Spartan Mower Problems

You may have experienced some common problems if you own a Spartan mower.

This blog post will discuss some of the most common Spartan mower problems and provide solutions for each.

By following the tips in this post, you should be able to resolve any issues you’re experiencing with your Spartan mower.

Let’s get started!

Quick Look at Spartan Mower Problems

Problems Reasons Solutions
Uneven cut Dirty deck
Dull blades
Disrupted air pressure
Loose belt
Clean deck
Sharp blades
Maintain air in both tires
Use the mower at high RPM or fix
Tight the belt
Noise problem Loose blades
Worn-out bearings
Tight the blades as needed
Replace the bearings
Failing to start Bad wiring
Dirty spark plugs
Old or bad-quality gas
Dead battery
Blocked fuel filter
Repair or replace wiring
Clean the spark plugs or replace them if needed
Remove old gas from the tank and use good-quality gas
Replace dead battery
Fix the blocked fuel filter
Keypad going bad Rain, snow, or exposure to bad weather Always keep clean
And properly store the mower in the off-season
Expensive replacement parts More investment in making You can buy parts from a third party (But make sure they are reliable)
Difficult to manoeuvre Heavy If your landscape is flat then you should buy this mower
Faulty fuel gauge Manufacturer fault Consult a technician

Common Spartan Mower Proble


Normally these mowers offer a very nice and even cut, but a lot of customers have been complaining about uneven cuts, which turns out to be their own fault and not the manufacturers. 

An uneven cut occurs due to certain reasons, which are given below. 

  • Dirty deck: 

If you are not cleaning the deck properly and keeping it unmaintained, the cut is going to be uneven. A deck is where most of the process is going on. Keeping the debris out of it is important for even cutting.

  • Dull blades: 

To avoid uneven cuts, make sure that the blades are sharp. It’s better to sharpen them twice a year. Better get it done by a mower repair shop or the dealers however, if you don’t have enough time you can do that at home.

  • Disrupted Air pressure: 

Make sure that the air pressure in the tires is equal. If one of the tires is slightly higher or deflated, it will result in an uneven cut.

  • Slow blade spinning or low RPM: 

It has to be taken care of by the dealers. However, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on the blades. If they are spinning slowly, take your Spartan mower to the dealer and fix this problem.

  • Belt tension: 

A loose belt is also why you are not getting an even cut from your Spartan mower. So, tighten a loose belt for smooth performance. Take the mower to the seller to get it done.


Spartan mowers are supposed to be noise insulated. This is one of the reasons for their high demand. 

However, some users are complaining that they hear noises from the deck of their Spartan mower.

Below are the reasons for noise issues.

  • Loose blades: 

Loud noise can be due to loose blades. Tighten them as soon as possible. Any loud noise is supposed to be gone after tightening the blades. 

  • Worn-out bearings: 

Check the bearings for any faults. Get it replaced by the seller if they are worn out.


Another common problem that Spartan mower owners report is that their mower fails to start. 

And some of them described why their mower is having this problem which is written below.

There can be multiple reasons why your Spartan lawn mower fails to start.

  • Bad wiring: 

Check if there is any worn-out wire. If so, repair or replace it. You can go to the dealer because they can easily replace them.

  • Disengaged or Dirty spark plug: 

In this case, clean the debris from the plug, reconnect it or tighten it. After that, start the mower and check.

  • Old gas: 

Never use old gas in the mower. Always fill the fresh gas before starting the mower. Changing gas every season is best, as old-season gas can cause failure to start.

  • Dead Battery: 

Recharge the battery or replace it if unable to charge. It would help if you always bought batteries from reliable dealers or manufacturers.

  • Blocked air or fuel filter: 

The debris can often cause blockage in the filter. Clean it properly. Choked filters can sometimes also require the replacement of filters.

  • Problems with LCD circuit board: 

A lot of owners have reviewed the constant change in the faulty circuit.

After all these factors are ruled out, if the lawn mower fails to start, check if the fuel reaches the engines. This can be done by tapping the sides of the carburettor.


Spartan lawn mowers have to be kept with care. Once the season is out, could you keep it away from rain, snow, or dirt? These factors can cause a fault in electronic components. 

The faulty keypad has to be replaced. Sometimes passing the whole keypad can also help. For that, a wiring diagram is needed. 

Some companies have a wiring diagram on their websites as a free download. 

The best is to keep the mower clean from dirt as its electronic components are not as highly protected as they should be by the manufacturers.


There are a few mixed opinions that a Spartan mower is less powerful than its size. Some non-metal parts are not as sturdy as they look. 

Moreover, it is a technique-sensitive machine, so troubleshooting the faults is not an option for normal users.


 A faulty part is another common problem. Spartan owners have to face on and off. Because these parts are pretty costly, it counts as a drawback. 

Such as Spartan mower blades cost 60$ to 70$ while other brands’ mower blades cost only 12$ to 30$. 

So, Spartan mower replacement parts are expensive compared to other mowers in the market.


The absence of 4-wheel drive is the main drawback of zero-turn steering. If your property comprises steep hills, a Spartan zero-turn mower may not be a good option. 

There are a few complaints about the grass chute bracket becoming flimsy and breaking off if it gets beside a fence or a little tree.


Sometimes due to a fault in the gauges of the Spartan mower, the reservoirs show partially filled tanks even after filling them full. 

These problems have to be addressed by the sellers. Same with the air pressure and temperature of tires in case of a fault in the air gauge. 

So, this is a frustrating Spartan mower problem because after filling the tank, you cannot tell if it is full.

9. Leaking Gas

Many people are complaining that the gas smell is coming from their Spartan mower. This problem was actually due to gas leakage.

Gas can leak due to many reasons such as bad fuel lines or gas tanks, stuck carburettor float, bad carburetor gasket, degraded fuel filters, and fuel pump.

So, to fix the gas leaking problem, you should check the carburetor, fuel lines and clamps, fuel filter, fuel pump and valves, gas tank, and fuel cap seal.

Tip: Always work on your Spartan mower in a ventilated area because if your mower is leaking gas it can harmful to you.

Uncommon Spartan Mower Problems

After discussing all the common problems a Spartan mower owner has to face, here are some other less common problems reported by owners: 

  • Hydraulic hoses get wiped out by the belt.
  • Failure in the brake system.
  • Scape wheels get stuck and do not spin properly.

What Customers Say About Spartan Mowers?

Spartan Mowers are known for their quality and durability, and customers say they are great value for the money. Many say that Spartan Mowers are easy to operate and maintain and that they hold up well to tough conditions.

Some customers have had their mowers for years and say they are still going strong.

Others appreciate the company’s commitment to customer service, saying that Spartan representatives are always helpful and responsive.

Overall, customers say Spartan Mowers are a great investment that will provide years of dependable service.

Is Spartan a Good Mower?

If you’re looking for a lawn mower that will give you a perfect cut every time, then Spartan is the right choice for you. With its precision cutting technology, Spartan ensures that your lawn will always look its best.

Whether you have a small or large lawn, Spartan has the perfect model to suit your needs. And because it’s so easy to use, you’ll be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality lawn mower that will make your lawn look its best, then Spartan is the right choice for you.


Spartan mowers are a popular choice for homeowners and landscapers alike. However, they can be prone to certain problems.

In this article, we’ve outlined the most common issues with Spartan mowers and how to troubleshoot them. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

We have a team of experts who can assist you in getting your machine back up and running in no time.

Thanks for reading!


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