Kubota B7100 Problems

Kubota B7100 comes from an international brand and is manufactured by a Japanese company, ‘Kubota,’ which offers a wide range of equipment, including tractors, engines, and construction tools. B7100 is very popular for small-scale agriculture and residential uses like plowing, tilling, and mowing.

As all kinds of tractors with mechanical components are likely to wear down with overuse and aging, a Kubota B7100 is no exception. Even though B7100 is well accepted among homeowners, farmers, and small contractors, they have frequently complained about issues.

This guide is all about common Kubota B7100 problems that their users have often reported. In this article, we will learn what you can do to fix and troubleshoot any issue you encounter while operating a B7100. Knowing all this information will keep you ahead of resolving any issue before causing further damage to other engine components.

5 ‘Unwanted But Common’ Kubota B7100 Problems

Kubota B7100 Steering Problems

If you feel very hard or heavy while using the Kubota B7100 steering wheel, its component might have a problem. Look for signs of damage in the Kubota B7100 steering box and its tie rods. If any of those needs replacement, do it.

Besides this, the Kubota B7100 steering can also feel very sloppy or loose due to a lack of tension. Check for the pressure of the steering belt and adjust it if required. Improper stress in the steering belt or any other worn-out component will cause loose steering in B7100.

In addition, if your Kubota B7100 is very difficult to turn the Steering Wheel or feels very stiff, there might be dirt or debris build-up in its mechanism. The Kubota B7100 can also have stiff steering due to a lack of lubrication in the steering mechanism.

Firstly, lubricate all your Kubota B7100 steering moving parts and components. Afterward, check for any dirt or debris clogging any of your Kubota B7100 steering mechanisms that need to be cleaned.

Keep your Kubota B7100 with all steering mechanisms and components on proper cleaning and maintenance. If you get an unpredictable response when turning the Kubota B7100 steering wheel, it might be a whole malfunctioning steering system.

Sometimes you experience a lot of vibrations in the steering wheel due to a worn-out tire or faulty front wheel. Ensure the front wheels of your Kubota B7100 are correctly aligned, and the tires are equally inflated. Always make necessary changes or call a mechanic if you cannot find the root cause.

Kubota B7100 Starter Problems

Engine Not Cranking: If you get no response when turning the key, there might be a faulty Starter motor. Sometimes a poor connection causes no response when pressing the start button.

Depending on the issue, you should replace a worn-out Starter motor or faulty connection. Ensure the links are clean and tight between the battery and the starter mechanism of your tractor.

Sometimes the engine lacks cranking due to a corroded battery terminal. If this is the case, never mind tightening a loose starter and replacing a worn-out or corroded battery terminal as necessary.

Engine Slow Cranking: If you notice a weak or slow response when turning the key or pressing the start button, check for signs of damage on the Starter motor. Sometimes a faulty starter solenoid causes sloppy steering.

If this is the case, never mind replacing a faulty starter solenoid with the new one. If you need to learn how to replace a solenoid, get it done by a technician or a highly skilled person who knows how to do this.

Grinding Or Clicking Noise: If you hear any grinding noise when turning the key, look for signs of wear or damage on the flywheel. Also, check if the starter gear is aligned correctly or not. If not, realign the starter gear and replace the flywheel if necessary.

Besides that, if you hear a clicking noise when turning your Kubota B7100 key or pressing its button, it might be a faulty starter solenoid that needs replacement. Also, check for any loose connection that needs retightening. You should consult the user manual for proper diagnosis and troubleshooting of any problem with your Kubota B7100 starter mechanism.

Kubota B7100 PTO Problems

PTO Not Engaging

If your Kubota B7100 PTO is not engaging correctly or fails to engage, there might be a problem with its belt or the clutch. Check for any signs of damage in the PTO clutch or the belt. If your Kubota B7100 PTO belt has improper tension, adjust it with the user manual’s help. Also, replace the PTO clutch if it is damaged or interferes with the operation.

PTO Slipping.

If your Kubota B7100 PTO slips, you might notice a loss of speed or power when using it. It can also be accompanied by squeaking noise. If this is the case, I recommend you check the PTO pulley for any improper tension or damage.

If it needs readjustment, do it. Sometimes you have to replace the PTO belt that is damaged for any reason. Overusing the PTO pulley or aging can cause wear & tear while affecting its tension.

PTO is Not Shutting off.

 If your Kubota B7100 PTO continues to run even if you turn off the switch, something is wrong. Please check for a faulty PTO switch that might be causing the issue. If it has any signs of damage or wear, replace the PTO switch.

If you need to learn how to replace a button, take the help of the user manual and guides like this. You can also learn how to change the PTO switch of a lawn tractor from YouTube videos and the manufacturer’s manual.

Kubota B7100 Transmission Problems

One of the most common transmission problems that Kubota B7100 users have frequently reported is difficulty shifting, which a grinding noise can also accompany. If this is the case, something is wrong with your Kubota B7100 shift linkage that needs replacement.

Sometimes the problem can be with the transmission fluid. If your Kubota B7100 gears are slipping very often, check for low transmission fluid. If the fluid level is improper, restore the required fresh fuel to the full mark using the dipstick.

While doing so, check for any leakage that might be causing transmission problems. Sometimes a problem with the pan gasket of the Kubota B7100 transmission also causes problems.

Therefore, if it has any signs of wear and tear, never mind replacing it with a new pan gasket. Besides this, low transmission causes a lack of movement in any gear. If you notice a lack of training or no activity in any bag, check for signs of any damage on it.

Sometimes the problem can be related to the clutch mechanism. Therefore, ensure the clutch is properly operating and adjusted per the user manual. If it has any signs of damage, you should replace it too. If there is not enough transmission fluid, add it.

\Suppose all these don’t resolve your Kubota B7100 transmission problem, never mind calling the mechanic. Also, if this helps you troubleshoot the problem, ensure to recheck it by the authorized service center to ensure all other parts are properly functioning and well prepared for longevity.

Kubota B7100 Fuel Gauge Not Working

If your Kubota B7100 fuel gauge is not working correctly or moving, there might be a problem with the fuel gauge itself. You should replace it if it has any signs of damage or wear. Sometimes you get an incorrect fuel level reading due to a faulty fuel sending unit.

If there is any problem with the fuel sender unit, repair or replace it as required. Check the fuel gauge for proper operation; if it is malfunctioning, nevermind replacing it.

In most cases, the fuel gets low and needs only refueling to solve the issue. If your Kubota B7100 fuel gauge is not working and problems persist, check for incorrect fuel levels or corroded connections that need replacement. It is always right talking up some oil to the full mark using a district while replacing any corroded connection.


Even though a Kubota B7100 has many problems that its operator and users have reported, most of them can be quickly resolved if they get the proper care. Pay close attention to your Kubota B7100 maintenance and servicing.

Most of the Kubota B7100 problems that have been frequently reported are easy to solve. You can even replace most of your Kubota B7100 components if you know how. With a basic knowledge and some experience in fixing any vehicle, you can quickly troubleshoot your Kubota B7100 to resolve issues.

Since a Kubota B7100 is a perfect model for any small commercial use, lawn owners and farmers never hesitate to invest in one. The upside of having a Kubota B7100 will always outweigh the downsides that can be easily prevented or fixed.

If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Today I gave you all the information about common Kubota B7100 problems that you need to know if you are considering purchasing one or already have one.

Your share will help many people learn about the issues they are likely to face if they purchase and operate a B7100. Do check our other helpful guides on different mower problems. See you in the next post. Till then, take care and goodbye.

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