Kubota L3301 Problems

A Kubota L3301 is very useful for regular mowing and small-duty tasks. However, a Kubota L3301 is not an exception regarding mechanical component failure. Like all mowers, you will encounter problems with Kubota L3301, also. In this article, we will talk about the most common Kubota L3301 problems and their solutions to help you troubleshoot them.

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Kubota L3301 FUEL Problems

Kubota L3301 Tank Is Empty 

If there is insufficient fuel in your Kubota L3301 tank, it will not start. Sometimes operators need to remember simple things like refueling their mowers or checking for any leakage. If the fuel is leaking, make sure to check for leakage spots. Depending on the problem, here is how you should troubleshoot empty tank problems in L3301.

If you have ever had a mower before, you might already be aware of the most common issues you encounter with its lifespan over time. A Kubota L3301 is expected in terms of aging or overuse problems.

This article will discuss some Kubota L3301 problems that are out of the ordinary but very predictable if you know the signs you should look for. Depending upon how long the Kubota L3301 has been in use, your mower will exhibit problems like electrical issues, filter drainage issues, starting problems, transmission issues, and overheating.

Sometimes, you may also notice a sudden loss of power while operating a Kubota L3301 on your lawn. Although a few problems will be time-consuming, you can quickly fix them if you know what you should do and from where you should begin.

In this article, I will help you be in a better place and be prepared to deal with any Kubota L3301 problems that may arise with your machine. It is okay to know the Kubota L3301 problems in advance. So let’s find out the most Kubota L3301 problems their users often complain about.

Fix: Firstly, you need to check if the Kubota L3301 has fuel in it or not. If required, restore the needed amount of fresh high-end oil to the full mark using the dipstick.

Using Bad or Old Fuel

If you don’t replace or change the old fuel of your Kubota L3301 as a part of regular maintenance, it will become old and stale over time. Old fuel can degrade and leave sediments & residue that sit on your Kubota L3301 tank and escalate the wearing-down process than it should be.

It is essential to also check for any leakage. Since ethanol is being added to today’s fuel, its residue will be left behind, which might cause your Kubota L3301 fuel system to fail. If you cannot use the power within 30 days, add some additives to stabilize the fuel.

Use Fuel Within 30 Days. If you cannot consume the fuel within 30 days, you need to add a fuel additive to stabilize it. 


  1. Firstly, remove all stale fuel and adequately clean the tank. If you cannot remove the old energy, never mind taking the help of a fuel siphon pump.
  2. Add some fresh high-grade fuel recommended by the manufacturer, but only after cleaning the system.
  3. Add fuel additives to keep it stabilized and reduce moisture.

Faulty Kubota L3301 Fuel Cap 

If the seal of your Kubota L3301 fuel tank is plugged or broken, a vacuum is likely to form in its tank. This vacuum prevents the fuel from transverting to the engine, and your Kubota L3301 won’t start. Make sure to remove the cap and inspect it.

If your Kubota L3301 is sluggish or shuts off after running for a while, there might be some dirt in the lid that you need to clean and start your Kubota L3301 again. Sometimes the hat gets worn out due to aging or overuse.


  1. Firstly, replace any old cap that has signs of wear & tear. If it is loose, make sure to retighten it.
  2. If there is any debris or dirt stuck in it, clean it.
  3. When replacing a fuel cap, get the original one compatible with your Kubota L3301 directly from your local Kubota dealership.

Kubota L3301 Overheating Problems

Overheating is the most common issue that Kubota L3301 users have frequently reported. If you are experiencing Kubota L3301 overheating problems, you might have to find the cause. Hair, we will take a quick look at the reasons for Kubota L3301 overheating issues and its solution.

Setting the Cutting Height Too Low

Have you ever noticed a conveyor belt on a factory production line? If yes, you already know how much you have to work harder and harder to keep up if you crank the belt Speed. The same goes for the cutting height of your mowers.

The engine will overheat if your Kubota L3301 mower cutting height is too low. Depending upon the engine power, it has limited capacity to do a job without overheating. Since the Kubota L3301 comes with a less powerful engine when compared with the high-end models, if the cutting height is too low, the Kubota L3301 will overheat.

Solution: It is simple to solve the cutting height set too low. Move the cutting height to a notch or two, depending on how you usually put it. You can also take the help of the user manual. After resetting the cutting height, you will likely notice a difference immediately. This should keep your Kubota L3301 engine cooler and prevent overheating, but if not, here is another cause of Kubota L3301 overheating.

The blade is Loose or Bent.

If your Kubota L3301 blade is loose, the mowers can only cut your long grass efficiently. Since flexible blades will also have a bit of wiggle room which shouldn’t, it will cause the cutting height to change unexpectedly and constantly.

If you notice your Kubota L3301 cutting and evenly, it is a clear sign of a loose blade. Besides this, if the blade is bent, your Kubota L3301 steering wheel vibrates excessively. Even though a bent blade will not have any wiggle room, it can still deliver uneven cuts because it is out of shape.

Both of these scenarios are a problem that can cause lawnmowers to overheat. Like the last tip, these blade issues make the engine/motor work much harder to deliver the evenly cut grass you expect.

Coming to the point again, any loose blades and bent blades can cause a Kubota L3301 to overheat. Since the cutting efficiency worsens due to vents or open edges, the engine will feel more strain and get too hot to operate correctly. Here is an effective solution for this.

Solution: First, check for signs of damage on the blade. If you think the edge is very loose, never reinstall it again. Make sure to tighten the bolts and linkage properly. If it is not sitting correctly, replace them. In addition, tip your Kubota L3301 on its side and inspect if the blades are bent. Replace a bent blade by following the section of the user manual.

