Why Kohler Engine Dies

Without any apparent Kohler Engine dying when hot is not uncommon. And you are not alone because many complain about difficulty while working or in the middle of a job. Since it can be tough to figure out what is causing the issues, here is an excellent guide to explain everything in detail.

Research shows that overheating is one of the top reasons for Kohler Engine failure. Since a Kohler Engine may fail when it’s hot, you should first consult the owner’s manual to troubleshoot.

If you are Kohler Engine dies when hot continuously, it’s a clear sign of something being wrong. But don’t feel despair because here, we will discuss the most common cause of issues like Kohler Engine dying or running roughly when hot.

There can be many factors into play that might be causing overheating. There can be other problems involved that might be causing Kohler Engines to fail to start when hot as well. Thus, read on to find out more about this issue to troubleshoot, diagnose, and solve it.

Kohler Engine Dies When Hot


Kohler Engines are prone to overheat if there is any failure in the ignition system. Ensure the ignition switch is working fine. The problem can also be caused due to a flooded carburetor. If the carburetor is attacked, the Kohler Engine will likely stall and eventually die during the operation.

If this is the problem, I first recommend you check all the ignition system components and parts for signs of damage. If the ignition switch is faulty, you will need to replace it. Other than this, keep the carburetor clean and Ensure to refuel the tank slowly.

Air Filter Problem. 

You should first check if any leaks in the filter system were causing the Kohler Engine to die when hot. Sometimes, worn-out air filters cause overheating and stalling a lot. Also, check for cracks in the air intake hose or cleaning housing. If the air cleaning hose feels loose, tighten it first. Also, replace the AIR intake hose or air filter if found faulty as necessary.

Fuel problems. 

If the fuel system does not provide proper fuel to the Kohler Engine when it is hot, it will fail to start. This might be caused due to any restriction in the fuel filter. It is essential to clean the fuel filter and replace it if necessary. Sometimes a malfunctioning fuel pump causes the issue. If there is any problem with the carburetor itself, the engine will not be able to get proper fuel to run efficiently. It will soon die when it is hot.

Electrical Problem. 

There might be something wrong with the electrical system of your device. If something is wrong with the battery or the wiring, Kohler Engine will die when it is hot. It will also be susceptible to stalling if there is a problem with the alternator itself. First, check for any short circuit in the wiring and replace it as required. Also, Ensure to replace a failing battery indeed. Sometimes replacing the alternator solves the issue of electrical problems causing Kohler Engines to die when it is hot.

Mechanical Issue. 

Even after following all the steps, check for mechanical issues if your Kohler Engine dies when hot. Sometimes problems with the crankshaft or camshaft cause the engine to die when hot. Worn-out connecting rod bearings or timing chains can also cause Kohler Engines to die when it is hot. Ensure to replace a faulty belt, timing chain, or connecting rod bearings if found damaged. Also, ensure to return the camshaft or the crankshaft if required to solve the issue. If the problem persists, never mind calling the mechanic for a proper diagnosis or getting the unit to the nearest authorized service center.

Kohler Engine Runs Rough When Hot

Sometimes Kohler’s Engine runs rough when hot due to low oil pressure. If the oil pressure is too low, check for any oil filter restriction or faultiness in the oil pump. If the oil pump needs replacement, you should do it. Also, pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning of the oil filter. If the issue persists, ensure the engine’s compression is optimal. Sometimes low compression causes the Kohler Engine to stall or run roughly when hot. This is usually caused when there is something wrong with the piston ring. Ensure to check for any signs of damage on the piston rings, cylinder head, or valves. If any damage sign is found in any of these components, you should consider replacing it altogether. In addition, Ensure keep the cooling system clean of debris. Sometimes a dirty radiator or malfunctioning water pump interferes with the Kohler Engine running roughly when hot. Also, Ensure to replace the thermostat if it has gone faulty. If all these don’t get your problem of the Kohler Engine running rough when hot resolved, pay a visit or call the manufacturer/service center.

Kohler Engine Hard To Start When Hot

Many factors can be at play if a Kohler Engine is hard to start when hot. First, check for any signs of damage in the ignition system that might interfere with the Kohler Engine’s function. When there is any problem with the spark plug or the ignition coil ignition system, the Kohler Engine fails to work correctly.

If this is the issue, I recommend you first check for signs of wear & tear on the spark plug and the ignition coil to replace it as necessary. To solve the issue, you might sometimes have to replace the entire ignition control module.

Ensure the exhaust system is not clogged with debris causing the engine to stall or die. Sometimes Kohler Engine hard starting occurs due to a clogged muffler or damaged exhaust manifold.

Also, please pay attention to the catalytic converter for signs of any damage to replace it as soon as found. Keep the exhaust system clean from debris and replace a damaged exhaust manifold as required.

Sometimes fuel delivery issues cause Kohler Engines to start hard when hot. This is generally caused when the fuel pump fails to work correctly. Sometimes a faulty carburetor or clogged fuel filter causes the issue. Firstly, it is better to replace the fuel filter or the fuel pump if any malfunctions. The same goes for the faulty carburetor.

7 Tips For Kohler Engine Maintenance

  1. Since oil is the lifeblood of your Kohler Engine, please keep it clean and at the optimal level to the full mark. 
  2. It is essential to check and replace them continuously to maintain their performance. Return the oil every 100 hours of operation or at least one side air. Never mind consulting the owner manual for proper guidance on oil replacement for a specific type of Kohler Engine model.
  3. You should also keep the air filter and spark plug clean. If any of those gets dirty, you may also notice a loss of power or poor fuel economy. Inspection is essential to replace any faulty component at an early stage before it causes further damage to components.
  4. Always keep the cooling system clean from any dirt or debris that may cause overheating. If you ignore the maintenance and cleanliness of the cooling system, it will lead to severe Kohler Engine damage.
  5. Also, ensure keeping the engine clean to prevent rust and corrosion. It is better to use a mild detergent and a pressure washer to remove dirt or debris from the Kohler Engine.
  6. It is essential to use the correct type of oil recommended by the manufacturer for a specific Kohler Engine model. In most cases, manufacturers recommend using SAE10w 30 oil for their engines.
  7. Make sure to adjust the valves correctly. Sometimes improper valve clearance causes poor engine performance. Therefore, check and change it following the,e owner manuals or manufacturer guidelines.


Many factors can be at play if a Kohler Engine dies when hot. It is recommended to check for signs of damage in all parts of your Kohler Engine and its equipment or other components. Keep the cooling system air filter, fuel filter, carburetor, and hoses clean.

Also, keep an eye on the battery and replace it if it is too weak, which may cause hard starting at poor performance. It is essential to follow a regular maintenance schedule for its specific Kohler Engine model to perform all the tasks promptly.

If you’re still unable to find the exact cause of the problem, never mind contacting the manufacturer to help you. If you find any Kohler Engine component faulty and needing replacement, you should replace it.

If you have any experience fixing any Kohler Engine, most components are easy to replace and install. Never mind taking the help of the user manual and this article. Do check our other helpful guides on Kohler Engine oil type. See you in the next post, till then take care and goodbye.

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