Kubota B3350 Tractors Problems

Whether you are a farmer or a landscaper, if you are looking for a compact machine designed to be used or small to medium-sized land, a Kubota B3350 is the one to look at. The Kubota B3350 is suitable for many tasks like blowing, tilling, mowing, and hauling.

It can also perform other maintenance tasks due to its light design and construction. Even though it comes with a powerful 33-horsepower diesel engine, Kubota B3350 is prone to specific problems.

There is no compact factor that will not cause issues during its lifespan and operation due to aging, lack of maintenance, collision, and overuse. In this article, we will be delving into the most common Kubota B3350 problems that its operator has frequently reported.

Even though a Kubota B3350 is known for its longevity, durability, and sound investment for long-term use, it can encounter issues if not paid attention to its maintenance and care. After reading this article, you will not only be able to troubleshoot any problem with your Kubota B3350 but also prevent one from reacting.

Kubota B3350 Tractors Problems

Kubota B3350 Regeneration Problems

Regeneration is a critical process in a Kubota B3350 diesel engine to keep it running efficiently. If it encounters any problem, you cannot keep a Kubota B3350 operating at its best. Its engine is likely to be affected vastly if there is an issue with the regeneration. Therefore, three frequently reported regeneration Kubota B3350 problems with its cause are here.

Premature Reservation: Premature regeneration is a problem that occurs when your Kubota B3350 initiates it too frequently. If you start your Kubota B3350 regeneration process too often or often, it will cause unnecessary wear on the engine while increasing fuel consumption. If this is the case, get it checked by a qualified technician who can help you with your tractor’s computer malfunctioning.

Incomplete Regeneration: This is a situation that often occurs when your Kubota B3350 computer cannot complete the regeneration process, causing damage to the DPF and the engine to lose power. In this case, I highly recommend you to consult a mechanic as they are the best to determine the actual root cause of the issue. You can also get your unit to the authorized service center to get the necessary repairs for your B3350.

Reduced Performance: If your Kubota B3350 regeneration process is not working correctly, it is essential to get it checked by the mechanic. It usually occurs due to a faulty Kubota B3350 ECU software that needs to be updated.


Firstly, check if the DPS pressure gauge is functioning correctly or not. If it is dirty, clean it. Also, check for a clogged filter that is failing to initiate regeneration. Other than this, cleaning the sensor mat also resolve the issue.

Sometimes the DOC temperature sensor gets faulty and causes the tractor to detect clogged filters or initiate a regeneration. It is essential to check whether there is enough oil in the engine.

Also, make sure the oil level is high enough and low. If the oil is contaminated, Make sure to replace it. It is essential to change the oil frequently as a regular part of the replacement to initiate a healthy regeneration process.

Check your Kubota B3350 ECU software. If your Kubota B3350 engine ECU software needs to be updated appropriately, you will have problems with the Kubota B3350 regeneration process. It is never a bed to consult a user manual or contact a mechanic who can help you troubleshoot or resolve the problem sooner.

Kubota B3350 DPF Problems

To reduce the emission of particulate matter, manufacturers have installed a device known as DPF in the exhaust system of diesel engines. SOME users have frequently complained about Kubota B3350 dpf problems that cause reduced engine performance and increased fuel consumption. Other than this, they have also mentioned a warning light on the dashboard that indicates an issue with the dpf itself. Since there can be many causes for such occurrence, here are what you need to know.


If your Kubota B3350 has reduced engine performance while increasing fuel consumption, ensure the DPS is not clogged with particulate matter. Sometimes the DPS can get clogged with the particulate matter as little as a pebble.

Other than this, you should also check whether your Kubota B3350 computer can complete its regeneration process. Sometimes regeneration problems with B3350 also cause DPF problems. Other than this, check for any wrong fuel pressure or malfunctioning DPS if the dashboard warning lights indicate a problem.

Faulty DPS systems will not work correctly, causing the Kubota B3350 to lose power and become less efficient. In addition, if it becomes clogged or damaged, your Kubota B3350 engine will fail to start even.

Therefore if you are experiencing any problem with your Kubota B3350 DPD mechanism, here is what you can do to troubleshoot it before calling a qualified mechanic for diagnosis and repair.


Firstly, I recommend you clean your Kubota B3350 DPF device if it is clogged with particulate matter. In addition, clean the air filter or replace it if it is clogged heavily or damaged. If there is low fuel pressure, you should address it adequately.

Check the user manual and restore the required high-end fuel to the full mark using the dipstick. If your Kubota B3350 has reduced performance due to a faulty DPF device, make sure to get it replaced. If you know how to replace it, you can do it.

Otherwise, I’ll recommend you get it done by a qualified technician. DPF is usually installed in your Kubota B3350 diesel engine exhaust system. If you are still determining the root cause of the problem, avoid making any unnecessary changes or repairs to get your Kubota B3350 to work.

Kubota B3350 Emission Problems

With increasing pollution, people are becoming aware of emission problems daily. Emission problems are always frequent in any diesel engine, including a B3350. Therefore, if you have any Kubota B3350 emission problems, here are a few things to consider or note.

