If you cannot detect the culprit that keeps your Bobcat 873 from starting, check it with an authorized mechanic or contact your unit at a nearby Bobcat service center for proper inspection, diagnosis, and repair.


After reading this article, I hope you know all the information needed to address any Bobcat 873 problem if you encounter one in the future. If you have no skin or experience fixing any vehicle, do not try to troubleshoot it.

You may end up causing more damage while trying to fix it. Getting experienced hands on your Bobcat 873 for proper troubleshooting and resolving any issue is essential. After knowing so many problems regarding cars, you might choose to avoid one.

Let me tell you, a Bobcat 873 is a suitable loader for anyone looking for a tool to make their small job work feel like a piece of cake. A Bobcat 873 is ideal for homeowners, gardeners, landscape, and even small-duty commercial workers.

Do check our other helpful guide on other Bobcat 873 problems. If you like our article, please share this. Your share will help many people learn about Bobcat 873 issues before purchasing one. See you in the next post. Till then, take care and goodbye

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