John Deere La145 Problems

Maintaining a John Deere La145 can be expensive if it has any trouble starting. It can cost a lot of money and also your time. Therefore, having basic knowledge about repairing mowers gives you the benefit of saving money and keeps you from visiting the technician.

Besides this, if your John Deere La145 fails in the middle of an operation, you can easily keep working by fixing minor issues. In this article, we will discuss some common John Deere La145 problems and its solution to prevent you from having any setbacks while mowing your lawn.

Knowing the problem and performing a few basic checks, you can fix any minor issue with your John Deere La145. If not, at least you know what to do. Therefore, let’s look at a list of potential problems you might encounter with your John Deere La145 and check up on instructions to resolve them. Let’s go ahead.

7+ John Deere La145 Problems

John Deere La145 Transmission Problems

  • Engine Won’t Start: If your John Deere La145 is not starting and has no clicks, consider changing the fuse and checking the spark plugs. Sometimes a faulty spark plug or lousy fuel keeps the mower transmission from functioning correctly.
  • Smoking: If you notice any black, blue, white, or grey color smoke coming out from your John Deere La145 engine, get your moWer to a flat surface and shut down. Check the air filter and clean any obstructions. Also, drain the engine oil and refill it with the new hybrid.
  • John Deere La145 Power Tips Turning Off: If your John Deere La145 stops out of a day during operation, there might be an issue with the transmission. In most cases, any obstruction in the carburetor halts the transmission system of your John Deere La145. Consider cleaning the carburetor and then restarting your engine.
  • Weak Hydrostatic Transmission: If you notice your John Deere La145 moving slower than it should be, consider checking the drive belt and pulleys. If any of those look damaged, replace them with new ones.
  • Vibration or Shaking: If you notice any vibration or unusual shaking while mowing your lawn using a John Deere La145, there might be problems with the clutch or secured bolts. If the bolt seems worn out or loose, replace it with the new one. The same has to do with the problematic grip.

John Deere La145 Starting Problems

Another common problem with a John Deere La145 is that it may start later. A John Deere La145 is more vulnerable to stopping and stalling with age than the newer one. If you notice your John Deere La145 having difficulty starting and running for several minutes, below are a few possible causes and remedies.

Problems Solutions
Switch clip disengaged.  Engage the emergency switch clip before trying to start your mower.
Throttle Lever is not in the start position. If the throttle lever is not in the start position, do it.
Out of fuel. If a John Deere La145 runs out of fue, iit may not even start. Consider refuelling your John Deere La145.
Flooded Engine. If this is the case, contact your authorised technician for a proper inspection and repairing.
Fuel Valve Is Not Opened. It is important to keep the fuel valve lever to the ON position for proper ignition and starting your John Deere La145.
Improperly Installed Plug Cap.  Make sure you keep all the plug caps tight and secure. If it is not properly installed, reinstall it.
Closed vent knob. If you keep the vent knob closed, your engine may not start or even stall a lot. Keep the vent knob opened. 

John Deere La145 Steering Problems

There can be many causes of steering problems that you need to identify during John Deere La145 inspection and regular maintenance. It is essential to keep your John Deere La145 on proper maintenance, repair, and replacement of its components from time to time.

Below I am mentioning seven significant causes of steering problems in John Deere La145. If you know the situation, you can fix any issue with essential technical skills.

Operator Errors

The operator using the John Deere La145 to mow the lawn mayn’t have enough knowledge to use such an advanced vehicle. Besides this, your John Deere La145 steering can behave erratically if you have done something wrong.

It is essential to gain proper knowledge and expertise to understand John Deere La145’s advanced technology and how to control/operate the mower. If you need to learn how to handle your John Deere La145 on the right track, it’s common to have some steering issues. 

Gear Issues

Steering is nothing without its gear. The steering gear is vital for helping you steer your mower. Since the steering system is dependent on the steering gear and other details, any problem related to the equipment or connected part can bring issues in steering.

If you use your John Deere La145 on an uneven surface with a sudden drop in terrain or run into a stray brick, all this unexpected curb can stress your John Deere La145 steering gear.

Steering Shaft Issue

If your John Deere La145 steering shaft is worn out, you might also have a steering problem. Therefore replaced the worn steering shaft with the new one to fix the issue asap.

