Simplicity Broadmoor Transmission Problems

Suppose you are looking for a lawn tractor that is not only very easy to use but also comes in with various attachments to make it more versatile for any heavy-duty or yard work. In that case, Simplicity Broadmoor is the one to go for.

Many users have frequently complained about Simplicity Broadmoor Transmission Problems, starting, steering, PTO, electric deck lift problems, and push-button start problems.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss all these common issues frequently discussed and complained about among Simplicity Broadmoor users and owners. We will also take a quick look at some troubleshooting methods that can help you fix this engine at its best.

Simplicity Broadmoor Problems

Simplicity Broadmoor Transmission Problems

A Simplicity Broadmoor comes with a hydrostatic transmission system that helps to power the wheel. It also helps in controlling your Simplicity Broadmoor speed and direction. You will notice difficulty shifting gears and operating your Simplicity Broadmoor if it gets faulty.

In addition, if the transmission fluid is insufficient, you will hear strange noises. Also, you need to take a quick look at the transmission filter for any damage. Here we will take a quick look at some common transmission problems that Simplicity Broadmoor users have frequently complained about. Knowing all these issues will help you troubleshoot them systematically.

Difficulty In Shifting Gears. 

If your Simplicity Broadmoor transmission is having difficulty shifting between gears, some damaged components or mechanisms might need replacement. Other than these, low transmission fluid or clogged transmission filters may also lead to difficulty shifting gears.

Firstly, you must check for any worn-out or damaged shifting mechanism or equipment. If the fuel transmission fluid is low, top up some. Replace the worn-out transmission filter turning mechanism if necessary. Also, keep the transmission filter clean to prevent any clogging debris accumulation.

The Transmission Is Slipping Out Of Gear. 

If this is the case, I recommend changing your Simplicity Broadmoor transmission fluid. Sometimes, a contaminated transmission fluid tends to be the main culprit. Besides this, you should clean the transmission filter if it is dirty.

You should replace the transmission filter if it has any signs of cracks or frays. Never mind taking a quick look at the safety shifting gears and mechanism for any signs of damage. If it has any signs of wear & tear, you should replace that mechanism to solve your Simplicity Broadmoor transmission slipping out of gear while in use.

Unusual Noises. 

If the transmission fluid is low or the transmission filter is dirty, you will likely hear unusual noises like whining or grinding sounds directly coming from the transmission system. It usually indicates a problem with the gears.

If the equipment needs replacement, never mind doing it. You should also top up or change the transmission fluid if it is low or contaminated. Keep the transmission filter clean and replace it regularly as a regular part of your Simplicity Broadmoor maintenance.

Simplicity Broadmoor Losing Power.

If your Simplicity Broadmoor is continuously stalling or losing power when the transmission is engaged, the filter will likely be dirty. Also, look for any damaged shifting mechanism that is causing the issue.

Transmission Overheating. 

If transmission fluid is low, it will cause the transmission system to overheat. To top up the liquid to cool the system. Also, make sure the seals are correctly tightened and in good condition.

Also, ensure you are not overusing your Simplicity Broadmoor or mowing with heavy loads. If you use a Simplicity Broadmoor for an extended period, its transmission system will overheat.

The transmission will also overheat if there is any problem with the more open system. Depending upon the issue, you should clean, repair, and replace any component as necessary.

Simplicity Broadmoor Starting Problems

Difficulty In Starting. 

A Simplicity Broadmoor will be difficult or may only start if its battery is alive. The problem can also cause due by a faulty starter or low oil level. Sometimes a mechanical issue or a problem related to its engine cause difficulty starting.

If the air filter is dirty, clean it. Also, keep your Simplicity Broadmoor battery level full to prevent any lack of power from turning over the engine. If the fuel is contaminated or old, make sure to replace it.

Any energy that is more aged than 30 days can cause the injured not to start or run poorly. The same goes for the fuel that has been contaminated with water. You should first replace the contaminated or harmful oil to check if the Simplicity Broadmoor engine AC is starting.

Check the compression level if you still need to get your Simplicity Broadmoor. If there is no compression in the machine, check the engine’s valves, piston rings, or hoses. If any of those needs replacement or repair, do it.

Sometimes, the Simplicity Broadmoor may not start if no spark reaches the plug. If this is the case, check out for malfunctioning ignition module or its coil. Lastly, the problem can be directly related to the spark plug that needs replacement. If this is the case, you should replace it.

Simplicity Broadmoor Engine Backfiring. 

If Simplicity Broadmoor engine is backfiring, many factors can be at play. In many cases, the engine backfires when the ignition timing is off. Other than this, an incorrect air & fuel mixture in the machine can also cause backfiring.