Blunt Mower Blade

The mower’s motor will overheat if your Kubota L3301 blade is no longer sharp enough to cut your lawn grass evenly. With a blunt mower’s blade, a Kubota L3301 can take forever to chop the grass. Since a dull cr blade will make the grass clipping much more labor-intensive and arduous, you need to sharpen it from time to time.

Solution: if the blade is not sharpened correctly, re-sharpen it. If you need help remembering the last time you point-shot the mower’s edge, it’s worth checking one. A Kubota L3301 blade needs replacement, and you’ve not paid any attention yet.

Blocked Air Vents

All kinds of mowers have air vents that prevent overheating. Therefore if the air vent gets clogged or restricted due to any foreign object or Debris, it will halt your Kubota L3301 operation.

Besides this, the cool air channeled to the Kubota L3301 engine will also stop while increasing the temperature. Since a Kubota L3301 air vent can get easily blocked with a foreign object as little as a pebble, pay close attention to maintenance & regular cleaning of your Kubota L3301 internal parts.

When you mow your lawn, it is standard for the Debris to blow and roll along the mower’s floor. Therefore, a Kubota L3301 internal part can accumulate lots of Debris build-up. Here is how to clean the vents.

Solution: To clean your Kubota L3301 air vent blocked with grass clipping, take help with a stiff bristle brush. Make sure to give your Kubota L3301 vent a thorough review if it is clogged up with wet Debris. However, if it is scorched, you can take a cleaning solution. It is essential to regularly check the air vent condition before operating an L3301.

Clogged Cutting Deck

It is common to find loads of dried-on grass clipping when you turn over your L3301. It may also look like it has been there for a prolonged period. If you have not paid close attention to the proper maintenance, clogged cutting decks may cause overheating.

Since the blade airflow is also essential for your L3301’s proper functioning, your Kubota L3301 engine will overheat if damaged. The Kubota L3301 blade air flow also helps the grass to stand up tall to get chopped even while discharging the clipping quickly.

If the deck of your Kubota L3301 is clogged, you need to clean it. Otherwise, the airflow will be less efficient, and your Kubota L3301 will not be able to discharge the clipping efficiently. If this is the case, the engine will have to work harder and harder to keep running. Thus, it can lead your Kubota L3301 engine to overheat.

Solution: First, turn your Kubota L3301 over for proper inspection. After turning over, you should be able to locate a blade that looks like a putty knife at the ready. If there is any grass clipping stock, you must scrap off all that debridge.

Be careful and do it bit by bit until all the dirt is gone. Pay close attention to the regular maintenance of your Kubota L3301 to avoid such an intensive job in the future. You should always rinse and wipe down your Kubota L3301 after every session, especially if your lawn grass was a little wet when you operated a Kubota L3301 on it.


Kubota L3301 DPF Problems

If your Kubota L3301 has reduced engine performance while increasing fuel consumption, ensure the DPS is not clogged with particulate matter. Sometimes the DPS can get clogged with the particulate matter as little as a pebble.

Other than this, you should also check whether your Kubota L3301 computer can complete its regeneration process. Sometimes regeneration problems with L3301 also cause DPF problems. Other than this, check for any wrong fuel pressure or malfunctioning DPS if the dashboard warning lights indicate a problem.

Faulty DPS systems will not work correctly, causing the Kubota L3301 to lose power and become less efficient. In addition, if it becomes clogged or damaged, your Kubota L3301 engine will fail to start even.

Therefore if you are experiencing any problem with your Kubota L3301 DPD mechanism, here is what you can do to troubleshoot it before calling a qualified mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

Kubota L3301 Pto Problems

Causes Solutions
Warped disc in the clutch pack.  You might have to replace the entire PTU break or the warped discs.
Misadjusted Clutch.  Adjust your Kubota L3301 clutch setting with the help of a user manual and tools.
Improper installation.  Make sure the PTO is appropriately installed.
PTO Brake Is Set When the Motor Is Turned Off.  Check out the user manual for safety settings to solve the issue.
Faulty electrical connection.  If there is any loose connection, retighten it. If it looks damaged, be sure to replace it.

Kubota L3301 Regen Problems

Premature Reservation

Premature regeneration is a problem that occurs when your Kubota L3301 initiates it too frequently. If you start your Kubota L3301 regeneration process too often or often, it will cause unnecessary wear on the engine while increasing fuel consumption. If this is the case, get it checked by a qualified technician who can help you with your tractor’s computer malfunctioning.

Reduced Performance

If your Kubota L3301 regeneration process is not working correctly, it is essential to get it checked by the mechanic. It usually occurs due to a faulty Kubota L3301 ECU software that needs to be updated.

Incomplete Regeneration

This situation often occurs when your Kubota L3301 computer cannot complete the regeneration process, causing damage to the DPF and the engine to lose power. In this case, I highly recommend you to consult a mechanic as they are the best to determine the actual root cause of the issue. You can also get your unit to the authorized service center to get the necessary repairs for your B3350.


Most of the issues you likely face with a Kubota L3301 are easy to resolve. Plus, if you have any basic knowledge and some experience around fixing any vehicle or mower before, you will find most of your Kubota L3301 issues easy to resolve at hand.

Since repairing a Kubota L3301 at its authorized service center can be costly and more if you need to replace any component, knowing how to troubleshoot any issue if you encounter one with a Kubota L3301 will keep you saving money and prevent it from happening again. Do check our other article on other Kubota L3301 model problems. See you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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