Dislodged Ball Joint

While operating your mower on uneven terrain, the ball joint may get dislodged from its actual position if you accidentally hit a hard object. This can bring massive suffering to steering functions. If this is the case, replace the ball joint that has popped out of place.

Tire Pressure Issue

Keeping your mower tire pressure adequate and balanced on all four is essential. If the tire pressure is correct, the John Deere La145 will be challenging to steer. Low tire pressure will make the John Deere La145 tough to navigate correctly.

Carburetor Issue

The carburetor is very important to start your John Deere La145 engine. If it becomes faulty, it won’t be able to blend air and fuel to produce enough combustible mixture for the engine cylinder to start the mower. Therefore, if you find a faulty carburetor out of work, you need to replace it. Without doing so, your John Deere La145 engine will hardly start.

Issues in a Neutral situation

If your John Deere La145 is neutral because of the faulty brake pad or Drive belt, it may not even move. Keeping a John Deere La145 clean can be challenging; most of its components are prone to get rusty from debris and water.

If the brake pad seems to be seized up or stiff, making it hard to move, replace it with the new one. Suppose you need to learn how to contact the authorized service center. 

John Deere La145 clutch Problems

According to most John Deere La145 users, they often encounter some issues with the clutch while operating the mower. If you also find your clutch malfunctioning, it might fail to open at idle, causing difficulty in shifting.

Any fault with the clutch will also turn off the engine if it is not addressed correctly. Also, your grip may fail to release and stick entirely. It is essential to keep your clutch lubricated from time to time with proper adhesive.

If the idle speed is set too high or the grip is not adequately lubricated, you will have clutch problems while mowing the lawn. Another reason could be as simple as a defective clutch.


If you encounter any issue with the clutch, inspect the idle speed and ensure it is on the current, correct setting recommended by the manufacturer’s specification. After that, check the clutch’s current status and lubricate it a bit using Comet GP.

It will prevent any belt dust from gumming. If you notice any residue, clean it after spraying the lube. Lastly, if you find the clutch evil, replace it with a new one.

John Deere La145 Safety Switch Problems

It is another common issue reported by John Deere La145 users. You must use a light with a negative lead attached to the ground to detect any safety switch problem. Testing the system and learning where the power continuity ends is essential.

If you contact the solenoid, you should see the proper voltage. If this solenoid receives electricity, the fuse and cable might have a genuine good connection. Therefore, you should take a look at the following location.

Another thing that might cause a safety switch issue is a tiny component situated directly between the solenoid and to post. 

Using a test light, you will detect any power in this position due to a lack of energy. Once you power up those two components and keep the post connected, the administration will drive to the starter and start your John Deere La145.

Therefore, you now need to narrow it down between the switches. The issue can lie in the PTO engagement switch, safety switches under the seat, or the parking brake. It needs a complete replacement if you find no power with the safety switch, like no red dot when you turn it on.

The Fix:

To replace the safety switch, you need a screwed driver or needle nose pliers to access and remove the switch at the back. First, remove the battery and then the button to replace it.

Three other John Deere La145 Common Problems

Problem Causes Possible Remedies
Fuel Issues.  Bad fuel. Insufficient fuel. Faulty fuel lines. Loose cap. Replace any worn out, loose or faulty part if necessary. Also, keep checking the fuel line from time to time. Clean the cap every time you refill the tank. If it is loose, replace it.
Battery problem. Not charging. Battery not holding charge. If your mower’s battery is not holding charge, it might be worn out or deteriorated. Replace it with the new one. In case of faulty charger, repair it or get it repaired by a technician.
Smoke White and blue smoke. Black and grey smoke coming out from the engine.  If there is white and blue smoke, there might be an issue with the air filter or carburettor. Other than this, it also indicates an older engine. If it is black or grey in colour, check the oil level and dry off the air filter.


The pivotal truth is that while mowing any lawn, you could face many problems with your mower. But if you encounter any of the nine issues listed above in this article, I guarantee you can solve them with the help of our recommendation.

The report has been based on hours and hours of research and opinions of experts, clients, and people who have tackled and resolved similar problems. If you cannot resolve any particular issue with your John Deere La145, don’t hesitate to contact your authorized service center dealer or manufacturer.

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