If this is the case, consult the user manual or with a professional technician. Do check for any leak in the exhaust system also. If there is any leak in the exhaust, the Simplicity Broadmoor engine will backfire.

Sometimes a malfunctioning ignition or fuel system causes the Simplicity Broadmoor engine to backfire. If this is the case, look for any faulty ignition system or fuel system mechanism that needs replacement.

Sometimes worn-out internal engine parts can cause backfiring and need professional troubleshooting. In this case, get your unit to an authorized technician or service center for proper diagnosis, troubleshooting, and fixing.

Simplicity Broadmoor Is Not Moving Or Difficulty Moving In reverse.

If your Simplicity Broadmoor transmission fluid filters are clogged, it will restrict the flow of fluid, causing difficulty moving in reverse too. Check for any damage on the control valve that directs fluid flow to the reverse gear.

If it needs replacement, you need to replace it. If there is any electrical issue with the control module, this type of problem will arise. Firstly, top up the fluid level and clean the clogged filter. Make sure to replace any worn-out control valve or its wiring if needed. If the problem is related to the control module unit, get it checked by a qualified technician.

Simplicity Broadmoor Clutch Problems

If you are experiencing difficulty in engaging your Simplicity Broadmoor clutch, the clutch fluid level might be low. In this case, top up the clutch fluid level to the designated mark. Also, make sure to check if there is any air in the clutch liquid line or not.

If there is, clean the fluid line system to solve complex engaging or disengaging clutch issues. Sometimes a worn-out clutch disc, pressure plate, or release bearing cause the problem. If any of these parts need replacement, do it.

Sometimes a damaged linkage that connects the clutch pedal to the clutch mechanism cause issue and interferes with the clutch function. Check for any signs of damage on the flywheel; if it is in bad condition, never hesitate to replace it too.

Sometimes your Simplicity Broadmoor clutch may also slip or emit grinding noises if it has any linkage or cable problem. If this is the case, replace that component. Lastly, pay attention to your Simplicity Broadmoor clutch pedal, disc, pressure plate, cable, and linkage maintenance.

Simplicity Broadmoor Steering Problems

Difficulty Steering.

Difficulty steering in a Simplicity Broadmoor can be caused due to numerous factors and issues. Firstly, check if there is enough steering fluid or not. Also, ensure there is no air in the steering fluid line that might interfere with the steering mechanism, causing it to be very stiff or hard to steer. If the fluid is low, top up some or bleed the air if necessary.

Check for any signs of a leak in the steering system that might be causing difficult steering. Sometimes steering components like gear, rack, or linkage get worn out and need replacement. The same goes for the tires also.

Therefore, if your Simplicity Broadmoor steering component or tire needs replacement, you should do it. Call the technician if you need to learn how to replace any Simplicity Broadmoor component. Sometimes a loose Steering Wheel also causes difficulty steering a Simplicity Broadmoor.

Loose Steering 

If your Simplicity Broadmoor steering is loose, a worm-out steering belt or pulley might need replacement. Also, check for any signs of damage on the steering linkage that might interfere with the Simplicity Broadmoor steering mechanism.

You should first check and replace any worn-out steering belt. If the pulley is misaligned, you should realign it according to the user manual or the manufacturer’s recommendation.

If you need help solving the sloppy steering problem on a Simplicity Broadmoor, look for any misalignment in the steering wheel or damage on the steering bushings that support the linkage. If there is any damage, never mind replacing any of those components. If the tire has inadequate pressure, your Simplicity Broadmoor steering will be very loose.

Excessive Vibration 

If you experience excessive vibration while steering a Simplicity Broadmoor, look for any worn-out steering linkage or its steering component that includes gear, rack, pinion, or ball joints.

If any steering component is damaged, it will cause excessive vibration while steering. Sometimes a worn-out tire causes excessive vibration while steering. If your Simplicity Broadmoor front wheels are misaligned, you will experience excessive vibration. Also, look for any signs of bending or damage on the steering wheel.

If any component has any signs of wear, you should get it replaced by your technician or on your own if you have experience. Lastly, look for any loose or damaged parts in the suspension system that might be causing excessive vibration while steering. If your Simplicity Broadmoor steering vibration while steering continues, get it checked by a professional technician for proper repair.

Simplicity Broadmoor PTO Problems

PTO Not Engaging Or Disengaging. 

If your Simplicity Broadmoor transmission PTO system is not engaging or disengaging while driving, there might be low transmission fluid or worn-out PTO cable/linkage. I first recommend you check and inspect for any worn out or damaged components in your Simplicity Broadmoor PTO clutch mechanism.

Also, look for signs of wear and tear On the PTO cable or clutch linkage. If the cable or the association needs replacement, do it. Lastly, top up or change the transmission fluid and check whether this gets the problem fixed.

