Kubota L3901 Problems

You are not alone if you are facing trouble with your Kubota L3901. Many users have complained about Kubota L3901 problems, including pto Problems, clutch Problems, Starting Problems, transmission Problems, and other Problems.

Most of these issues are very small and can be fixed on your own at hand. If left unattended, it can lead to more significant problems in the future. In this article, I will help you learn about Kubota L3901 issues and their causes while showing you how to fix each of them.

In this article, you will find problems like battery drainage to blunt blades covered and breaking down to the point. So let’s get started and learn how you can troubleshoot any issue with your Kubota L3901 problems.

5 Kubota L3901 Problems

Kubota L3901 PTO Problems

If your Kubota L3901 power take-off system is not functioning correctly, many factors might be at play. Firstly, if your Kubota L3901 PTO clutch is slipping a lot, it can cause the PTO to stop turning or turn at a significantly lower speed than expected.

If this is the case, make sure to check for any worn-out components that need replacement. Other than this, if your Kubota L3901 PTO is not engaging or disengaging correctly, the switch might malfunction.

Other than this, there could be a problem with the clutch itself that might be interfering with your Tractor’s PTO function. If this is the case, you should replace any Malfunctioning PTO switch or another damaged component inside the clutch mechanism.

If your Kubota L3901 PTO shaft is not turning as it should be, there might be a worn-out attachment that is being powered. Also, look for any damages on the PTO clutch or its shaft. If the PTO shaft needs replacement, do it.

Other than this, ensure to address any problem with the PTO clutch or its attachment that is being powered if found. There might be an issue with the PTO gearing that needs replacement. These are only a few specific problems reported regarding the Kubota L3901 PTO mechanism.

Another particular problem can also arise depending on the usage, maintenance, and age of your Kubota L3901. If any specific issue has yet to be discussed here regarding a Kubota L3901 PTO mechanism, call the authorized technician or mechanic to help you troubleshoot and diagnose correctly. Never hesitate to get your unit to the nearby service center.

Kubota L3901 Clutch Problems

Clutch Cover Assembly Problem: The cover assembly of your Kubota L3901 clutches usually malfunctions when there are overstrike diaphragms. During installation, you might have damaged the diaphragm fingers by the gearbox input shaft. Readjust the grip appropriately according to the user manual and manufacturer recommendation.

Distorted Clutch Plate: A Kubota L3901 clutch plate can quickly become distorted if you accidentally hang the gearbox box on the drive shaft during installation. You can always reduce the risk of distortion by installing the gearbox properly and preventing it from depending on the clutch units.

Loose Bearing: It is essential to check whether the bearings are fit and tight. Before operating a Kubota L3901, if any approach feels loose, tighten it first. It is never recommended to use old directions as it will result in premature clutch failure.

The open bearing can also cause Kubota L3901 clutch problems. Sometimes the path gets too damaged due to aging and overuse and needs replacement. If this is the case, sure to do it. Kubota L3901 bearing carriers must slide freely on the bearing quill. You can also apply some high-temperature grease if needed.

Faulty Clutch Cables: The manufacturer recommends changing the clutch cable when you renew any clutch component. Clutch cable can get stretched if it is used beyond the adjustment limit. If the line is not connected correctly, correct it first. It should be adjusted according to the user manual and manufacturer recommendation. If the clutch cable needs replacement, do it to solve any Kubota L3901 clutch problem.

Worn Out Spigot Bearing: Worn out Spigot bearing can cause too much damage if it is allowed to float as it is. It is essential to replace all bearings with signs of damage, wear & tear. A worn-out Spigot bearing can also cause unbalance, resulting in specific vibrations. This might be causing a clutch problem in your Kubota L3901.

There can be many causes of the Kubota L3901  hydrostatic transmission problem mentioned below with its solution and prevention methods.

Kubota L3901 Transmission Problems

There can be many causes of the Kubota L3901 hydrostatic transmission problem mentioned below with its solution and prevention methods.

Worn or Damaged Drive Belts

The drive belt of your Kubota L3901  may have been worn out or damaged over time. Replacing it with the new one is essential if you notice it slipping often or broken. Any worn-out or damaged drive belt will cause transmission problems in the Kubota L3901  tractor.

Clogged or Damaged Filters

It is essential to pay close attention to your Kubota L3901  tractor’s regular maintenance. If not, its filter can get clogged or damaged. An element as little as a pebble can sometimes restrict fluid flow, which might cause problems with the Kubota L3901  hydrostatic transmission system. If the filter of your Kubota L3901  is blocked or damage comes, make sure to clean, repair, or replace it as necessary.

Leaks in The System

They might be a loose or damaged seal, escalating the fluid leakage in the transmission system. It is important to tighten all the flexible seals and caps tightly that might be causing leaks in the Kubota L3901  system. Other than this, make sure to also check for any unusual cracks or spots that might be causing fluid leakage. Leaks in the system can cause the liquid level to drop significantly, leading to Kubota L3901  hydrostatic transmission problems.

Kubota L3301 Starting Problems

If your Kubota L3901 is not starting correctly, several potential causes and factors can be considered. There are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot your Kubota L3901 problem if it is not starting correctly.

  1. Firstly make sure the battery is fully charged and the terminals are clean & tight to support the engine to start. If your Kubota L3901 battery is not fully charged, there will be no power to start the engine.
  2. Make sure to check if there is enough fuel in the tank or not before starting your tractor. If your Kubota L3901 fuel is contaminated with anything, replace it with the new one.
  3. Also, check the fuel filter to see if it is clean. Suppose it is clogged or looks terrible; clean or replace it.
  4. Make sure to keep the air filter clean and not clogged also. If the air filter is clogged with debris or any foreign object as little as a pebble, your Kubota L3901 engine will not start.
  5. Also, make sure to check if the spark plug is in good condition or not. Sometimes it needs to be gapped appropriately according to the manufacturing recommendation. If this is the case, take the help of your Kubota L3901 user manual to ensure the spark plug is gapped correctly.
  6. The injector may be malfunctioning, causing the Kubota L3901 not to start. If the injectors are clogged, your tractor will also not start. Depending on the issue, you should clean, repair or replace a faulty injector as necessary.
  7. Sometimes a problem with your Kubota L3901 Starter Motor causes its engine not to start. If this is the case, I first recommend you call the mechanic for a proper diagnosis and check if the starter motor is working fine or not.

Kubota L3901 Fuel Problems

If you use the wrong type of fuel, it can cause Kubota L3901 fuel problems. But this rarely happened. However, if you ever notice a sudden loss of power due to fuel problems, it can be due to old fuel settlements or residue.

You might need to change the fuel pump of your Kubota L3901 if cleaning is not possible. While dealing with the fuel problem, ensure all fuses and relays are working fine. If the fuel pump is broken or its timing needs to be set correctly, it can create problems.

Correct the fuel pump timing with the help of the user manual you received with your Kubota L3901. If the fuel pump is broken, never mind replacing it. If unsure what to do, call Kubota’s customer care helpline or pay a quick visit to the authorized Kubota L3901 dealer or service center.


If you always want your work to be done on time, keeping your Kubota L3901 running correctly for a prolonged period is essential.

To prevent any performance issues or transmission problems with your Kubota L3901, keep up with your current maintenance schedule of your Kubota L3901.

Understanding what causes Kubota L3901 problems will help you develop potential solutions. I tried my best to give you a compiled list of Kubota L3901 issues and how to handle them. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it.

Do check our other valuable resources on mower care. See you in the following article take care goodbye. Also Read, Kubota L3301 Problems

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