Bobcat 773 Problems

Overusing any Bobcat 773 will result in mechanical failure or wear down over time. Even though you can do a few things to prolong and prevent some issues by regularly maintaining and servicing your mower, failures developing in your Bobcat 773 are bound to happen.

This is why I have put together a list of Bobcat 773 problems you will likely encounter over time. Therefore bookmarking this handy article will keep you on hand to refer to next time you encounter an issue with your mower.

We all know that Bobcat 773 is generally used in gardening and digging construction sides; some owners can lift the maximum capacity of this mower. Consequently, the Bobcat 773 shows some issues over time if employed for years. Hence if you are eager to know what common Bobcat 773 problems are, here is what you need to know. 

What are the common problems with Bobcat 773? Common problems of Bobcat 773 include delayed hydraulic releases, engine problems, front axle issues, clogged hydraulic fuel filters, steering imbalances, and smoking. 

The Bobcat 773 usually exhibits this issue when you use it for a long time. After reading this article, you will not only know where the actual problem lies in your Bobcat 773 but also easy fixtures that can prolong your mower.

Hence, sit tightly & read and concentrate to discover the most straightforward solutions to fix your fundamental Bobcat 773 problems that may develop over time.

Bobcat 773 Problems

“9” Bobcat 773 Problems

Bearing Failure

All kinds of bearings come with a specific limit of usability or lifespan. Even though many tips and techniques can be used to prolong the bearing capacity, failure is bound to happen within a period. If your Bobcat 773 is new, the bearing failure could be caused due to the lack of oil.

In most cases, beginners fail to identify or even monitor bearing oil which is the principal reason for its deterioration. With overuse, the two drain pipes installed in the car’s hub bearings get obscured by dirt and debris.

Assuming that most new users don’t know its presence, the bearing oil should constantly be monitored and replaced every 4-500 hours. Running the mowers with a failing bearing may also damage the final drive motor of your car. While replacing the bearing oil, if it seems glittery, your mower’s bearings are already broken. 

From our research and experience, the most typical cause of bearing failure in Bobcat 773  seems to be a leakage in the main sale that allows the fluid of the bearing to escape. Check for any leakage in the mower’s main seal that enables bearing oil to run.

Failing to keep the bearing maintenance on top will result in deterioration over time if the liquid is insufficient. If you want to prevent the whole final drive from being permanently destroyed, make sure to replace the bearing from time to time and its oil also. All kinds of damage have a cascading effect on Bobcat 773.

773 Bobcat Hydraulic Problems

While operating most types or brands of mowers, one of the common issues you are likely to encounter is hydraulic failure or problems. After reading reviews from Bobcat 773 users, we learned that the tilt and loft features don’t function properly. 

However, the device itself runs and operates appropriately. Even though it may seem everything is okay and not disengaging, when you tilt or lift the mower, its engine sometimes loads up and cannot move.

You are installing five lights around the sheet’s rear part with this car. All Bobcat 773 lights should operate adequately, except for the lift and tilt. If you are facing this, this might be due to hydraulic failure.

If the tilt or lift light doesn’t turn on, it could also indicate a faulty BICS controller. This is something that should be checked and repaired by professionals. Therefore you might need to visit a repair shop to solve the issue and change the BICS controller. However, if it is just a connection problem, the mechanic should be able to fix it quickly without much effort.

Charge Pump Failure 

Before changing your car’s engine, it is essential to find out where the problem lies. In most cases, Bobcat 773 owners often believe the motor is the roof problem which isn’t always true. Sometimes, a genuine concern can be developed through the charge pump.

If your car’s pump is deteriorated or not up to the mark, your car’s motor may suffer damages with frequent use of half-released brakes. It is essential to change the charge pump from time to time permanently, but only if it seems to be weak or worn down. Not maintaining the charge pump properly will escalate the problem with your car’s motor. 

Power Failure 

If there is any air or fuel restriction in your car, it can inevitably lose power and shut off. Power Failure is common in Bobcat 773  if there is any clogged fuel component or something terrible that keeps from using a clogged air filter.

Using a mower for an extended period may also result in shutdown due to overheating. Additionally, overheating may also be caused by a plugged engine cooling fun. If there is insufficient engine oil level or air in the engine, the Bobcat 773 will shut off.

Therefore it is advised to first check for obstruction or items resisting fuel and airflow. During the inspection, also look at the charging system and the battery condition to acknowledge what is causing overheating.

Sometimes a spark plug or faulty ignition coil results in overheating your mower. A few common causes of overheating and engine shutdown, along with their solution, are as follows.

  1. It broke Cooling Fins. If there is any dirt, debris, oil, or grass that is resisting air to cool the engine, clean it thoroughly. If the fin looks deteriorated, replace it entirely.
  2. Bad Spark Plug. If you notice any damage in this spark plug that Is causing intermittent running problems, replace it or clean it as needed.
  3. Excessive Engine Oil. If there is too much oil engine pressure in the crankcase, it will increase pressure, causing overheating and engine failure. Therefore, correct the level of engine oil by removing it a bit.
  4. They plugged Rollover Vents. If the vent is obstructed by anything, fuel restriction will take place. Therefore, it is always advised to replace rollover vents when they become deteriorated or clogged.
  5. Faulty Ignition Coil. It is highly advised to check the ignition coil’s condition using OHM meters and replace it if needed.