Simplicity Broadmoor PTO Not Working. 

If your Simplicity Broadmoor power take-off mechanism is not working correctly, there might be a worn-out PTO belt. Also, if the PTO belt gets disconnected, it will prevent PTO from working.

Make sure to also check for any Electrical Issues with the PTO switch wiring or the fuels that might prevent the PTO from working correctly. Sometimes, the air clogging in the hydraulic lines causes the issue.

If the problem is related to the engine, you will have to get it checked by a qualified technician. In many cases, replacing worn-out components fixes the issue. Keep the hydraulic lines clean and if there is air, bleed it.

PTO Slipping Out Of Gear. 

Your Simplicity Broadmoor PTO may slip out of gear while in use if there is any problem with the PTO clutch itself. In addition, if the belts are loose, it can also cause the PTO to slip out of gear.

First, check for any signs of damage on the equipment, and if it needs replacement, do it. Other than this, keep the screens and filter free from debris to prevent PTO from slipping out of gear.

Replace a worn-out belt and tighten it while following the user manual and your tractor setting. If the hydraulic fluid is low, top up some to keep your lawn tractor and prevent any PTO problems.

Simplicity Broadmoor Electric Deck Lift Problems

If you are having difficulty raising or lowering your Simplicity Broadmoor deck, there might be a fault in the lift actuator. It can also be caused due to low voltage or faulty wiring that needs replacement.

Firstly, I need you to check the lift actuator for signs of any damage. If it needs any replacement, do it. Also, check the voltage and wiring for signs of any wear. If there is any Electrical Issue, address it adequately.

You should repair any faulty wiring damage deck lift actuator if possible. If your Simplicity Broadmoor deck is not raising or lowering partially correctly, there might be an issue directly in the deck lift control switch or its linkage.

In this case, I first recommend you check for signs of damage in your Simplicity Broadmoor deck lift control switch or its connection. If any of those needs replacement, do it.

Simplicity Broadmoor Push Button Start Problems

Difficulty Starting With Push-button. 

Your Simplicity Broadmoor may have difficulty starting with the push button if the battery is dead or the starter is malfunctioning. It can also be caused due to wrong fuel or low levels. Ensure to keep the air and oil filter clean to prevent clogging and restriction.

If you have used old energy for more than 30 days, drain it and clean the tank. Replace the battery to solve the issue. Sometimes, cleaning the air filter or starter system of your Simplicity Broadmoor solves the push button start issue. If all this doesn’t get difficult, starting with the push button resolved, you should contact the mechanic or manufacturer.

Push Button Not Responding. 

If your Simplicity Broadmoor push button is malfunctioning or not responding, look for a fail control module. Since the control module controls the push button, the controller will not respond if it malfunctions.

Other than this, there might be a low battery or debris stuck in the controller, preventing it from functioning correctly. Firstly, check whether the battery voltage is proper and has enough power to operate the push button.

Also, check for any Electrical Issues with the push button on its wiring or connections. Sometimes any fault or lose wiring causes the Simplicity Broadmoor button not to respond appropriately. If all these don’t get your Simplicity Broadmoor to push the button to respond, the switch has gone faulty and needs replacement. In this case, never mind replacing the post button. 

Push-button Intermittently Not Working.

If your Simplicity Broadmoor push button is intermittently not working, there might be a problem with the connection. If your Simplicity Broadmoor push button connections are dirty or corroded, it will prevent the push button from working correctly.

The wires may have gone loose or damaged and need replacement. Sometimes, a failed module problem control module causes the problem. If you expose your Simplicity Broadmoor push button to extreme humidity or temperature, it will intermittently not work.

I recommend you keep your Simplicity Broadmoor aside in a secured space or shed where they are not exposed to any temperature, humidity, or weather change. Other than this, tighten all the wires if it is loose.

Keep the wire clean & tight, and if any needs replacement, do it. Also, keep the connections clean to prevent them from getting dirty or corroding. If there is any electrical issue with the Simplicity Broadmoor push button or its wiring, address it to resolve.


I tried my best to give you all the information you need about Simplicity Broadmoor’s problems and what you need to troubleshoot them. If you find a Simplicity Broadmoor problem hard to resolve, never mind taking your unit to the nearest mechanical store or authorized service center.

However, if you have any experience with fixing or repairing any vehicle component, you will find most of your Simplicity Broadmoor components easy to replace. Most Simplicity Broadmoor problems are easy to resolve on your own with proper guidance and the user manual’s help. If you find this article helpful, I prefer sharing it.

Your share is going to as many people learn about the actual upside and downsides of having this professional mower. Do check our other helpful guide on other lawn tractor problems. See you in the next post. Till then, take care and goodbye.

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