Bobcat T590 Problems

Lately, the Bobcat T590 has been seen with some problems. Many users of Bobcat have reported its mower engine stalling and shutting down unexpectedly. If this is the case, you are on the right site. This article will look at the common Bobcat T590 problems and their solutions. 

We have prepared this guide because people complain about their car’s engine acting off and leaking oil or coolant. The tracks of a Bobcat T590 also come off sometime.

Surprisingly, Bobcat also recalled all its T595 models to work on the fix. Meanwhile, users who could not answer the recall were advised to take their mower to an authorized mechanic or dealer. Now, let’s look at some Bobcat T590 problems and their solutions.

7 Bobcat T590 Problems

#1 Engine Lose Power & Shut Down

Unfortunately, almost all mower engines face overheating issues over time. If your Bobcat T590 is old, you might face some other mechanical problems stalling the engine.

If there is insufficient airflow through the radiator of a mower, it can create stalling. A small engine may also be the problem. The small engine eventually shut down because of power loss suddenly. 

Therefore I recommend you perform a regular maintenance check. If the radiator is deteriorated or hampered by the accumulation of debris, the engine will stall. Every spark plug or improper fuel may also lead to engine problems in cars.

Fix: it is highly recommended first to replace the spark plug if it is broken. Other than this, ensure you are using high-quality fuel at an optimal level recommended by manufacturing specs.

If there is any debris around or in the radiator, clean it properly to prevent further air blockage. Your Bobcat T590 gives you optimal engine performance when you use high-grade fuel. Vice versa, you will only have to do a little work or put massive effort into regular maintenance. 

#2. Fuel Loss And Inefficient Performance

It’s not surprising that fuel leakage is very hard to spot. If your Bobcat T590 gives you efficient or unexpected performance due to a fuel loss, here is what you need to know. Any leak in the filter, fuel line or carburetor issue can affect your car’s fuel efficiency and result in fuel loss. 

Leaks in fuel lines and filters can cause fuel loss and inefficient performance. Additionally, carburetor issues can also affect the Bobcat T590’s fuel efficiency.

Fix: You should check for oil leakage spots to fix this problem. Also, consider replacing the filter or the fuel line if needed.

If there is any sign of a carburetor issue, replace it entirely. In significant cases, the fuel line and filter leakage tend to be the main culprit of fuel loss. Therefore, it is essential to regularly maintain your Bobcat T590 to ensure it runs correctly and per expectations.

#3. Hydraulic leakage

Unfortunately, a Bobcat T590 may also have hydraulic leakage in its component. With any hydraulic leakage, you are likely to notice insufficient power generated by its engine and making an erratic movement.

You’re likely to lose control over your Bobcat T590 and eventually complete failure if not appropriately addressed. This is why I suggest you first check for any hydraulic leakage spot in the hoses and cylinder of your car.


  1. Firstly, make sure all the hoses and the wires are tightly intact. If you notice any leakage, seal it using epoxy.
  2. Replace the hose entirely if it looks pretty loose or worn down.
  3. In addition, look for wear and tear in all seals and replace it if needed.

All the steps should be followed to fix the hydraulic leakage. If the issue persists, make sure to get it checked by an authorized dealer or mechanic.

#4. Hydraulic system failure

Hydraulic system Failure is not uncommon. There can be many different factors why your Bobcat T590 hydraulic system failed. If your Bobcat T590 leaks its hydraulic line, the problem may arise.

Problems with the electronic control unit can also cause a hydraulic system failure. Any faulty hydraulic pump will halt its engine. Therefore, to solve this problem, check all the hydraulic pumps and fuel lines for any damage or wear.

Fix: if you notice any wear and tear in the hydraulic pump or its line, replace it entirely. Also, make sure your Bobcat T590 maintenance checks regularly. All the components and electronic control units of your Bobcat T590 should be functioning correctly.

#5. Electrical problems

Electrical problems in mowers are common due to faulty wiring or bad connection. In Other cases, insufficient power supply from the alternator or poor battery may also result in electrical problems.

There are many easy fixes for electrical issues in cars, but first, you should check for signs of wear and tear in the mower’s components. The battery of the mower should be appropriately charged to power. If you notice any faulty wiring or bad connection, replace it.