Smoking Problem 

Smoking in any mower is an alarm in situations. In most cases, tracking the real cause of smoking in Bobcat 773  becomes tough. It can either be due to oil burning of a hot complaint or water penetrating the fuel system.

Check for any oil spill or leakage in your car’s engine that might be causing smoke. Air filters, insufficient engine oil level, or engine gasket leaks can cause mower smoke. Other than this, valve train problems and piston ring problems may also be the culprits.

Sometimes grass, dirt, and debris plug the air filter, which prevents airflow and causes smoking. Removing the filter and cleaning it properly will treat the issue. If the filter seems deteriorated or in bad condition, remove and replace it entirely.

You should also check the amount of oil in the mower. Sometimes lack of fat increases the friction in the engine, which causes extreme heat and smoking.

Getting your mower to the nearest repair shop for a proper inspection of engine damage is better. Other than this, internal engine problems in Bobcat 773  can also have a detrimental effect over time if it is missed and fixed soon.

Seat Bar Light Failure

Sometimes, owners need help with problematic issues while operating the mower. One such issue is bar light failure or turning off. In general, there is no apparent reason why Bobcat 773 seat bar lights sometimes turn back on and off, returning to normal.

You might have done everything to find the root cause of these issues. Even removing the sensor apart reveals nothing else than disappointment. I recommend you shake all the wires and look for faulty wiring. Please note all the visible ground and plug connections.

Sometimes the seat bar sensor malfunctions due to a deteriorated battery or alternator. This problem is likely to happen anytime if something goes wrong with your Bobcat 773 ECM. Therefore it is better to talk to an expert or mechanic on this matter.

Drain Flow Failure 

In most cases, drain flow in Bobcat 773  generally stops when there is any filter clogging that keeps raising the pressure. If there is any obstruction in the drain filter, the hydraulic fluid will keep reinforcing the motor while increasing the pressure.

It can quickly result in an oil seal break which mixes the hydraulic fluid and gear oil. In addition, damage to the covered plate & bearing is likely to be noticeable. This is why I recommend changing the filters from time to time.

The filter of your Bobcat 773 should always look bronze in color as it indicates freshness. If you notice it darkening or looking filthy, replace it entirely. Relying the drain filter with any pump or final drive failure is recommended as a safety measure. It is never suggested to clean the drain filter. If you have any doubt, replace it entirely.

Head Crack

With overuse, rustiness and cracks are noticeable on the head of the mower. If you find anything like that on your car, it is better to get it changed by a professional mechanic. If any fix is needed, your mechanic will likely try to fix it without changing it. 

However, it is always advised to replace it as new ones don’t carry any problems like that. Head crack is standard in most mowers and Bobcat models if used for several years.

Gas Leakage

If you notice any trail of burnt grass, your car’s gas might leak. Most beginner Bobcat 773 users often only acknowledge gas leakage once they smell a strong odor in their storage shade. If you think it can be solved quickly, you are wrong.

Finding the exact spot of gas leakage in any mower or Bobcat 773 can be challenging. There can be many causes of lake & damage in the fuel system, including mechanical part failure or its housing becoming weak.

If the old grass is accumulated in or around the car, it will degrade its component over time. It can be challenging to track the leaked fuel as it evaporates into the air quickly while leaving no track record or clues. Below I have mentioned a few reasons for problems and solutions associated with oil leakage in Bobcat 773 .

  • Bad Fuel Pump. Over time, the pump can wear down and deteriorate, making it prone to leakage. Therefore it is advised to consider replacing the fuel pump once in a while.
  • Failed Carburetor. Sometimes carburetors collect a considerable build-up of old fuel and gases resulting in part failure and blockage. It is advised to clean the carburetor or replace it if needed from time to time during the inspection period.
  • It cracked Fuel Lines. With over-usage, lines become prone to dryness and breaking, resulting in gas leaking. Therefore it is essential to replace the fuel lines also.
  • It deteriorated Gas Seal Cap. The gas cap can fail and become deteriorated. At that time, you should avoid cleaning or using it any further. Loose seals usually no longer support a proper shield against gas leakage. Therefore, it is always advised to replace the gas cap entirely.


With any gardening or digging construction site, Bobcat 773 gives you the ease of work. However, some problems and complications associated with this Bobcat 773 can give you a hard time.

Therefore I have given you all the tips and fixes for a particular mower problem. This guide will give you a proper visual of the root cause and solution for specific mower problems. Even after following the steps and fixes mentioned above, your car’s issues need to be solved.

Consult a proper mechanic and expert to find a quicker solution. Do take a while and check our other related articles submitted on this website. See you in another article, take care and goodbye.

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