Kubota L4701 Problems

Even though the Kubota L4701 is a prevalent model manufactured by a renowned company, Kubota, they are prone to many machinery problems like any other tractor during its operation and lifespan.

This article will discuss how you can troubleshoot this issue and keep your Kubota L4701 running smoothly and efficiently during its lifespan. It is essential to properly maintain your Kubota L4701, as its repair and parts replacement will be costly.

5 Major Kubota L4701 Problems

Kubota L4701 HST Problems


If you experience sluggish or slow response when you try to change your tractor’s speed or acceleration speed, there might be a problem with your Kubota L4701 hydrostatic transmission problem. 

Other than this, tractor hydrostatic transmission problems can also interfere with its steering. Therefore you might experience difficulty in steering your tractor. Sometimes the tractor may also stop unexpectedly while you are operating it.

If your tractor stops mowing suddenly even though its engine is running, look for any issue with your Kubota L4701 hydrostatic system. Lastly, also look out for noises like grinding and whining sounds. Sometimes, faulty hydrostatic transmission also promotes fluid leakage.


It contaminated transmission fluid. 

If your Kubota L4701 transmission fluid is contaminated or stale, it will directly cause the transmission to fail or malfunction.

I have worn out the Transmission component. 

Sometimes, the problem can arise directly from a sealing gasket or bearing with signs of wear and tear. Therefore if any internal component of your Kubota L4701 hydrostatic transmission is worn out, replace that.

Faulty transmission. 

If you accidentally collide your tractor with anything, it could damage its transmission system. Therefore always check it.

Electrical problems. 

Lastly, it would help if you also looked for Electrical issues with your Kubota L4701 transmission control system. Sometimes the problem can arise from a damaged wiring harness, faulty safety switches, or a bad sensor.


In significant cases, the transmission fluid that needs replacement tends to be the root cause of the problem. Therefore if the issue is caused by contaminated transmission fluid, never mind replacing it.

Also, repair or replace any worn-out internal component of your Kubota L4701 hydrostatic transmission system.

Sometimes you need to tighten the loose bearings to solve the issue. If the transmission motor or the pump is faulty, never mind replacing or repairing it. Lastly, look at sensors or wiring harnesses for any sign of damage. If there is any, replace it. 

Kubota L4701 Starting Problems

Problem  Causes  What To Do? 
Kubota L4701 needs help starting.  Dead battery, weak battery, damaged charger, or faulty Starter motor.  If your Kubota L4701 is having difficulty starting, you should consider the battery condition. If it is adequately charged, there might be an issue with a faulty Starter motor.
If the Starter motor needs replacement, do it. In significant cases, a weak battery that needs replacement tends to be the primary cause.
Kubota L4701 will not start.  The damaged ignition switch, faulty Starter motor, and dead battery.  A Kubota L4701 will never start if it has a damaged Starter motor or ignition switch. If any of those are found faulty, never mind replacing them. You need to purchase a new one if the cause is a dead battery.
Kubota L4701 engine cranks only.  Faulty starter solenoid, faulty Starter motor.  If your Kubota L4701 engine cranks but does not start, there might be an issue with the starter solenoid or its motor. Repair or replace as required.
Strange Starter motor sounds.  Faulty fuel pump, old fuel stall fuel.  If the drive belt is loose or faulty, replace it. Make sure to tighten and adjust it according to the user manual. Other than this, you need to replace stale or old fuel from time to time. If the strange noises continue, there might be a problem with your tractor fuel pump that needs replacement.
The Starter motor runs, but the engine doesn’t. I have a worn-out Starter motor, faulty drive belt, clogged filter, and restricted fuel line.  Firstly you should pay proper attention to your tractor’s regular maintenance and cleaning. Make sure the fuel filter is straightforward along with the fuel line. If there is any restriction in the fuel line, your Kubota L4701 Starter motor will run, but the engine will not start.

Kubota L4701 Engine Problems

Kubota L4701 Engine Fails To Start

The engine may fail to start due to many reasons. Below are the nine most common reasons for a Kubota L4701 engine failing, along with its quick solution.

  1. Kubota L4701 PTO/Blade Engage knob engaged: if the PTO or The Blade is not engaged properly, it will interfere with your Kubota L4701’s ability to start. This might be the root cause of your Kubota L4701 needing help. Always keep the Knob in the disengaged position.
  2. Kubota L4701 Parking Brake Not Engaged: If you have yet to engage the parking brake and are trying to start your L4701  engine, you are doing something wrong. Operator error can also be the problem of a Kubota L4701 engine not starting. Engage parking brakes.
  3. Kubota L4701 Spark Wire Disconnected: Another thing to look for is damage to the Spark plug wire. Consider replacing the spark plug wire if there is any fault. 
  4. Kubota L4701 Throttle Control Lever: If the throttle control lever is not in the correct starting position, place it. The throttle lever should be in a closed position when you are starting an L4701 .
  5. Kubota L4701 Deactivated choke. Pulling the choke control outward when starting your Kubota L4701 engine is essential.
  6. Kubota L4701 Empty Tank. If there is no oil in the tank, no L4701  will ever start. You first must add some clean, fresh oil less than 30 days old.
  7. Kubota L4701 Blocked Fuel Line: The fuel line can get clogged or blocked due to a lack of proper maintenance. Clean the fuel line and replace the fuel filter also if needed.
  8. Damaged Spark Plug. If the spark plug is completely damaged, replace it.
  9. Kubota L4701 Flooded Engine. If this is the case, never mind cranking the engine with the throttle in the closed position. 