If you need experience or are a novice, consider getting it replaced by a qualified electrician.

Fix: If the issue arises from the connection and wiring, bring the Bobcat T590 to your authorized dealer or a qualified electrician for proper replacement.

Apart from that, make sure the battery and the alternator of your Bobcat T590 do not deteriorate and working fine to provide a sufficient power supply. 

#6. Clogged Case Drain Filters

Another major cause of issue for Bobcat is clogged case drain filters. The drain flow of your Bobcat T590 is usually stopped when the filter is clogged, and pressure keeps rising.

As hydraulic fluid reinforces the motor when the filter is clogged, a lot of pressure builds up. Moreover, the pressure keeps growing until the oil seal breaks, leading to gear oil and hydraulic fuel fluid mixing.

With tension building up, damage caused by it can be very severe and may need complete replacement. If addressed properly or quickly, the rotator groups of your Bobcat T590 may stay intact. If clogged case drain filters and pressure rising is left unaddressed, it damages cover plates or bearings in bits.

Fix: if this is the case, never try to clean the case drain filter, as it is not suggested. If there is any problem with it, place it entirely. The new drain filter should always look fresh in bronze color. Also, if your Bobcat T590 had any pump or final drive failure, always replace the case drain filter for a safety measure.

#7. Engine Overheats

When you run any engine for a prolonged period, it overheats. It’s not uncommon to notice engine overheating due to insufficient oil levels.

Fix: If you notice any sudden or excessive rise in the temperature of your car, check its oil level. If it is insufficient, refill it to the right level using a dipstick. Apart from this, your Bobcat T590 may also overheat due to clogged air filters or drain blockage.

If there is any deterioration or damage in the air filter, replace it entirely. If the carburetor of your Bobcat T590 is not adjusted correctly, make sure to do it right away.

So, Is the T590 Bobcat good?

Yes, a Bobcat T590 is indeed suitable for many reasons. Even though a few common problems are reported by its user, like overheating, these minor issues never outweigh its feature. There can be many factors and causes responsible for several issues in cars.

So, it is always recommended to troubleshoot the issue before trying to fix it. A Bobcat T590 is suitable for most lawns and perfect for starting. However, you may need help with tracking.

As a Bobcat T590 may not drive straight due to worn-out track or incorrect tension, you need to adjust appropriately using the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.

Overall our Bobcat T590 is an excellent mower that is perfect for everyone. If you are experiencing any issues with your mower, first troubleshoot it. And then, find the solution that works for you using the above guide.

What Is The Difference Between Bobcat T590 And T595?

We all know that T595 and T590 are both steer loaders that are similar in many ways. However, below are some essential differences that set them apart.

  • The Bobcat T595 model has a higher lifting capacity than T590.
  • T595 is perfect for commercial work and heavier jobs.
  • The T595 can produce 95 horsepower, whereas the T590 only has 74 horsepower.
  • The T595 has an X-change quick attached system which the T590 lacks.
  • The T595 is more powerful, faster, and versatile than the T590.

Which Bobcat model is the best?

According to the Bobcat manufacturer, the s650 loader is the most popular and sought-after model in the United States. It is a vertical lift loader, the top-selling product of all Bobcat models. It is great at material handling skid steers due to its 74-horsepower diesel engine.


What Engine Is In A Bobcat T590?

A Bobcat T590 is a powerful, solid, and robust mower in demand for its efficient 74-house horsepower diesel engine.

How Much Can A T590 Lift?

The T590 can only lift 2,200 lbs, whereas other models like t595 can lift 5500 kg.

How Often Do You Change The Oil In A Bobcat T590?

To keep your Bobcat T590 working correctly for a prolonged period, maintain and clean it from time to time. It is essential to replace the filter with engine oil once every 6-12 months. Besides that, you should also replace them after using them for over 250 hours under standard operating conditions.


After going through the article, I hope you know the potential problem with Bobcat T590 and why you should regularly maintain them. Always first troubleshoot the problem before looking for the solution.

Learning how to troubleshoot a mower will help you a lot before seeking advice from a mechanic or expert. But if you are still trying to figure out the exact issue, contact the authority-authorized dealer or mechanic for genuine service. Check our other mowers articles; see you in any other post. Till then, take 

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