  1. If your Kubota B3350 is emitting excessive smoke, there can be many factors in play. No matter the color of smoke coming out from the exhaust system, firstly, look for incorrect fuel injection timing or worn-out engine component. Sometimes clogged air filters cause excessive smoke also.
  2. Since nitrogen oxide is the primary pollutant that is usually emitted by any diesel engine, it is generally caused if the combustion temperature is exceptionally high or fuel injection is faulty. High Nox emission is also caused due to a damaged engine component.
  3. If your Kubota B3350 emits a high amount of hydrocarbon, a harmful pollutant, look for any debris in the air filter or worn-out signs in the engine component.
  4. Since a faulty fuel injection can also emit harmful pollutants like particulate matter, please keep it on a proper maintenance schedule. Sometimes the high particulate case is caused due to a malfunctioning diesel particulate filter that needs replacement. If not appropriately resolved, it can cause respiratory problems to the operators while emitting a high amount of particular particulate matter into the environment.
  5. In terms of being a harmful pollutant, carbon monoxide is no exception. It can be caused due to poor fuel injection or blocked fuel system air filters, or any other component. Also, make sure to replace any damaged engine parts if required.

Kubota B3350 Stalling Problems

If your Kubota B3350 is stalling, there can be many factors and causes at play. If appropriately addressed, the Kubota B3350 stalling problem will prevent the tractor from shutting down anytime. Therefore, if you find your tractor hard to operate due to a stalling problem, here are a few causes and what you can do to fix it.

Insufficient Fuel: If the Kubota B3350 fuel system fails, it will stall. This problem is generally caused due to a clogged fuel filter that needs cleaning. I recommend you clean your Kubota B3350 fuel filter and replace it if it has any damage or cracks. Sometimes an empty fuel tank or malfunctioning fuel pump also causes fuel starvation issues in B3350. If this is the case, never mind refueling the tank or replacing the fuel pump as necessary.

Insufficient Air. It is essential to keep the air filter clean. If your Kubota B3350 air filter is clogged, you will encounter air intake problems. Air will also enter the engine if the air filter is faulty and in poor condition. Make sure to replace a damaged air filter. Sometimes malfunctioning air intake sensors give you the wrong reading. If this is the case, return it to prevent your Kubota B3350 from stalling again.

Throttle Problem. If your throttle control system fails to control your Kubota B3350 engine speed, the tractor engine will start to stall a lot. Any malfunction in the throttle position sensor usually causes this. Sometimes a stuck throttle cable can also cause the engine to slow down a lot. Depending upon the issue, follow a systematic approach to address it.

Ignition Problem. Ignition problems occur when there is any problem with the spark plug or the ignition coil. Check for any signs of damage on these spark plugs that are failing to keep the engine working properly.

A faulty ignition coil will also cause the tractor engine to stall a lot. Depending on the issues, you should always replace a defective component with the new one. Make sure to get a new member directly from the manufacturer’s website or authorized service center Store.

Engine Problems. If there is any problem with the engine itself, you will experience many issues. Kubota B3350 engine components and internal parts are also prone to damage and wear out due to overuse, aging, and lack of maintenance.

Sometimes malfunctioning engine control modules cause Kubota B3350 stalling problems a lot. In this case, you will have to replace the Kubota B3350 engine control module, which might be costly.

Regular maintenance like checking your Kubota B3350 fuel filter for any restriction, cleaning the air filter, inspecting the spark plugs, and replacing any component that is worn out is the least you can do to prevent starting problems. However, regular maintenance will help you keep your Kubota B3350 working for a very long time.

Kubota B3350 Won’t Start

If your Kubota B3350 needs to start properly, there can be many factors in play. Check for any weak or dead battery that may be lacking to supply power to turn over the engine and cause the tractor not to start.

Besides this, the faulty Starter motor will also fail the engine to turn over when the key is turned. Check for any clogged fuel filter or malfunctioning fuel pump interfering with your Kubota B3350 starting mechanism and function.

If there is any problem with the Kubota B3350 carburetor, its engine will fail to start. Make sure to bleed the machine if the air intake is the cause. To also check for any Malfunctioning air intake filter.

Sometimes the Kubota B3350 injection ignition system fails to allow the engine to start and run. If there is any problem with the spark plug or the ignition coil, your tractor engine will again fail to begin.

Lastly, look for any signs of problems in the machine itself. Sometimes a worn-out or damaged internal Kubota B3350 engine component causes the issue. If the problem is a faulty engine control mode, you will have to pay a visit to the authorized service center to get it replaced.


After knowing so many Kubota B3350 issues, you should avoid one. Let me tell you, most Kubota B3350 problems can be easily fixed on your own if you have experience fixing any mower before.

However, it would be best to gain experience replacing or repairing any Kubota B3350 vehicle component. In that case, I recommend you get your Kubota B3350 diagnosed and fixed by a highly skilled technician or authorized service center.

Let me tell you, a Kubota B3350 is an extremely powerful mower equipped with a 33-horsepower diesel engine, varieties of attachments, implements, a cab option, and a four-wheel drive system.

You will find it very easy to operate and smooth operation. Since this Kubota B3350 came with extra protection and added comfort, this tractor is ideal for any task like mowing, tilling, and snow removal while giving you a smooth ride.

A Kubota B3350 is an efficient and versatile tractor suited to any light industrial use or small commercial work. It can also be used for agricultural purposes.

Regarding ease of use, reliability, and durability, the Kubota B3350 is no exception among farmers and small landowners. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. I tried my best to give you all the information about common Kubota B3350 problems and what you can do to fix them.

If you encounter any other issue not discussed in this article, never consult the mechanic or manufacturer. They will be the best person to help you resolve any problem. Check out our helpful guide on other tractor brands suitable for small farmers and landowners. See you in the next post. Till then, take care and goodbye. 

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