Kubota L4701 Engine Runs Erratic

If your Kubota L4701 engine runs erratically, here are a few possible causes and remedies.

  1. Running an L4701  with a choke activated will behave abnormally and run erratically. Therefore, push the choke control in.
  2. If the air cleaner is dirty, clean it. It would help if you replaced the air cleaner paper element from time to time.
  3. Any dirt, water, or foreign object in your Kubota L4701 fuel system may run exactly and even suddenly stop. Remove all kinds of Dirt and water from the system and then refill it.
  4. If your gas vent cap is plugged in, clear it. If it is in bad condition, never mind replacing it.
  5. If you have been using old fuel, this could be the culprit. Replace any stale fuel with fresh energy less than 30 days old.

Kubota L4701 Engine Overheats

Low Oil Level: If the oil level is low, your Kubota L4701 engine may overheat due to extra work. Never mind filling the crankcase with the proper weight and oil needed.

Restricted Air Flow Restricted: Few hours of unlimited usage may result in airflow restriction. Therefore, it is essential to clean grass clippings and debris from the blower housing and engine cooling fins as a part of regular maintenance.

Kubota L4701 Charging Problems

A few users have also reported Kubota L4701 charging problems once in their mobile’s lifespan. You are also likely to encounter one, so be prepared with the information that will be needed to troubleshoot this issue. Let’s first find out the causes of charging problems in L4701, we’ll discuss the solutions.


Faulty Battery: A charging problem is usually caused when your Kubota L4701 battery dies or dies. Besides this, you should also look at your Kubota L4701 battery terminal for corrosion. If the battery is not fully charged, problems can also lie with the charger or battery itself.

Alternator Failure: If your Kubota L4701 alternative fails to work correctly, you will experience problems with charging the battery. This is caused when there is a faulty voltage regulator. Other than this, you should also check for any damage to the stator or rotor. Lastly, look at the diode to see if it has failed.

Wiring Issues: Any wiring issued may cause charging problems in the L4701. This is why I recommend you first check all the wiring connections and make sure those are not loose. If any found is lost, you will need to tighten it. Other than this, the wiring connection may get corroded or damaged over time. Any damaged wire will prevent the charging system of your Kubota L4701 from functioning correctly.

Faulty Regulator: since the Regulator controls the voltage output from the alternator to the battery, it will cause Kubota L4701 charging problems if it is defective or malfunctions.

V-Belt Pulley: If there is wear on the belt pulley or it is misaligned, you will notice it Slipping off frequently. You may also see it becoming very loose. If this is the case, a faulty belt pulley will prevent the Kubota L4701 alternator from turning at the correct speed. Thus, it will not be able to generate enough power to charge the battery. Therefore, make sure to take a quick look at the belt pulley condition also. 


Firstly, I recommend you ensure the battery is fully charged and in top condition. If it has any signs of wear and tear, replace the battery. Make sure to clean the terminal regularly as a regular part of maintenance using a wire brush.

A wire brush will help you remove corrosion from the terminals very easily. Afterward, you should also check the alternator for any signs or damage. Move with the wiring inspection if the voltage regulator diodes, rotor, or stator is functioning correctly.

Inspect all kinds of connections and make sure they are clean and tight. If any wiring or alternator part is damaged, replace it with the new one. In addition, it is essential to keep the belt pulley tightened enough to prevent it from slipping off or becoming loose.

It is necessary to keep the Regulator on regular maintenance to work correctly. If the voltage output from the alternator to the battery is not optimal, you might have to change the Regulator. Inspect the rear belt pulley that drives the alternator for any signs of damage.

If there is any damage, never consult your user manual to change the belt pulley with the new world. If you can still find the root cause of the charging problems in your L4701, I recommend you take your tractor to the nearest service center.


After knowing so many L4701 problems, you should keep your hands out. Let me tell you, an L4701 is a very popular tractor known for its durability and reliability. If you are looking for a piece of equipment that can give you an excellent result, go for this one.

All types of tractors are prone to common issues that will arise during their operation and lifespan. After finding out the root cause, you should only try to fix it. If you have no experience selecting any tractor, don’t touch your L4701.

You will likely end up with more damage while trying to fix the problem if you have yet to gain experience. A contact professional can help you find the actual cause while recommending the appropriate solution. Do check our other articles on L4701 problems. If you like this article, then consider sharing it. See you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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